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  1. Prawning again

    There wasn't a lot of run in the water so perhaps the entrance is still blocked, the banks are very slippery so I took that as tide run out or lots of rain during the day, but who knows, didn't see the entrance as it was dark when I got there. Frank
  2. Prawning again

    Thanks. It was tough going, only 2 other cars in the car park when I got there, just after dark, and one of the guys said " It's going to be hard out there tonight ", he was right the wind was up and probably wrong tide. It appears that the entrance is open as it was tidal and very muddy and slippery on the banks . Still had a great time and ended up with about 1 kilo of good sized prawns, I didn't leave till 12.30 so took around 3 hours hard work to get the kilo. I will go again next dark moon and that will be it for this season. Frank
  3. Prawning again

    I'm heading down to lake Wollumboola for another feed of prawns, I believe the lake is landlocked so tides won't play a big part in the catch so doesn't really matter what time I get there as long as it's dark. Prawns on the menu tomorrow if all goes well. Frank
  4. After some Leatherjacket tips

    My only tip apart from all the above is be careful not to touch your line with bait or even smell on your hands, the jackets will bite through line with one hit if any trace of food on the line. Frank
  5. Another day in Paradise...

    Great report big fella and wonderful photos, makes me want to jump in the car and do the trip down that way, oh well one day I will get there. Keep them photos coming. Frank
  6. lake Wollumboola

    Yeah that's what I figured as well, thanks for the reply. I will still go down and wander about and pick up a few stray prawns. Got a new light I want to try out. Frank
  7. lake Wollumboola

    Hi I am going prawning down the lake this Wed/Thursday night and was wondering if anybody knows if the lake is open to the sea or blocked at the moment. last month during the dark it was blocked and made prawning a bit slow. Would appreciate any info available. Frank
  8. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Well done, good to be on the water A. Frank
  9. Kids, Wild Bass & PB's

    Well I stand corrected, learn something every day, it's good to keep up with regulations and perhaps I should review my old way of thinking. Frank
  10. Kids, Wild Bass & PB's

    Great adventure for the boys, nice fish and a great day out. I see the boys have their jackets on ! where's yours ?. Frank
  11. Shark ID please

    I would be calling it as a Black Whaler if I caught it. Frank
  12. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    It has the head shape of a Knightfish ? pineapple fish but the dorsal fin is slightly different and colour and pattern not quiet right. I think it would be in the same family. Frank
  13. Glenbawn Trip

    Well done some nice fish. I like Glenbawn but prefer StClair, planning another visit to StClair as soon as I get my boat up and running. Frank
  14. Outboard Motor - 40HP Mercury Lightning XR

    Funny you should say that as many parts in the yamy, suzi motors are supplied by Tohatsu, one would think if Tohatsu are so unreliable that the parts that are tohatsu in the yams etc would also be unreliable. Frank
  15. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    Trailer in my mind seems a tab undersize for the boat you are going to put on it, remember the boat spends more that 3/4 of it's life sitting on the trailer. Anyhow best way to prevent rust as much as possible is wash it down just after you launch your boat, don't launch and then go fishing all day and leave the trailer sitting in the sun baking the salt water into the metal. Too late washing it when you get home or back from the fishing trip, the damage has already been done. Wash outside and flush inside when you launch as no boat on trailer much easier than when you come back from fishing and the boat is sitting back on trailer. I have been preaching this method of maintenance for over 40 years but yet to see anyone do it at a ramp, always too ancious to get out among the fish to take a few minutes to look after their investment. Also remember to wash it down again when you retrieve your boat. Frank