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  1. Fishing for big cuttlefish

    Jesus..thats a monster...
  2. Fishing for big cuttlefish

    They getting bigger...
  3. Material i use to cuttlefish

    All stuff lite...very light
  4. Interesting to see... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKvuOGLq5WE
  5. Cuttlefish bite..lol

    And where is that friend,,,..I been looking and did not find... Thanks
  6. Cutllefish Kayak fishing

    A funny day , with a lot of catches...
  7. Cuttlefish bite..lol

    You bet------and hurt like hell....
  8. Cuttlefish bite..lol

    The payback...eheheh
  9. How cuttlefish attack

    It helps to see how cuttlefish hunt, this way we understand howw to catch them better..
  10. Fishing for Sea Bass

    Our season of sea bass its at the top...
  11. Kayak fishing

    I have lost a few...with this system never lost another one..lol
  12. Kayak fishing

    Thanks mate... Catching Sea Bass
  13. Kayak fishing

    Even when the fish its rare, the fun its always present... i love this sport... i l
  14. Some big Sea Bass

    A very good journey...
  15. Fishing in a windy day....

    Sea Bass on a hard day to fish...