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  1. EPIRB

    if its a 406mhz re battery it..re register it to you..rick
  2. should i get it?

    we had waterways guy doing a display and handing out goodies at our last comp..i asked bout yaks and his reply was compulsory on all waterways now..used to be if further than100mtrs from shore.but now all time anywhere...rick
  3. What is the best leader knot

    if your not a fan of fg like me stick with Albright...I use it in 6lb braid up to 80lb braid...at least 10/12 wraps up 4/5 back down over top always make sure tag leaves loop same way as mainline enters...rick
  4. Marlin fishing rough weather!

    nice work boys...looks like normal fishin weather to me ...bahaha
  5. Brisbane Waters, Fat Flathead

    nice solid fish..they really are great eating..sounds like an enjoyable morns fishing...rick
  6. Port Hacking

    are the males with larger spikes actually six spined jackets.???.....nice feed yowie looks like your eating well...rick
  7. Sydney Kings

    nice to see some great fish comin out of Sydney...rick
  8. Quick Nepean River flick

    What area of coast are you...rick
  9. should i get it?

    By the way life jackets are mandstory on yaks now just buy small inflatable you dont notice they are on...rick
  10. EPIRB

    what brand // some you can replace the lithium batteries a lot cheaper than replacement...if you are unsure you can always unscrew base and see if its just an oring and what batteries are in it..if its not viable you are throwing it anyway so no harm lookin...rick
  11. Early start

    that's about the time im startin work....bugger...rick
  12. Not a bonito, but not dis-similar.

    that's from 2013 neil
  13. First trip after the boat repairs , Calamari again

    nice lot of squid...yyyuuuummmmmoooo
  14. Fuel lines

    no problems with that length..a one way valve in line helps sometimes..rick
  15. Not a bonito, but not dis-similar.

    ive stood on the point at hat head and caught dozens..you have to change up to the biggest lures you have to avoid them...rick