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  1. Spending tips

    - Don't forget fishraider get an extra 5% discount at dinga. - doesn't take much effort to look after, clean & maintain your gear, lasts longer
  2. Back to the battery

    I've stopped using that brand of battery - didn't last long for me.
  3. Who sharpens their hooks

    I made a simple sharpener. Get two chainsaw files, tape or head shrink together. You have a hook sharpener. im definitely not the first to do this
  4. First boat, pretty new to this.

    I think you'll struggle with a glass boat with an outback. Towing weight is going to be your limiting factor. Freedom sport are ok outside, not great, but ok. I take mine out all the time. Sometimes just need to go slow when it's sloppy otherwise too much banging.
  5. 10 litre water jug

    I do what @Berleyguts does. A few empty coke bottles, filled with water, frozen & thrown into fishing keeper bag.
  6. Need Some Help!

    A good local charter is a quick way to learn
  7. Daughter no.2 caught 1 too

    I'm a 40 year old dude, but can I be your fourth daughter and you take me out fishing?
  8. Good read, thanks for sharing The trek from the entrance to myal lakes would have been interesting in those boats.
  9. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Maybe ask the misses for some fishing tips
  10. Cordless wet & dry vacuum cleaners

    Ive seen a cheap 12v one on sale for $20. I'll send you a dm
  11. Harbour after the full moon

    I had a hard time yesterday on the harbour. Went out early, pre light. Grabbed some yackas & managed a couple squid. Finished at 11am, with first squid & yakka still out. Oh well, next time.
  12. Sydney kings

    Have a read of http://www.fishaboutsydney.com.au/how-to-catch-sydney-harbour-kingfish/
  13. Sydney kings

    Squid typically better than yakkas, cuttlefish even better again. some days it's the other way around though. Why not have both out?
  14. Wooden boats

    Look at danger marine you tube channel. He's building one (fibreglass over wood etc)
  15. Sunken boat

    You going an a salvage mission?