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  1. A Failed Outing Saved by Narrabeen

    Nice story and nothing wrong with catching a few fish for a feed- maybe that other guy was jealous! Just for RAIDER'S information I spoke to council about lake opening and they told me it was being opened last Wed(14th March) at 9.30am. From previous experience/s of lake opening the fish and prawns really come on down near the ocean bridge and also at the 'drop-off' out in front of the caravan park and would be well worth a trip there.
  2. Fishing my lucky spot

    G'day mate looks like a spangled emperor- caught quite a few in Sydney Harbour over the years and one of the guys in my team in a Sydney Metro Rock Championship got one almost 4kg on a pillie while tailor fishing at The Mattens at Dover Heights. Most of the ones I've caught have been under a kg but they fight hard and taste great. That's a nice one you caught great stuff!