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  1. Can the salmon be eaten as sashimi?
  2. How do you cook it?
  3. Awesome Stuff Mate Honestly LOVED the video. Did you end up keeping any of the salmon?
  4. A good spray of innox goes a long way after a days fishing
  5. That is some quality bream mate
  6. That is an awesome fishing session Well done And good luck for tomorrow Might need to up the gear for the bigger model trevs
  7. There should be plenty of salmon moving in to the lake this time of year Usually in plague proportions
  8. How is a Jew going to swallow a 4kg salmon Surely they would go for something easier to catch But then again I don't have that much experience with this matter
  9. That is a great days fishing You caught in one day what some of us catch in a year Great report mate and well done
  10. I enjoy trolling You cover a lot of ground over a short period of time Never know what your going to hookup But I can see how it can get boring
  11. That is a great haul Looks like the persistence paid off Well done
  12. I havent had much success But small hooks on a float with tiny pieces of bread are usually the way to go
  13. Thanks for the info everyone I do drift for flatties Just looking at different ways of targeting them I was thinking of trolling at the entrance with some lures along the drop offs It seems like a very flathead looking area
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to fishraider so forgive me if I make any newbie mistakes Just wondering if anyone trolls for Flathead in and around Sydney or Central coast What lures do you guys use? Cheers
  15. Hi Dutch angler I still fish in the estuaries throughout winter I just target different species I love chasing salmon on light tackle and they come in swarms into the estuaries during winter I believe