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  1. Not what we planned for

    All I can say is that for me, restricted to mostly to bay fishing ( & not very successful at that, yet), your reports offer a window into a world I can only aspire to & therefore are truly appreciated. And this has to one of your best! Thanks again for sharing.
  2. Welcome to Sydney

    Is the South, East or North side of Sydney more convenient? As North & East are covered, I'll add the south. There are great flats on Gunamatta Bay Cronulla or just in front of the St George sailing club at San Souci.
  3. Garmin striker 4dv

    Agreed, definitely bait. I have the same sounder & am amazed at how clear these new ones are. Try dropping a squid jig or similar on your transducer side & you can accurately scrape the bottom!
  4. Squid taking plastics but not squid jigs

    Agreed. When fishing SPs, we would often get them following all the way to the boat, even in up to 15 metres of water! Have a rod rigged with a squid jig ready to drop within view. It's amazing to see how aggressive they are. Ps: They also drop an amazing amount of ink when hooked close to the boat.
  5. Sashimi Bonito Always A Risk!?

    Interesting thread! Hey Ledge, Were you also shown how to detect potential parasites? Or anyone else have experience with parasites?: signs, fish to avoid ect? Thanks. Gab
  6. Single hook or trebled?

    Changed to singles on all my lures after an unfortunate release with an angry bonito. Another advantage is you can use larger gauges than the trebles you replace - rough guide treble size + 2 to 3 - do a search on single lure size for guides. I havent noticed a significant decrease in hookups & they are much easier to handle.
  7. FG knot

    Great advice Jon, thanks. I've not used any more than the top 10-20% of my braid & haven't even considered this! I'll give it a try when next I need to re-spool or top up.
  8. HELP NEEDED - MQ Parasite Study

    Read this with interest but I've never seen a parasite before. Amazingly one dropped out of the mouth of a yellowtail we caught this morning! Will fill out the form & ive kept the female & what I presume are the heaps of males (little red things) that came out of the larger parasite. Yuk
  9. Wollongong beach

    I'd say most of the Wollongong ocean facing beaches would have them? Haven't done this in a while (maybe 3-4 years) but I've certainly caught them at Port Kembla (near break wall on South side), W'Gong South beach & have seen them at Fairy Meadow BW Corrimal & North. Next time you're at a beach at low tide, drag something along the water line @ a likely spot (non pebbly) & see if anything pops up. Maybe a current local can confirm? Ps: it's a frustrating job, unless you're experienced, which I'm not!
  10. 2nd this. In warmer months tho as you need to get ankles / knees wet. Started my 6 year old here. At low tide you can get close to the channel which is alive with fish. In summer, betley will bring on schools of whiting & mullet they can target. If lucky, occasionally you'll get a bust up of Bonito or other predators through your school which are exciting for the kids & great fun on light gear. When the tide rolls in, retreat to the beach area & they can feed the schools of fish with bread, swim, or play on the sand whilst you fish. Gets crowded though - so be early.

    Thanks for posting the question ARC H & all the answers, found it really useful. I'll be hitting my local tackle store for a couple of these options this winter too.
  12. Soft plastics

    You'll want to go as light as possible to suit the depth (boat based) or if land based the area / cast distance. Your rod weight will also determine how light you can go. What rod weight are you using? Generally any of the fish like SPs will do the trick on flathead. Just hop along the bottom, and pause occasionally, they'll generally hit on the pause.
  13. Trevalley on balmoral wharf

    Thanks Takethebait. I wish DPI would find a better way to pass on info like this e.g. Via their app.
  14. Land based squid fishing

    Hi Johhny, I'm not really experience myself but I know that you need to find weed beds. Yarra Bay - I haven't been here land based personally but there are lots of squid in the weed beds in the bay & ive seen a few targeting them off the shore. Looking at google maps, you can see some likely looking spots you should be able to cast to. Land based have caught & seen squid at Taren point bridge (under the bridge at night particularly, but also various spots off the rocks & even the wharf), there is an abundance of weed. Look out for snags at low tide especially though. Good spot for a bream & especially flatties too for a change up. Good luck.
  15. Snapper from rocks at North Maroubra

    Great fish. Well done again. You are certainly living up to your name