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  1. Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    I went out on the 5th of Jan to the Port Hacking FAD and caught two dollies 68cm and 64cm on live squid caught earlier that morning. And also one 60cm model on a stickbait that was released. I didn't see any other boats or spearos get anything while we were out there. Probably 6 boats at the start and maybe got up to 8 or 9 before we left.
  2. SWR & Sydney Dollies

    Thanks mate I’ll have a look for them. How deep were you fishing with the 45g? I’ve found the pink octo jigs 40g work well for rats, but I haven’t tried them deeper than 20m. Cheers for the info!
  3. SWR & Sydney Dollies

    That’s a ripping king and a great bag of Dollies! I hope one day I can post a report of a serious king like that. The search continues! Do you mind me asking what jig did the damage on the king? Well done.
  4. First legal kingfish!

    Good report Tdogz, the legal kings are hard to come across. Next time you’re in the hacking tell Brenton to give me a call and we’ll try and hook up for a session. Keep searching!! Hopefully we get to hear of more catches.
  5. Friday 5/1/18

    Rapala x-rap sinking 120mm in ghost
  6. Friday 5/1/18

    Cheers for the info Bruce. I'll definitely throw a block of pillies in next time. You could have asked for a better day and I'll try and get out there again in the coming weeks!! Just quietly great family records!! 😳 Cheers fisho my first one, so stoked with it. Keen for a bigger model!!
  7. Gymea Baths

    Good report mate. The soft plastics take time, watch plenty of YouTube clips but you can’t beat time in/on the water. A good place to hone your skills is out at Kurnell. Either off the rock groynes or off the beach. You can fish it in all types of winds and I guarantee you’ll pick up a flatty or two. Fish as light a jig head as possible to still be able to cast some distance (1/12th or 1/8th) and work it back, squidgy wriggler 100mm in bloodworm will work out there. Good luck and I second the charter in NZ!!!
  8. Friday 5/1/18

    In all the excitement I didn’t get the water temp, I think around 23* but don’t hold me to it. There were at least 6 boats out there when we arrived and one JetSki. From port hacking it’s 21km. There is a lap a closer one out from botany heads. I can’t wait to get into a bigger model!! Such good fun!!
  9. Friday 5/1/18

    Hi all, I went out Friday morning with the aim of catching my first dolphinfish as I’ve heard there are a few around the Fad at the moment. I’ve never been to the fad before and as I have a 460 Coastrunner I wanted to follow some mates out in a bigger boat. Unfortunately they pulled the pin at the 11th hour, but the conditions looked perfect and the morning of we decided to head out. We picked up some live squid of the way out of the hacking, only managed 2 lollipops. We found a heap of yakkas but they weren’t taking the sabiki jigs. So we decided to head out with 2 squid and flick plastics if all else fails. Well to say I was impressed with how the boat travelled out and back was an understatement! We got out to the port hacking fad in about 35mins, I thought it would have been longer. Had the two squid out and they both got hit in the first 10mins! A double hook up, not to massive bulls, but they put on a good display. Our very first dollies!! One went 68cm and the other 64cm, so in the esky they went for a feed. With no more livies I turned to throwing a stickbait, I had one follow in about 20mins. Then my mate was jigging hooked a rope (must have been an old anchor line or something as it was 60m down. While he fought that back for his jig (and won) I hooked a Dollie on stickbait on my 4000 reel. Great fun on light gear and was just on 60cm so I returned it to the deep blue. After about another 30mins we called it quits and headed home. Trolled a few skirts on the way back just in case but nothing. All up it was a ripping day on the water and it’s always good when a plan comes together!! Most pics are on my camera but I’ll put up what’s on my phone. Cheers, Stu
  10. Port Hacking mixed bag

    Cheers mate! Tight lines
  11. Port Hacking mixed bag

    Great work Yowie! Yet again another productive session in the hacking for you. When you say you fish the deep near lilli pilli do you mean in amongst the moored boats or out in the channel on the edge of the flats/drop off?
  12. What a beast and off cronulla beach! Well done!! Time to get the beach rod out... that’s a trophy fish!!
  13. avoca 02/01/2018

    What a productive little session! A solid feed of fish!
  14. Friday 29/12/17

    Thanks guys, yeah definitely loved having him on the water. He loved his life jacket he got for Chrissy, now I just need to convince the wife he needs a stella for a first reel hahaha. Yeah I’ve already changed to heavier leader and replaced the exact same lure! Also hopefully going out Friday to try my luck again, I’ll keep you all posted and hopefully get a few photos!