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  1. the 6lb braid is ideal for the species your after..just vary your trace size from 4lb for bream up to 12 or 15lb for flatties and 8 to 12lb for bass depending on how wild the area is your fishing..rick
  2. hi nath I see your a new poster on topics just checkin to see if you realize the topics your commenting on are 6 yrs old so you may not get replies from original posters..rick
  3. not sure if he will read it its a 6 year old topic..rick
  4. you've caught the fish now you've caught the bug...more to come hopefully..rick
  5. livies

    Trumpeter are excellent for flatties
  6. livies

    Ive caught longtails on mados an sweep
  7. fill it with 10lb braid and use 1.5 mtrs nylon trace up front to tie too...you will get probably 300mtrs of braid on..10lb braid normally breaks higher than 12lb so you will be able to work it well thru your rod..your questions on tackle selection are fairly broad.and.hard to give exact answers..best idea is to target a certain species as you will have more success than just throwin an hopin...rick
  8. ps neil pm me your details and address as I have something I want to send down to you mate..cheers rick
  9. good stuff neil glad all is well on the boat front..the fish sound like they are getting fussy mate...hope the yellowbelly was good company on the trip home haha..rick
  10. thank you neil I have already been blessed with a mentors badge and im very proud of it....cheers mate
  11. ive used tsm4s on fsus for years I even use tlds on jew sometimes..so your not alone..ps I hate alveys..haha ..rick
  12. top report dave..water looks beaut...glad the crabs are workin cant wait to try them..rick
  13. permatrim should help....I just put bigger engine on a few months ago so I put my big esky in front of where I stand to balance boat better..you may have to look at where your loading is in boat also..rick
  14. I was going to port stephens but pulled out and launched in lake mac..the wind didn't die fri night like I hoped...we went and pumped squirt worms while the tide was low..it was freezing in the water up to our waists at daylight...the water coming in was 16.5 in the channel area..we took off outside and trolled and fished for a couple of hours with no results..water was green and cold 16.1 no fish anywhere so back into the channel and anchored in the shallows for whiting..we ran out of worms all too soon but had 4 nice whiting each all round 33/38cm and very solid..didn't take any fotos but will try and take some later at weighin...we tried to spin for flatties in 25 knots of n/east howling down the lake..there was no joy on the lizards with not even one bump between us in 4 hours..bloody wind.....rick
  15. I turn mine off when fishing for snapper..i think it puts them off in shallow water...lean over the transom and you can hear the tranny clicking...if I can hear it im sure they can hear it..rick
  16. great report good onya antony....love mullet on bread...fish don't have to be big to be fun ...rick
  17. sst charts are howing 19.0 dgs out front of here but around moon island on sat it was 16.1 at lowest....the n/easters can cause this by pushing water into beaches that curve and act like a trap..we call it rollover effect the cold water gets turned over from the bottom...it happens every couple of years when a finger of warm water pushes down the coast and sucks the colder water back up the coast in close..rick
  18. footrests I would think..rick
  19. cant hurt...do you have too much weight in the rear..ie fuel two batteries..too big a motor..??????...can you move weight forward..is your motor trimming in all the way or is the pin out one or two holes out...rick
  20. antony try sardines on toast for brekkie and wash down with strawberry milk..........it doesn't stop seasickness but it makes GREAT BURLEY....bahahaha....rick
  21. 50w will hold 1000mtrs of tiagra 24kg very neat...braid can be used but imo it gets wet and sits buried under topshot and doesn't dry out..rick
  22. longs and shorts are freshies that's a green moray saltwater only..rick
  23. what area are you from james..rick
  24. sounds like a good day out ..nice flattie..rick
  25. lol