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  1. As above. bowriders are versatile. 4.5 is a tad small, go > 5m otherwise you'll have no room to fish.
  2. Too young to know what it was like back then. Next you'll be telling me they didn't even have Bluetooth voltage meters you can connect your iPhone to ?
  3. Very sad. being a large but shallow lake it gets quite steep chop
  4. Can you message me who ?
  5. Had no issues with my ctex
  6. Without breaking forum rules - did you just guess & order online which sizes or do you visit a physical shop to suss it out
  7. Thanks man
  8. Looks the goods mate. I think we should be friends
  9. What sigma said, there will be times where you'll want the deck lights off and anchor light on
  10. What rod ?
  11. Has anyone had success in using a ram mount for a 7 or 9 inch fish finder? i'm wanting to upgrade but prevent more screw holes in the dash each time i do.
  12. I use this table as a guide https://www.saltstrong.com/articles/how-to-replace-treble-hooks/ its based on treble size though
  13. The app won't sync with a Garmin.
  14. Nice write up. Fancy fishing shirt
  15. I watched it twice trying to find the shark or crocodile. I want my 10 minutes back.