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  1. Newest Site Sponsor DINGA.com.au

    welcome Gordon. With the amount of money ive spent at Dinga, i SHOULD be a shareholder.... fantastic pricing and glad i can now link to products when providing gear recommendations...
  2. Tailor spots sydney

    ive caught tailor at most public wharves and jetties in sydney so i would pick a few that are close to you so that you can move from one spot to another. id also make an effort to get there and fish early morning or dusk, would probably give between 10am and 3pm a miss. Otherwise beaches where there are breakwalls (brighton le sands, for example) may have tailor running up and down. key for me would be the visible presence of baitfish or signs of baitfish in distress - i.e. splashing on surface. if nothing is happening, then move on. ive found my luck to be better with hardbody minnows rather than metals. good luck mate.
  3. Sydney South West - Affordable Tackle?

    this advice is very good. the store starting D sounds like "singa", just not starting with S. ;-) they do free shipping for members (free to join) - even if its like a $2 item!! if not from the store above, the store that starts with K and ends in Mart have lots of cheap, loose tackle (hooks, sinkers and tackle boxes). Lastly, as mentioned above, work out what you need based on the fishing style you plan to use. Some ideas below: general (all these can be bought from the one store starting with K) - tackle bag (use a 6x can cooler bag), 1-2x tackle boxes (some of those jarvis walker LB2000 that fit in the cooler bag), leader material and split ring pliers. light estuary specie lures - 1/4oz jig heads w/ size 1 hook, a variety of soft plastics (3" minnow split/paddle tail usually a good choice), a small hardbody minnow, light snap swivel, ~15g metal lure (spinner/halco type). bait - a variety of hooks (you can get the jarvis walker sets), variety of sinkers as needed, swivels. You could get everything above from the store starting with K - if you decided to go all general, lure and bait - i wouldnt imagine it costing more than $50.
  4. Sydney Fishing Advice

    Line: as aardvarking has said, the jarvis walker line will do, though its not much more for maxima and platypus. having said that, its not much more again to get braid... Hook: Depends on the bait, but likely that a long shank or a long shank baitholder will be a better hook for rectangluar shaped baits. Circle hooks are nicer on the fish (generally). also, i find using a long shank hook (size 2) will be small enough to catch most fish - which is great for starting out so you can see whats eating your bait. As you get more experienced, start experimenting with circle hooks as you begin to target specific fish. E.g. for catching whiting, long shank hooks are a popular choice due to the smaller profile for the whiting to eat with their small mouths, though a small enough circle hook will also work (which begin to get pricy at the smaller size due to less availability in the cheaper brands).
  5. Sydney Fishing Advice

    Rod - a graphite 2-4kg, 7-foot rod is ideal. try to avoid fibreglass/composite if you can. Reel - a 1000,2000 or 2500 sized reel will do. Shimano Sienna series in any of these sizes is usually a good, beginner's choice. Line and leader: two options here for the beginner: mono (simpler, cheaper) or braid w/ leader (need to learn braid-to-leader knot, more expensive, but much better performance and sensitivity). Ill assumed the braid and leader option. Line - 6LB braid will work for you 150yards is prob the length you will need to fill the reels stated above (with a bit of unfilled spool at the end - this is normal). Leader - attach this to braid - i.e. reel -> braid -> leader -> hook/swivel/lure. Mono will do the job here (10lb). Can also go the fluorocarbon leader path, but will be more costly. Stick with mono leader for now. Suggested setup: gear as above, with a "running sinker" rig, which is: braid -> ball sinker (size 1 jarvis walker) -> bead -> swivel (smallish, doesnt really matter -> leader -> long shank hook (size 2). Put on some bait depending on what you want to catch and off you go - cast it out and let it sit and wait! Expect to catch bream, flathead and whiting depending on where you are and the bait you use. The hook size of 2 should catch all (maybe go larger hook if you find you are gut hooking). All up for the above gear, expect to pay about 150-200. If its just line, leader and hooks, then you could probably get away with $20 for line, $10 for leader and about $10 for hooks, sinkers and swivels.
  6. 60hp bigfoot - opinions? + Salt question.

    thank you all. I see now there is a post commemorating jewgaffer, a true loss to the community.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking at a second hand boat (Quintrex 450 estuary angler) and it comes with a 60hp bigfoot. This is the first time I've come across this variant and from my research it seems to be a design made for pontoon boats / house boats. I can see some forum members have this engine on their boats (jewgaffer, maybe you can weigh in here), however on other forums there are furious debates over poor performance when putting this engine on a conventional boat rather than a pontoon or heavily encumbered boat. Given the hull type, would you expect issues with planing, handling and speed? (Ive read top end speed is lower compared to an equivalent HP 4 stroke without bigfoot). Should I stay away and look for something else? Also, I had a peak at the engine and saw some salt buildup or is this corrosion? What part is this and should I be worried? Intended use would be for fishing, of course, two people seated at the front of the boat when moving and upto 5 people for bringing friends and family along (with less gear in that case). Forward controls if that helps with describing weight distribution of the people. Thank you all!
  8. Silstar Crystal Blue Power Tip rods? where?!

    just some quick googling - i can see that there is an option available and instock. If you were to google, with the speech marks: "SILSTAR CRYSTAL BLUE POWER TIP 7'6 SW EXTRA HEAVY 12-20KG 2PCE ROD" and from that same site, you can see there are two other "crystal blue power tip" models. the site im referring to sounds like "fair-go" ;-)
  9. Kastking Thread

    hi all, i like to think of myself as bit of a kastking "konnoisseur" (spelling intentional). i've purchased and used kastking's: - "superpower" braid - 4x weave braid from 4lb through to 50lb - "max8" braid - 8x weave from 10lb through to 80lb - sharky II reel - 1500 size through to 3000 - kodiak reel - 5000 size only - blackhawk telescsopic rod (8 ft) - havent really put this through its paces my general experience has been positive amongst the sea of cheap cheap low quality chinese gear. Quality control is the biggest issue, so its just a matter of what has a higher chance (from reading reviews) of failing and avoiding that. for example: Braid: - the superpower braid is fairly average, largish diameter, about as strong as its rated strength. an OK product. - ..VS the max8 braid, handles very nicely, little bit (~5%) stronger than its rated strength, an acceptable product for everyday use. Reel: - sharky II - pretty robust reels, though susceptible to quality issues (i have 4, 2x have minor problems). - ...VS the kodiak reel - very well built, super strong, finish is excellent, smooth as silk - though double the price of the sharky (at the time). it would seem the "premium" products are where its at. often there will be sales on aliexpress where you can pickup some good deals (along with a further % discount via using cashrewards). happy to answer any queries people may have of the products. also - to respond to the Mela reel comment; reading the reviews of the reel on Aliexpress and a shop, its pretty clear that its a crap product, if i was to ever buy a reel from kastking again, it would be the kodiak (on special). the stealth (baitcaster) gets some good reviews, but i dont use BCs so i cant comment beyond what user feedback is available on the internet.
  10. Please suggest a boat

    hello all - thanks for the replies and suggestions. im weary of fibreglass - i keep reading about rot and soft spots and the weight! my car supposedly has 1400kg braked tow capacity (i assume means a trailer that has its own brakes...) I'm keen to go with an aluminum hull for weight and durability reasons. Have decided to forgo the cuddy cabin in favour of an open design, centre or side console. in my searches, i can see options in the 4.1-4.5m range - is this length asking for trouble?
  11. Please suggest a boat

    Thanks for that. Is 4.6m the minimum length I should consider? How about something like this: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/chester-hill/motorboats-powerboats/aluminium-boat/1149914747?utm_source=Gmail&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttonsVIP&utm_content=app_android looks like it has some spray protection (foldable), but maybe too small (length and engine)... Also, is this a good price: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/north-curl-curl/motorboats-powerboats/quintrex-460-center-console-yamaha-four-stroke-low-hours/1154675681 Lastly, how do polycrafts stack up? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/campbelltown/motorboats-powerboats/boat-2005-polycraft-4-55-with-2005-johnson-50hp-oil-injection/1134814242
  12. Please suggest a boat

    Thank you all! Budget is max 14k, though I originally wanted to cap at 10k. I checked out the stacer and outlaw and I think a cuddy cabin design seems like the better option for cover (looks like a very comfortable drive as well being enclosed!) - how is the fishing affected though? Seems doable if just two people are fishing at the same time... Do they make aluminium CCs? Also, I drive a subarau xv, so I'm hoping that's enough for towing a boat up to 5m...
  13. Please suggest a boat

    Hi all, Like many others, I'm now considering a boat to take my fishing to the next level. I have an idea of what I'd like to do with my fishing but am not sure of what that translates into in order for a safe and comfortable experience. What I'd like to do is: * number of people: maximum of 4 people total, though 95% of the time will just be two people, so safety is the main priority here to support 4 (as opposed to having 4 ppl be able to fish comfortably). * waters: mainly sydney harbour. not sure about going past the heads, if i do will only be on good weather days (though having a boat that could handle a turn in the weather would be nice). * fishing style: lures mainly so lots of flicking, trolling and jigging - if that makes a difference. Would also like to have room for a live well for the occasional bait session. * weather protection: id like to be able to be shielded from high winds, ocean spray and of course have sun cover (bimini?). If faced with a decision, id pick safety over comfort. So what specifications (material, length, hull, engine, brand, expected price 2nd hand/new, other features) would you knowledgeable people recommend? I'm slightly fearful from all the horror stories and multiple boat purchases to get to the right one... thank you all in advance!
  14. Poppers, big and small

    Hi all, Looking to find some success using poppers! Is there anyone out there in the northern beaches or sans souci area (i know, north AND south) that could show me how to find fish with these? I'm still looking to build my collection so thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. From what I gather, I plan to buy a variety of poppers that are: * 10cm to 18cm in length * 15g to 58g in weight * small cup face (stickbait-ish) and large cup face * colour not really that important, but will be leaning towards blue/black, silver/blue, silver/black/spots and green/yellow/white combinations Target fish would be any of the pelagics. My preference is to fish safe locations - i.e. dont want to risking life and limb on a rock face with pounding waves! Also - I'm not sure if this is the right time of year, maybe the summer... thanking in advance!
  15. Best bait for narrabeen

    Pink nippers, which you can pump from there area, would be great aswell. Tonnes of whiting and flathead around...