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  1. hooks

    i personally only use circles on marlin and tuna as they are wellsuited to the way these fish feed and the relative size of their mouths..on marlin I use them for live baits either slow trolling or drifting and for trolling skip baits bridled...the main use for them is the positive hookset..ie not falling out during headshakes..and the ease of releasing the fish in good condition..not gut hooked and bleeding...I fish for many and varied species and in many styles and prefer normal hooks for all my bait fishing..this is my personal preference and many other anglers will have different views...I have tried circles quite a few times but keep going back to J hooks as they work and have done for millions of anglers all over the world for many years...rick
  2. the locked half blood knot shown is basically the go to knot for most anglers..ive been using this knot for 50yrs after my dad taught me at age 5 I only use 4 turns and have never had a problem..saying that I use many knots for many different circumstances...get into your computer and look up some knots to try there are many..most are easy and you can try some and choose what suits your needs...also some cheap brands of nylon don't knot well which may be your prob with knot performance...rick
  3. just being in one of the best posies on the coast is gold ..fish are a bonus baz...hope to get up there next wknd...wish I still lived at the bay..rick
  4. plus one on the braid...get the snips out...rick
  5. hey chris I fish catho and birdie often and use 12lb or 15lb for bream tailer salmon and 20lb for jew...you can land most good fish round here on 12lb mate just let them run and take your time..rick
  6. the 6lb braid is ideal for the species your after..just vary your trace size from 4lb for bream up to 12 or 15lb for flatties and 8 to 12lb for bass depending on how wild the area is your fishing..rick
  7. hi nath I see your a new poster on topics just checkin to see if you realize the topics your commenting on are 6 yrs old so you may not get replies from original posters..rick
  8. not sure if he will read it its a 6 year old topic..rick
  9. you've caught the fish now you've caught the bug...more to come hopefully..rick
  10. livies

    Trumpeter are excellent for flatties
  11. livies

    Ive caught longtails on mados an sweep
  12. fill it with 10lb braid and use 1.5 mtrs nylon trace up front to tie too...you will get probably 300mtrs of braid on..10lb braid normally breaks higher than 12lb so you will be able to work it well thru your rod..your questions on tackle selection are fairly broad.and.hard to give exact answers..best idea is to target a certain species as you will have more success than just throwin an hopin...rick
  13. ps neil pm me your details and address as I have something I want to send down to you mate..cheers rick
  14. good stuff neil glad all is well on the boat front..the fish sound like they are getting fussy mate...hope the yellowbelly was good company on the trip home haha..rick
  15. thank you neil I have already been blessed with a mentors badge and im very proud of it....cheers mate