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  1. Wow - I wouldn't have thought they could live that long. Amazing.
  2. Classic - very funny!
  3. Dave - you're starting to sound like me!! Very unfortunate indeed mate.
  4. Amen to that Dave:-)
  5. Nice fish - she's a champ mate!
  6. Thanks Dave - I've caught Yellowfin off Port Douglas (in May) so I'm kinda surprised they don't hang around all summer and through autumn with the warmer currents.
  7. Thanks Jon, I've added an 8000 Expedition with t-curve 400 jig stick to the arsenal - much prefer the spin outfits and I reckon the two big Diawa's will have anything I encounter covered. If I get dusted up then so be it, but I doubt it. I've caught 15kg Bluefin off SA on my snapper gear so I reckon these things will handle a 60+kg tuna easy. I'm more worried about how "I" would handle it but at 6'2" and 95kg I reckon if your 14yo can do then I should be ok LOL.
  8. Thanks for the report Dave - how long do the Yellowfin hang around for and do they like warmer water than Bluefin? I've been out a couple of times for zeros so far this season. Went out off JB on Saturday and everything looked fantastic - but no fish! Was a great day to out on the water though. Cheers Brett
  9. Fished off JB on Saturday, didn't get out till approx 11am, had to wait for a mate to finish work (he bought us coffees so not all bad). Water temp was about 16.5 in the bay - we trolled up towards the Banks. Birds and dolphins everywhere, birds weren't doing much however we did find a large bait school. Crux of it is we got nothing! was a great day out with the wind completely dropping off by lunch - cracka of a day just no fish!
  10. Stonker of a by-catch stacko - well done!!
  11. Yes it's a grass or weed whiting.
  12. Another great trip for you Phil and thanks for sharing. I'll be back up there early October and thanks for the pm you sent me - did you get any GT's this year? Cheers, Brett
  13. Caaaarrn Sharpie we won't tell :-) Nice fish!
  14. Bloody hell I'm keen to get out there.
  15. Great news they have started to arrive - but 4 hours on the rod is not something I'd like to do. Do the bigger ones normally come through first or is it luck of the draw with sizes? Cheers Brett