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  1. surf fishing in winter

    Just to add - I wear thick socks and tracksuit pants in the waders as insulation - very toasty.
  2. surf fishing in winter

    How big the surf that you're in? How deep do you go? I have both wetsuit and waders as options - for calmish waters I usually go waders as there is pretty much no chance of me tipping over. Plus it's quicker to get on and quicker to clean and dry, cheaper as well (~50 on eBay). Any rougher waters , definitely go a permutation of wetsuits boots, top and bottom.
  3. Berleying....for squid?

    Hi all, I just watched a video on YouTube where the host was complaining about the wind and rough swell whilst on the boat- BUT proceeded to drop a berley pot and cast out what looked like a squid jig under a small float, sure enough, the rods were thinking and the squid were on. Never thought to try this - has anyone done it with success? Any tips on berley that you were using, depth of the berley pot, depth of the float for jig etc...
  4. Fishing bags

    That bag looks huge! What do you need to bring that needs that much storage?
  5. Spending tips

    Thanks mate! I've spent thousands at dinga already, good to know this tip for extra savings!
  6. Spending tips

    Ohhhh I didn't know that! How do we get the extra 5%?
  7. Spending tips

    Pm me if you want details on the Chinese version of eBay or other queries (to follow the rules)
  8. new rod?

    2-4kg, 7ft graphite rod paired with a 1000-2500 sized reel. Classic setup. Price will determine the quality. Go checkout dinga for these two items to see what fits your budget!
  9. Botany Bay

    Were all the kingie caught on yakka strios floated in the berley? Weightless?
  10. Spending tips

    Hi all, was just thinking about the amount Ive spent on fishing related expenditure and thought it would be good to start a topic on spending tips to save a few bucks here and there, hopefully to curb off the ever increasing total spent! I'll share some of my tips: * Subscribe to mailing lists for popular fishing sites - check out the weekly emails most send out and see if gear you've been eyeing appears on sale! * I often shop on eBay for really cheap consumables but look for the signs of quality amongst the sea of crap - e.g. split rings (look for flattened and with a weight rating), swivels (look for stainless steel with a weight rating). Other accessories like knot hooks, small tackle boxes etc... are pretty basic so not much that can go wrong - buy these as cheap as possible. Having said that, I also check against Dinga as a general point of reference (free Australia based shipping with no minimum spend really levels things). When buying of AliExpress, I also use my cashrewards account to accrue 5% off every purchase made - factor this in the price comparison. I should say here that for sinkers , I usually buy from dinga as shipping contributes greatly to pricing for eBay, as we know, shipping is free on dinga, so often works out cheaper to buy heavy consumables from dinga. * For fluoro leader, Ive gone cheap and expensive - I haven't really had a positive experience in the cheap arena, hence what I use exclusively is FC Rock for all ranges up to 40LB. I stock up when dinga have (quarterly?) 'Leader and line x% off sale'. * For braid, Ive found the kastking kastpro braid to be really good - breaks about 20% above stated strength and fairly accurate thin diameter. Goes for about 20aud for 300m on AE. Before that, have used a combination of 100-150m spools bought on sale from Australian stores (gallant brand, mainly) as well as kastking mega8, which has been fairly consistent but a little bit thicker than what's stated(going for about $14aud (whilst on sale) for 270/300m ATM on AE. * For reels - it's really a personal choice. See below: For cheap cheap reels that are gonna get abused or passed around, I get cheap cheap Chinese reels. I only pick from kastking and piscifun brands, these are the only ones that have made an impact globally with positive independent reviews frequently made on YouTube. Given I fish saltwater, I generally look for good carbon disc drag, sealed design and (sometimes) metal body. You can go with the popular brands, but I've found these two Chinese brands usually beat the popular branded reels in the sub $60 price point. For more expensive reels (i.e. above $60 :P) it's up to you. I really like the Daiwa BG for durability and smoothness, though a bit heavy. I often check a shop (us, not au) along with camelcamelcamel - I picked up a few Daiwa bgs around the $90-100 each, shipped. Otherwise, the Shimano nasci has better drag, similar sealing and is lighter (but that's because it's not a metal body). Otherwise, eBay with the frequent 20% of specific seller groups (outdoors types) might include fishing shops - so you might be able to pickup a clearance item with an additional 20% off. Applies to all types of fishing gear. * For rods, Ive had poor experiences buying chinese brands from the Chinese version of ebay, though the brand kuying has really nice rods but are pricier as a result. Definitely only for consideration when we are stronger against the USD and there coupons available on AE. eBay - Ive found the graphite rods from the Sambo brand to be acceptable for when you don't want to lose a rod overboard or passing it around - have caught a kingy on their 7' 5-10kg on max drag, the bend was like a jogging rod and it performed well). Great service aswell - they will consider "offers" made via the eBay "make an offer" function - e.g. 20% saved if I buy two. They also shipped out a new rod when I received a rod with a broken eyelet. All it took was a photo and I got a new rod in a few days. I sometime buy off adore tackle, the owner is really helpful via email, I feel the rods end up averagely priced when comparing the price of the rods in their home country (usually European). Good if you want a particular rod spec. For the majority of my rods, though, have gotten them through the weekly promotional emails - dinga has been the source of quite a few my rods, well done on pricing, dinga! * For boating gear, eBay for small components, wiring, electronic bits. Dinga for some parts and then RTM and whitworths for the rest. Don't cheap out on safety related gear. Having said all that, have I saved a fortune? I think I have. Have I SPENT a fortune? DEFINITELY!
  11. Frequent break offs near sinker

    this sounds quite odd! for a large period of time i was also using this same rig, specifically: 6LB braid -> size 1 sinker -> soft bead -> swivel -> 8LB fluoroleader (50cm) -> hook I used to have breakage between the braid and swivel (due to the sinker) but then that stopped once i put a bead in between. maybe you have a bad batch of fluorocarbon? try everything exactly the same except for the leader - try the mono or a different leader. also try bringing back the leader after you have cast out to see if there is abrasion progressively building up. Lastly, how much length is there from the point of breaking to the hook/bait?
  12. welcome Gordon. With the amount of money ive spent at Dinga, i SHOULD be a shareholder.... fantastic pricing and glad i can now link to products when providing gear recommendations...
  13. Tailor spots sydney

    ive caught tailor at most public wharves and jetties in sydney so i would pick a few that are close to you so that you can move from one spot to another. id also make an effort to get there and fish early morning or dusk, would probably give between 10am and 3pm a miss. Otherwise beaches where there are breakwalls (brighton le sands, for example) may have tailor running up and down. key for me would be the visible presence of baitfish or signs of baitfish in distress - i.e. splashing on surface. if nothing is happening, then move on. ive found my luck to be better with hardbody minnows rather than metals. good luck mate.
  14. Sydney South West - Affordable Tackle?

    this advice is very good. the store starting D sounds like "singa", just not starting with S. ;-) they do free shipping for members (free to join) - even if its like a $2 item!! if not from the store above, the store that starts with K and ends in Mart have lots of cheap, loose tackle (hooks, sinkers and tackle boxes). Lastly, as mentioned above, work out what you need based on the fishing style you plan to use. Some ideas below: general (all these can be bought from the one store starting with K) - tackle bag (use a 6x can cooler bag), 1-2x tackle boxes (some of those jarvis walker LB2000 that fit in the cooler bag), leader material and split ring pliers. light estuary specie lures - 1/4oz jig heads w/ size 1 hook, a variety of soft plastics (3" minnow split/paddle tail usually a good choice), a small hardbody minnow, light snap swivel, ~15g metal lure (spinner/halco type). bait - a variety of hooks (you can get the jarvis walker sets), variety of sinkers as needed, swivels. You could get everything above from the store starting with K - if you decided to go all general, lure and bait - i wouldnt imagine it costing more than $50.
  15. Sydney Fishing Advice

    Line: as aardvarking has said, the jarvis walker line will do, though its not much more for maxima and platypus. having said that, its not much more again to get braid... Hook: Depends on the bait, but likely that a long shank or a long shank baitholder will be a better hook for rectangluar shaped baits. Circle hooks are nicer on the fish (generally). also, i find using a long shank hook (size 2) will be small enough to catch most fish - which is great for starting out so you can see whats eating your bait. As you get more experienced, start experimenting with circle hooks as you begin to target specific fish. E.g. for catching whiting, long shank hooks are a popular choice due to the smaller profile for the whiting to eat with their small mouths, though a small enough circle hook will also work (which begin to get pricy at the smaller size due to less availability in the cheaper brands).