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  1. Bass cross ep ??

  2. Fishing bags

    I use nearly the same i put my bucket for changing water on livies..pool two ld reels 1 bait reel tackle floats headlight trace gaff head rope food drink etc surprising wot u need if your serious even spinning reel an lures i like to be prepared thats why i catch cobes n tuna off rocks theres no use bein 45 min hike from car an go oh i forgot something
  3. Need some help around the entrance (tuggerah lake)

    North side of entrance out to ocean you can wade n spin..rick
  4. Fishing bags

    I fished nth coast ledges lbg for years i use a 55ltr backpack that a 20 or 25ltr bucket fits in then put pool n gear in you then have no bucket to carry lots easier...they also have lots of pockets for trace hooks taclle floats etc..rick
  5. Squid again

    2 small 1.5 or 1.8 jigs under small float 2 to 5 ft deep and look for surface swimmers then cast to them im fishin under lights at jetty.rick
  6. Squid again

    Did a late one last night on local jetty managed bag limit of twenty and the night before bagged out as well hope the reds are hungry wont be chasin em this wknd with 40knot winds forecast ggrrr comp wknd of course.rick
  7. Squid again

    went again tonite bagged by 8.30....caught heaps n gave them to others.....frezers lookin good...rick
  8. Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    As far as know yakkas wont trap if u dont like sabikis use single hook and split shot..you can buy collapsible wire mesh cages to keep them alive in you cant miss em they are blue in colour some have a plastic floating lid..rick
  9. Nambucca River variety

    nice session dave....kingys up the river would be fun
  10. Deep dropping with Team Bait Catcher

    nice size blueeyes stewy they are crackers..rick
  11. Norah head canyons

    we have worked the middle canyons..got the odd blueeye but lots of greeneye sharks..browns is better..rick
  12. Bag of Blue Spots Means Beer!

    with boat on trailer an parked..put bungs in then start fillin with hose...you can track leak or put food coloring or glowbait in water and look under hull...rick
  13. A good day...

    nice report neil...good talkin to you the other day..im not game to look at my river im scared they are all dead..rick
  14. No squid

    Went down the local jetty last night chasin squid donuts water was that full of bait and small tailer there were none went home n got small scoop net with fine mesh and managed two buckets of whitebait for burley..as soon as you put headlight on aater they were rising to the light that thick it was incredible anyway they are now in freezer ready for next snapper trip..rick
  15. Early morning bottom bash

    Nice size trag pete good feed sounds like a fun day..rick
  16. Morning glory

    the old map of aust at narooma...nice jon...rick
  17. North Coast Warms Up

    Nice work boys might be goin hat hd in two weekends hope the macks are still chewin..rick
  18. No squid

    You just keep feedin em baz ..il keep catchin em...its gotta happen soon for you time on water should equate fish...rick
  19. No squid

    Always reds around neil just gotta be able to catch em...havnt missed out on at least one good fish in 8 trips chasin reds..rick
  20. No squid

    burley up reds yummm
  21. Caught myself a thumb

    hard to remove hook by yourself..ive taken a few out of others with loop an pressure technique.....sometimes if wrong angle you cant poke thru...best not to get tagged in first place..rick
  22. Is my motor to low when planning

    Raising it shouldnt alter your revs pitch alters revs
  23. Is my motor to low when planning

    is your lower cav plate parallel to hull seems to be under water...at that speed u should be able to see upper n lower cav plates...rick
  24. Flathead on light leader

    all good answers but if you want to catch shy bream as u originally said you just stay with lighter trace line and use the softly softly approach when fighting a big flatty..let them run and use light leading methods during fight.....rck
  25. Hooks for poddy mullet

    try mustad big guns...rick