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  1. 6kg braid

    I found that after a cast, when closing the bail arm, the line can sometimes lay over the drag knob and will need to be manually put back on the line roller. Make sure thats not happening.
  2. Jellyfish - do they matter?

    Seeing heaps of jelly fish around cooks river breakwall. Salmon and tailor still bustin up. Whiting and flatties around but no bream. its just annoying when you jag the jellies.
  3. Land based botany bay spots?

    Big trevallys around Dolls point groynes, but they'll reef ya at your feet half the time. Never seen an undersized flattie there either. Cheers
  4. Soft plastics advice

    10gm gillies baitfish in white is my preference in Sydney. The treble at the back keeps their teeth away from my leader aswell. If releasing, a single is just as good.
  5. Fishing from Spit Bridge wharves?

    Instead of turning right onto Parriwi Rd, make a less sharp turn and go into the functiin centre carpark and head parallel with Parriwi Rd. Park up hard against the wall so you dont piss off the people that run the sailing club. Enjoy
  6. Fishing from Spit Bridge wharves?

    Yo, Zoom out on your maps and go to 'Fresh Ketch' around the corner is a wall. Run out tide, bait on a hook and you'll have bream, tailor and yakkas. cheers
  7. Newbie looking for tips

    Yo, Not sure if your the same people i saw at Kyeemagh breakwall on Tuesday arvo. Anyways, i find a paternoster rig with a small 'teardrop' looking sinker is good around snags. Dont need to launch too far from the rocks. cheers,
  8. rock fishing around sydney

    Try the Cooks River entrance breakwall. Head south on General Holmes drive and hook a sharp left after the bridge. Gets packed but i've had success on sunrise morning tide. Good luck
  9. Port Stephens bait shop

    Duffs bait and tackle is connected to the servo (easy for trailer boat) in Salamander bay that has frozen squid and pillies. Also gives good advice and no-fish zone maps.