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  1. Not what we planned for

    Were you worried with the pointy bit and the inflatable bit not being compatible?
  2. Not what we planned for

    Holy moly. I caught a flathead once
  3. Fishfinder interference

    I'd borrow a 12v battery (or use a jumper pack) and power straight off that to narrow it down. Do you have a pic of the transducer location?
  4. Urgent help required

    If the wife found out I had a legal kingfish & didn't bring it home, she'd fillet me. I do need to lift my filleting game though - pretty ordinary at it.
  5. Sunday king with my daughter

    Balmoral would be my guess
  6. Urgent help required

    I had smelly jatz crackers once, Doctor gave me an ointment
  7. Urgent help required

    What's your tips for getting fish smell off your hands after cleaning fish. I've tried every liquid in the house. Now my hands smell like a bleach, beer fish combo.
  8. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    Seven hundred something. 730 I think.
  9. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    Marine pro are hybrid... I've gone off the due to not lasting that long. I'm using sea master now (not hybrid). If I was after a hybrid I'd go the allrounder mrv
  10. Found Mercury Outboard

    Nice to see some good people left in the world.
  11. Solar for house

    Thanks for the input. Still deciding, we do have high energy bills with pool & air con etc.
  12. Solar for house

    Thinking about installing solar at home. Anyone have recommendations for companies in Sydney?
  13. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    Probably the same thing but I use tef-gel
  14. Black plastic block

    Thanks Lyman, hope it works once out on the water