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  1. Hi mate, Usually the independant tackle stores have cheaper stuff, but the larger chain stores have a bigger variety. As Rob81 said, the stocked tackle boxes tend to be cheap tackle, and I wouldn't recommend buying that. Work out what you need, and build up your tackle from there. Cheers, Wellzy
  2. Great pics Donna! Tell swordie to take the camera so you can get the chance to outfish him Cheers, Wellzy
  3. That's not a bad idea. I'll book into the GP and get a checkup. Cheers, Wellzy
  4. I was still feeling really queasy yesterday, ended up going home sick. I tried that and it didn't make me feel any better, just delayed the onset by a little bit.
  5. I had one the night before, one half an hour before we got on the boat, and one about 4 hours later. I think due to the roughness it just didn't work.
  6. Even with the rough weather yesterday, a charter my mother and I had booked in on went offshore from Cronulla anyway. After arriving at our first fishing spot, we each landed a flathead rather quickly, but mum succumbed to sea sickness due to the swell. Not long after, I caught a second flathead and a nannygai before I also fell to the sickness. We both had tablets, but they seemed to have no effect, which was unfortunate. The other people on the charter got a good mix of flathead, morwong, nannygai and even a few snapper. No pics, as I was too focused on my stomach doing backflips Cheers, Wellzy
  7. Hey ritchie, Hawkesbury still has plenty of fish to offer. I highly recommend anchoring up in different spots close in to Dangar island, there are almost always bream around. You can also use the search function, just type in "Hawkesbury" or some variant of, and plenty of reports will show up to read through Cheers, Wellzy
  8. Those just undersize kings are super fun, but they're so taunting! Some great fish there Scratchie, and those snapper look good! Cheers, Wellzy
  9. Hey mate, I started bass fishing last season. I had most of my success on 38mm diving cranks and surface cicada profile lures. There are plenty of bass to be had, if you ever want to go for a flick send me a PM and we can work something out. I have plenty of lures that we can use. Cheers, Wellzy
  10. I haven't tested scents on any lure fishing in fresh water, might give it a crack and find out! Cheers, Wellzy
  11. I use S Factor. My first fish ever caught on SP was after 3 hours of flicking without a touch... Then I added scent to the SP and landed a legal flathead a few casts later working the same ground. Cheers, Wellzy
  12. Nothing wrong with the Nepean mate! I'm also from Penrith. Nepean will start firing in the coming weeks (if it hasn't already). Cheers, Wellzy
  13. Not true! I'm fishing the next two weekends, and she's fishing with me for one of them Didn't get a chance to fish at Airlie, unfortunately. Saw a bustup from the boat on our snorkelling tour of Hamilton Island, and tried to book in a charter, but no luck! Fished at the Gold Coast though, plenty of big greenback tailor around there. Cheers, Wellzy
  14. Thanks Scratchie! It was a lot of time, money, planning and stress for what felt like such a short day, but I wouldn't change a thing. Cheers, Wellzy
  15. Hi raiders! My partner @Hamilton and I got married at the beginning of the month. While I'm waiting for her to post a fishing report I thought I'd share a few pictures from the wedding (with a bit of pressure from Donna!) After the wedding we spent some time in Airlie Beach and also Brisbane/Gold Coast. Cheers, Wellzy