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  1. Neil. I take it you intend to bring your boat to Burrinjuck ?, it will be good to have it there in case something goes wrong with my project, ( not tested yet ) . I still don't know how many guys we are going to have there, so far it's just Marty myself and you with 1 other strong possibility. I can't wait to get there and get onto the water again, been a while for me as I was forced to sell my last boat and have been working on this project for a while. Getting a trailer set up for it at the moment and waiting for forward control cables from Adelaide . Running out of time and would like to put it in the water and give it a run before I tow it all the way down to the juck. Frank
  2. Great stuff, the extra weight is equal to 1 light person and it's in a good spot and doesn't move around the boat so I can't see it as being any sort of problem. The benefits of a good bow mount lecky is well worth the extra weight, you will love a whole new style of fishing. Frank
  3. I meant to advise you to cover the boat with a sheet or something before you start cutting with the grinder, the sparks can indent into the paintwork and cause problems down the track. now that it's done if you didn't cover it make sure you have no spatter anywhere on the boat. Looks good and if you want the rail modified and re-fitted at a later date, give me a buzz and I could do it for you much cheaper than a shop. Frank
  4. Why not mount it on the transom ? Or have you got the transom loaded up with burley buckets and downriggers and all the usual gear that goes on the rear end of a boat. And why don't you want to cut the bow rail ? what job is it actually doing besides looking awesome ?. Frank
  5. Green Maxima is my first choice with mono. Frank
  6. Neil. I hope to be sharing your company with the wildlife in a couple of weeks, woke up one morning down there to someone knocking on the front door of the cabin, opened the door and there was 3 roos on the verandah. It's a great place to take the family and a great place for smelly old fishermen. Slowly getting the boat ready and hope it will be done in time for the trip. Frank
  7. Thinking about it a bit more. Concrete, cement is also mixed with water buy when cured is waterproof, although it always has a slight water content in it, water will not penetrate it. Perhaps this stuff being a crete works the same. Anyhow I would not like to recommend a product if it fails so I will do the water test for my own curiosity . Frank
  8. Jewhunter. OK I have a week before I need to put the carpet over the bondcrete so what I will do is treat a sample of ply with it and place it in a tub of salt water and see what happens. If you are correct and the bondcrete starts reacting after a week I will coat it with glass resin. Don't want the floor to fall apart do we. I thank you for your comment and take it on board. Frank
  9. I have pimped out 4-5 boats using fibreglass to seal the ply. The one I am currently doing I am using Bondall Bondgrete from (would you believe ) Bunnings, cost about 35 for 4 litres and I have found 1 ltr will do a 14' tinnie floor, so would do cast decks OK. I used it straight for one coat ( hard to brush cause its so thick ) and then thinned it with water for the 2nd coat. Appears to have sealed it every bit as good as the much more expensive fibreglsss resin. Make sure you do the edges extra well. Shame you live so far away I could have given you a couple of ltrs as I will never use what's left from the 4 ltrs. Frank
  10. Very good post and advise from Captain Spanner. I will just add one little thing, if your winch has a detachable handle don't leave it on the winch after the boat is launched or retrieved, put it in the car. I have found several winch handles where people have driven off from the ramp with the handle still on the winch, it don't stay there long. Frank
  11. Looks pretty neat and organised to me. I recently had a shed clean up, 3 box trailer loads to the scrap metal and 5 loads to the dump and your shed still looks neat compared to mine, but I am getting there. At least my main workshop has some floor space in it now and I am beginning to be able to find what I'm looking for. Didn't know I had so many pairs of plyers etc till I got them all together. Fab you will get there, just don't throw the good stuff out like I was forced to do, one day it will be needed. Frank
  12. There is the small jetty at the boat ramp behind Flower Power can't get much closer to Milperra, but I'm sure you already know that spot. Frank
  13. What about the north side of tom ugly's bridge, I know it's getting a bit away from Milperra but you can park your car and fish from the front bonnet if you wish. The wall may be a little high for little kids though. Frank
  14. Neil. That's interesting I didn't think you were quiet that old. I could write a book on my past exploits about fishing adventures and experiences as I'm sure you could also, many many tales and stories could be told. Fishing has been my passion since I was knee high to a grasshopper and I will carry that passion till I meet my maker.


    1. big Neil

      big Neil

      It's a great pastime Frank and really not that expensive either. At least that's what I tell the missus. Hopefully we'll catch up and be able to swap a few tales, if not at Burrinjuck, then somewhere. Hope Marty is ok, I'm heading to Canberra on Thursday for an overnight stay. Cheers, bn

  15. Neil. Early days yet mate, I am trying to get a few guys together and maybe 2-3 boats and we could hire one of the larger cabins with more sleeping arrangements, either that or get a couple of cabins next door to each other. A hole group of us used to camp at Carrols but the old gang has deplinished and we are getting older so looking towards more comfort these days. I have kept your number in my phone Frank