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  1. Trolling the heads can be hard if your lure isn't where the fish are. I usually find tailor hang around on the white wash at the surface.
  2. Couldn't agree more, let's just hope I can get a PB this weekend!
  3. Far canal that is a nice lizard man! Well done! What tide were you fishing?
  4. Good on ya guys. Seems to be lizards getting caught a lot.
  5. I don't know what I'm doing wrong to get kings but you guys seem to be doing it right. Well done
  6. There is plenty of Bush don't worry. The channel is based on a bunch of yobbos who share the same hobbys. one of the hobbys is Banter. All the flathead were released. That day the biggest lizard we caught was about 50cm. we appreciate your concern regarding the breathalyser how ever we took many camera shots of the same beer and manipulated our episode to embellish the amount of beer drunk for entertainment purposes.
  7. Yes the aerial footage is the icing on the cake. It's taken several years to get good structure on my videos but the main part is I'm improving and learning for each video. love freshwater, I am hoping to get put and film some inland freshwater soon.
  8. What is the water level there at the moment?
  9. Good on you man, we need the subscribers. We keep no secrets on spots either.
  10. After my previous outing to ST Hubert's island I thought I would give it another crack. We picked up some nice flathead again. Around 46 - 48cm mark. just as we were putting on our last few casts, our plastics were followed by some enournas king fish in about 2 meters of water. Unfortunately we only had really light gear but I would estimate these king fish to be 6kg plus. There were about 10 of them. Rumours are confirmed, the kingys are running early in the Brisbane waters. I have also completed another episode of beer bush and boats available for viewing with the link below. Like and subscribe, we host one of the only good quality fishing shows with no ads and its all free.
  11. A deep diving tradition balsa style lure. The bibs are also interchangeable and I regard them as one of the best fresh water lures based on affordability, simplicity, size availability and they are not over detailed. Highly effective and recommend them to any one
  12. Believe it or not we found heading into the night was more active trolling with stump jumpers.
  13. Over the October long weekend I went up to Lostock for an over nighter. Trolling into the night we picked up around 7 small bass which were really fun. The next morning we pulled in some rewarding sizes and were very content. My trip was released as an episode of Beer, Bush and Boats if you have not seen it already. can be watched on YouTube with this link.
  14. Raiders, been a while since I have made a post but been out the last couple of days fishing Brisbane waters around st Hubert's. Plenty of flathead 40cm plus getting around. using mostly gulps on 1/8;1/0 jig heads. Looking for shallow sand patches on the edge of grass sections. Get out there and keep those lines tight.