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  1. Blackfish fishing mentor needed

    Hi Raiders, my name is William, I am located in the Eastern suburbs and want to improve/ learn Blackfish fishing from a mentor who would be willing to help me out. I have fished for a couple years now and I have done blackfish fishing before in the past, not really successful on the rocks but had relative success on the wharves, however i feel like I have a lot to learn still. I would be able to travel around Sydney to fish (eastern rocks or north to Balmain areas/ down south) and i do provide my own gear but not the green weed bait (All previous places i got from has disappeared). I would also only be available on the weekends since I am just starting uni now. Additionally, any information that would help me such as locations/ spots would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou very much.
  2. PB Flattie

    Hey just wondering how you rig up live poddies? i can never live bait fish properly
  3. Botany bay whiting

    Theres big ones mixed in. Same thing happened at maimbar fishing for whiting, about 10 20cm ones then 1 40cm one in 20cm deep water.
  4. Bate Bay

    Awesome view, and nice catch
  5. Yabbie Pumps

    Thats only their reels. Maybe because they last so long that they can't sell any to replace?
  6. San Souci

    Try the Rock groynes at Dolls point, its less crowded but you do have to walk on rocks
  7. squid all fished out ???

    The trevs were only around 26cm, not legal. I have seen people catch legal trevs there on most occasions but gets very crowded.
  8. squid all fished out ???

    Yes the rocks, its not dangerous, the rocks are pretty high of from the water and very flat. A footpath also leads to it basically
  9. Gymea Baths

    Decided to go test out my new soft plastic rod at Gymea baths yesterday (Long weekend). It was a Shimano catana soft plastic rod with a cazna reel on 8pound braid and 6pound flouro. Did some research and from personal experience previously, found that the only good spot was on the right (marked in purple in the picture). However it was completely packed at around 2pm with over 15 people fishing that wharf (lines casting over each other). The water there is actually fairly deep, with the wharf been in at least 3m plus water. Anyway, couldn't really get a good spot so for 2hours, didn't get a single take, same with the other 12 guys fishing along the wharf. The only people catching were a couple of guys that were on the spot on the right. As soon as they left, I quickly moved into that area, but only had time to fish for another 30minutes. Even in this spot, i couldn't get a single take with my soft plastic rod, which was frustrating :/ (so far only caught 2 fish on soft plastics ever, so very inexperienced). Decided to switch to a running float rig. 2minutes in first cast, got a solid down and float completely disappeared. Was onto a trevally which put up a nice fight on 6pound gear. Measured at 28cm and chucked it back. Chucked another bait in, and went to take a drink but just 3seconds in, another solid down. This time it was a solid mullet measuring 30cm+. Few minutes later and another trevally at 26cm then had to pack up and go. Overall it was a nice day, a bit windier then i expected and very packed (to be expected). The part shaded in purple is the part i ended up fishing last and what i would recommend for this place. Goodluck guys, got school exams then New Zealand schoolies (will be doing fishing there but nothing serious) so not much more fishing until January. PS: Don't swim outside the nets if you swim here, always see people doing it. Have seem pretty large sharks cruising next to the nets.
  10. Telescope rods

    The only good telescopic rods i know of are the iso rods. But those are generally 500$+
  11. squid all fished out ???

    I went down to Gymea baths yesterday, caught a few trevs. About 6 or so people were squidding of a boat and only saw them catch 1 in the couple of hours. Seems pretty dead. A good spot, which may still produce land based is at Bass and Flinders point in port Hacking.
  12. Weird Burley

    i know iso fishing use something of a red berley. Mixture of many things
  13. Fishing diary

    you can probably do it in excel. with a table for weather. tide photos. Location eg
  14. Newbie looking for tips

    Maybe try Dolls point off the groynes? Also you can try a floating rig. Basically your bait is off the bottom so doesn't snag.
  15. 1770 Lady Musgrave

    Amazing trip