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  1. Stockton beach

    Trip organiser/ute driver pulled out that morning 😣😣 to fond of the beerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Palm Beach

    I was fishing from rocks not wharfs and intend on rock fishing again or maybe renting a boat any locations or suggestions would be brilliant
  3. Palm Beach

    Hi guys I'm planning a trip up palm beach way this weekend any recommendations for some places to fish? I have fished a few times down that way and been successful but I found the ground to be very snaggy and loose a lot of tackle
  4. Found Tackle Kit - East Balmain

    Fair play mate the world be a better place with more of that attitude
  5. Fishing diary

    Cheers Matt I will be sure to look it up
  6. Fishing diary

    Thanks guys I use Fishbrain also and it can be irritating some of the dung that goes up on it but I'm looking for something more private than Fishbrain. I guess I could just keep all info on laptop/computer.
  7. Fishing diary

    Hi raiders I'm wondering is there an app or something online where I can keep a fishing diary And keep info on outings, photos, weather etc. I noticed a post here from 2013 but not many replies. It's more of a long term thing as I would like to see in years to come full recorded history with pictures and videos.
  8. Northern beaches help

    Hi raiders im planing to chance northern beaches first thing in morning. Can anybody recommend anywhere in particular I have surf rods and gear and spin gear both of which I will bring. Any advice on what I should be doing ? Most effective bait? Large baits or small? What weight sinkers??
  9. My trip up north was cancelled today and I'm pretty disappointed to say in the least. I'm based in Sydney. Anybody care to take me for days fishing. I have gear bait etc and willing to split any costs fuel, extra tackle etc would be great if anyone could help. Kind regards Sean
  10. Forster and Stockton's beach trip

    I'm heading stockton beach tomorrow for a night or two. Is there any area on the beach you would recommend, just a general area??
  11. Stockton beach

    Thanks I don't have gear heavy enough to bully a shark, any other advice as to what tackle I might need. Do I need to fish far out or in close in gutters. And would appreciate if someone could give/pm me a general area of the beach to fish to increase chances. Is live bait an option or a waste of time
  12. Stockton beach

    Hi raiders I'm going to stockton beach this weekend. Has anyone any tips for fishing the beach. What's to be caught, what methods to fish this time of year. Gear, bait and rigs to use??, any advice at all would be well apriciated. Ideally I would like a Jewish but will settle for anything at all. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. First tailor and longtom (edited)

    Ye that's her, across from power station, Ye that mate who brought me there caught some hammerhead before at that place.
  14. First tailor and longtom (edited)

    I got it up lake macquarie area, not sure of exact area mate, a buddy brought me up
  15. First tailor and longtom (edited)

    I cut full length fillets from him and have them salting for bait on my next trip