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  1. Self centering rollers

    I would lean more towards V skids that guide the centre keel onto the rollers. With self centering rollers you can still drive the boat on crooked if only one at the back. Could you send me a photo of the trailer set up?, my email is and I could advise you more. Frank
  2. Trailer repairs

  3. Trailer repairs

    Geoff. As you would probably know I have built repaired and altered many trailers in my day, sadly not as active these days and too far away to be of help to you. But it can be done far far cheaper than buying a new trailer and for a welder it's a pretty easy job, just apply twice as many coats of cold gal as you think it needs and leave plenty of drying time between coats. To have a trailer hot dipped you have to strip it down completely and by the time you do this you could almost have the repair job done. Frank
  4. Come meet BIGNEIL

    I am putting on a sausage sizzle for BigNeil on Thursday 7th June, sorry it's not a week end for those who work during the week but hope has it that he will be busy fishing with someone Saturday and Sunday if not with me. I live at Berala and there is plenty of parking so don't be shy. I will put on the snags onions and whatever I can think of to throw on the barby if you want something special like steak better bring your own, byo licquid refreshment and remember you will have to drive home. I have coffee, tea etc but no beer. Please let me know if you intend to come so I can get enough snags to feed everyone. Frank
  5. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    I will be picking Neil up from the airport Thursday some time after 10am and taking him back to my place. I suggest I fire up the BBQ and if you blokes can get to my place anytime around 12 noon or shortly after we can have a bit of a sausage sizzle and a decent chin wag face to face, I will supply the snags onions bread etc if you can bring what you want to drink yourselves and remember you will be driving home. I have coffee tea etc but no beer. I will start another thread to invite those who want to meet Neil while he is here in Sydney. Frank
  6. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Neil. You are welcome to leave the car on my front lawn, I have parked there for 32 years and never had my car touched. I could drive you to the airport only takes 20 minutes from my place and pick you up on your return. My ACE mate lives in the shire so maybe good for a luderick fish?. Frank
  7. Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    Neil. I have a few things to sort out with the wiring into my motor and a couple of odds and ends to touch up on the boat but will try and get it ready for when you are here. I have a spare bed here but only a single so if your good lady is with you, you would have to stay in separate rooms to sleep and you may have to rough it a little on makeshift bed but you are more than welcome to stay here if you like. We could do a night session for Hairtail and a day session in either Botany Bay or Port hacking, OR possibly both if you feel up to it. I have all the gear needed. Have a mate who is a ACE with luderick so may also be able to arrange a day with him. Frank
  8. Disposing of acetone

    I would,nt worry about it, I have about 2 gallons of the stuff in the shed, I use it for cleaning metal before welding especially alloys. You could have given it to your wife/girl friend/mother for nail polish remover. Frank
  9. Back to the battery

    Wow that's really sad that such a good name brand should have a problem before it even gets to your car. Bad management on the part of the store for not knowing there was a leaky battery before a customer discovered the problem. Hope that's the last of the problems and that this battery gives you many untroubled years of service. Frank
  10. Hairtail

    Neil. I like them, others think they are not good eating. I take a hessian bag and wet it and scrape the silver off them while they are still warm, cut them in cubes about 5 inches long pre cook some chopped onion and tomato and add this to the fish on the first turn in the pan ( not too hot ) about 4 minutes first side then add tomato and onion ( keep it pretty simple ) then 3-4 minutes on 2nd side. The flesh is thin and white so cooks pretty quickly, a bit of hit and miss till you get used to the right heat. The bones are large so easily separate from the flesh. You can add whatever you like but I prefer to not add too much other stuff so you can still taste the fish. You should get yourself up here some time this winter and I will take you up to try for some and you could experience the taste first hand. Frank
  11. Hairtail

    Greg. In over 40 years of fishing for them I think I have only ever missed one 0r two winters where I didn't go chasing them sometime in winter, the last 3-4 years they have come on the chew pretty early in the season so the next couple of weeks should light up if it stays to form. My favorite spots are Waratah bay and Pinta bay both part of coal and candle creek. Berley is part of fishing for them and try and use the same stuff you are using for bait, don't use a lot of bread in the mix as this bloats them and puts them off the feed. I have caught 100;s of the things but still get the trip where I come home fishless. It gets very foggy up there at night so if you see the fog roll in you are probable there for the night unless you have gps tracking and good spot light to see your way back to the ramp. I use Apple tree bay ramp and it's a national park so there is a fee to enter the park and heavy fines if you don't pay, there is ticket machine close to ramp. I have national pass so don't need to pay. Think it's about $13 a night. Don't put any part of your body near mouth, be very careful. Frank
  12. A good day...

    You done really well Neil. great shots as always , you keep that casting arm in tune now, and keep hitting those snags. Frank
  13. Hawkesbury Handline Fishing

    I would be guessing it was a Hairtail that bit you off with 80lb line, either that or a shark. I am 71 years old and been fishing since a age that I can't remember , I have an enormous amount of fishing gear but I still enjoy the feel of a hand line, not 80 lb more like 6-12 lb . I used to fish 40 lb line back in the day in the mid 60's and 70's out at the Peak off Sydney and have caught some mighty big fish with hand line, some of which are small Yellowfin tuna to around 30lb ( hardly never measured or weighed fish back those days ) Cobia, Wahoo, Snapper and many more species that frequent the offshore reefs. Very rarely use them these days but still have a couple in the boat. Got a wall full of them in the shed. Frank
  14. Morning glory

    Wonderful shots as always. I am getting old and very lazy lately and am missing out on the wonders of early morning, but when I see photos like this it wants me to wake up to myself and get out there and enjoy life like it was meant to be. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Frank
  15. ID Fish

    Top one looks like a " Deepwater Seaperch " but the location would be wrong, they are a deep water species as the name suggests. The large eye suggests it may be a deep water species but I doubt you would be fishing deep water. Frank