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  1. Wouldn't we all... lol very limited to local trips at the moment. But not complaining.
  2. Thanks guys always happy to share
  3. Guys, you may of been reading my posts and seen some of my videos however I really need to reiterate the flathead are very consistent around St Huberts island. Pick any sand bar, inlet or shallow channel and run with soft plastics and you will hit them hard. Pick your tides and keep an eye out for water traffic. I find once the leaf blower boats and average family joe is out and about the water moves to much and can make fishing a little harder. I went out the other day and picked up a few in a short session before it rained. Embedded I have a short VLOG that will show you where to go. I look forward to seeing you out there!
  4. Braid for beginners

    Very good read mate cheers. My question is, does anyone rate the cheap knock of braid found on fee bay. There are some dodgy brands like 'spider cable' etc personally I purchased some no name stuff, came very well presented. Havnt had a chance to fully work it though yet.
  5. Good insight, I certainly like the idea of that sudden power of drag change. I'm sure it will no doubt greatly help in setting a book! fish mostly from the boat, I find braid and mono both serve two different purposes. When trawling I prefer mono due to stretch. i used smaller reels when chasing flatty a with plastics, but I have been doing a lot of drifting with plastics these days. I have found I can cover more ground doing so. Some of my videos on you tube demonstrate this. I don't do to much bait fishing these days but I thought having a bait runner handy may help out on the off chance I might want to set some bait.
  6. Hey Raides, Just acquired a Baitrunner OC 4000 for giggles and to test. I started his thread to find out stories, who loves them and who hates them. Any information on any style of bait runner reel would be great, this is not exclusive to shimano branded reels. Maybe this thread could be used as good advice for those with bait runners or those starting out. I certainly look forward to using mine. i have a few questions though. Would anyone use the, during live baiting? Do you prefer them with braid or mono? How do they go with soft plastics?
  7. What do you like about fishraider?

    Old thread but one thing I have noticed about this forum is the lack of trolls, minimal know it alls and no disrespect to each other. I find the information shared is useful, everyone focuses on the core topic and there is always a valued audience for each thread. I am not a full time user but every time I do use this forum I always find a positive light to the best sport on the planet.
  8. Hey guys I am hearing rumours and seeing videos of people catching Bass on the central coast. Unfortunately these spots are either vague or hidden. besides the railway dams and having to park my car on the free way where can I catch bass in the Gosford / ourimbah area? also is Mardi creek dam accessible and does it hold fish?
  9. Rileys island central coast flathead

    Thanks guys, more to follow!
  10. Rileys island central coast flathead

    Couldnt agree more. I find a lot of people especially at woy woy and Blackwall ramp give a lot of anti social aggressive attitude.
  11. Bass fishing lures

    Early morning when bugs on surface use poppers and jitterbugs Get your self some stump jumpers or tailor mades and fish shady areas during middle of the day. Dusk use poppers, jitterbugs and divers. Bass are a great fish to chase especially river bass
  12. Hey guys and gulls, i have been fishing st Hubert's and rileys island a lot lately. i also had the pleasure to fish kincumber broadwater recently and dropped a very large flathead. The video is on the beer bush and boats face book page. I have compiled a VLOG on one of my Rileys Island trips for those interested. It demonstrates what I do and use. Hope you enjoy. (mind the rant about the guy throwing lures at my drone) Hope to see you all out there! JA
  13. Broken Bay offshore Sunday 19/11/17

    Trolling the heads can be hard if your lure isn't where the fish are. I usually find tailor hang around on the white wash at the surface.
  14. Brisbane Waters Lizards

    Couldn't agree more, let's just hope I can get a PB this weekend!
  15. Brisbane Waters Lizards

    Far canal that is a nice lizard man! Well done! What tide were you fishing?