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  1. Psychotic Trailer Lights - Help!

    Sounds like you have a crossed wire either in the 7 pin plug or due to corrision in the wiring. It is a good idea to replace the entire wiring if when you replaced the 7 pin plug the copper wires to the trailer looked greenish colour.
  2. Stupid easy fish curry for one hungry man

    Sounds nice, I like quick dishes
  3. Donut in Brisbane Water

    Brisbane Waters can be a funny place to fish. Sometimes its red hot and you are assured of a feed every time you hit the water, other times it seems to be baron of fish. Not sure why this happens, tides, moon phase, bait fish, who knows but it is always a good day when you are on the water
  4. Hi big Neil just a test, hope you get this

  5. Big Lizard from Middle Harbour

    Great flattie, good way to start with a new boat, well done
  6. Radio Call Signs

    Boat name. Lone Star call sign + Marine Rescue. Lone Star or CC221 20 foot fiberglass half cab, red hull white top mainly around Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River, Pittwater and their abouts VHF monitor channel 16
  7. Members Boats.

    Here is mine, Yalta craft Odessa 2000, 20 ft half cab, 1986 model with a mariner 200 hp hanging off the back, great boat for swells , handles big seas quite well , easy to launch and retreive, with the back bimbi holded a lot of deck room.
  8. Pan Fried Whiting Salad

    That is what I like, quick and simple. Very nice
  9. Well its been 9 weeks since I was laid up with a broken leg, took the boat out today , launched from Koolewong went out past Ettalong, (man the sand flats are closing up the channels). Had a fish in the Hawkesbury River around Bar Point and then Mullett Creek, caught 2 pan size flatties and 2 keeper bream. Nothing to brag about but oh boy wasnt it great to get out in the boat and wet a line or two again. It was such a beautiful day on the water, plenty of boats fishing all over Broken Bay, Hawkesbury River and Brisbane Waters. Plenty of jet skies around too, watch out for them because they cannot see you for some reason. Also called in to see Parsley Bay boat ramp, it looks good what they have done , looks a lot more user friendly.
  10. Boat Gutted In Inner West

    Bloody hell, some people are low lives, this would have taken a while to do and may be two people doing it, scum that is all I can say about them, long shot but lets hope karma comes back to haunt them.
  11. Very,very sad day

    Fab1 what can I say but I am so sorry for your loss, you will always remember her with your memories. This story of your love for Josephine has touched us all that has read this story, she will be in my thoughts.
  12. Indonesian style grilled trevally

    Oh that sounds so nice, I like chilli with fish, seems to go so well together, great receipe
  13. Last post

    Very sad to hear about you health issues Xsite, hope you can be pain free and enjoy every day.
  14. The one that got away

    Plenty of seals around Broken Bay, they can be buggers at time but great to see them around
  15. Fried blackfish fillet with green chili sauté.

    Wow that is simpleand sounds super tasty