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  1. Rip Gabe.. 🎣
  2. Stewy & Donna, You have my vote.!! Baz..
  3. Cool vid boy's, and a great release on the seagull.!!
  4. Hi Don, I remember as we all left there were "2 other groups" 1 either side of us,there's also a big chance that if anything such as a chair was accidently left behind,they "may" have used it as-well.. Hope this helps a little, Baz..
  5. Awesome stuff mate.!! 👍 Hopefully 1-day.!! 😕
  6. Awesome photo.!! 👍
  7. Dear, Don & Stu.. I would just like to say a BIG "thank you" for organising such a great day,& that I had a real fun time.!! Ps- Stu your a crack-up brother.!! 😜 Regards Barry.. "Baz.."
  8. This sounds like such an awesome day with like minded people.!! 2 More please, Baz & Eric.. Thanx.!!