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  1. If only I was in Port Stephens...

    I actually just read through this article, and reporters had interviewed our very own member @Scratchie!! Complete with a short video he posted to his personal social media. Cheers, Wellzy
  2. Landbased Kingfish lures

    Derek, I have a reel spooled and ready to go with 15lb braid, probably should've mentioned that in the post! I've got a couple of those flutter type jigs. I might buy a back of SPs and some jigheads, and maybe a popper or two and have a crack! Cheers, Wellzy
  3. Landbased Kingfish lures

    Hey raiders! I've got a 9ft rod good for casting small metals (cast weight 20-60grams) and I'm hoping to have a crack at lure fishing land-based for Kingfish and other pelagics. I've got a few metal lures between 20-60g, but I was wondering what hardbodies would be good to have a go at this? Is it enough cast weight for large enough hardbodies, or should I just try my luck with the metals? Cheers, Wellzy
  4. avoca 02/01/2018

    Good stuff! It's always great to get into those schools of bonito. And a legal kingy to ice the cake! Cheers, Wellzy
  5. After new bass lures

    In regards to lures? Nah. I'm happy to try out either!
  6. After new bass lures

    What sort of knot have you tied there, Rick? Looks like a good way to go. Cheers, Wellzy
  7. Port Stephens- New Year

    I think you made a wise call there Scratchie. While you were out enjoying the waterways and catching some nice fish, I was at home nursing a nasty headache. I'm still a bit dusty now, first day back at work! A great shot of the sunrise, too. Cheers, Wellzy
  8. Hey raiders! After a quick flick at the Nepean over the Christmas break that netted me an 8cm bass, I lost my favourite bass lure, and I've decided I need to expand my rather small collection. I have a small range of 38-40mm diving cranks, and various surface cicadas (hardbody and soft-shell). What are your go-to Bass lures, if not cicadas or cranks? Has anyone used Berkley Power Pop frogs to success? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Wellzy
  9. Merry Christmas all

    Same to you frank, happy holidays! Cheers, Wellzy
  10. Newest Site Sponsor DINGA.com.au

    I've bought from the site before, and will do in future as well. Glad to have them onboard at Fishraider! Cheers, Wellzy
  11. Sydney South West - Affordable Tackle?

    Hi mate, Usually the independant tackle stores have cheaper stuff, but the larger chain stores have a bigger variety. As Rob81 said, the stocked tackle boxes tend to be cheap tackle, and I wouldn't recommend buying that. Work out what you need, and build up your tackle from there. Cheers, Wellzy
  12. Swordies fish Glenbawn

    Great pics Donna! Tell swordie to take the camera so you can get the chance to outfish him Cheers, Wellzy
  13. Sickening Sunday

    That's not a bad idea. I'll book into the GP and get a checkup. Cheers, Wellzy
  14. Sickening Sunday

    I was still feeling really queasy yesterday, ended up going home sick. I tried that and it didn't make me feel any better, just delayed the onset by a little bit.
  15. Sickening Sunday

    I had one the night before, one half an hour before we got on the boat, and one about 4 hours later. I think due to the roughness it just didn't work.