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  1. Knottable wire leader

    the single strand wire we both mentioned is tied by hand or small long nose pliers..form loop three haywire twists then 5 or 6 wraps tight together called barrel rolls..my wire is up the coast in my boat but will see if I can find some here tmrw and take foto of tie...rick
  2. bloody weather

    just thought id have a dummy spit after a very windy crappy weekend I now have a day off cause its raining...I cant complain too much we need the rain..i know others are bummed out too .I traded sms with scratchie yday..hes off today as well....get the beers out/read raider/plan trips/tidy gear//the days not lost completely I suppose....just my rant bloody weather.....rick
  3. bloody weather

    baz im feeling you..im a fencer so im in the sun every day digging holes mixin crete and putting posts in the ground...boy we have had some hot ones lately...im sittin home now playin with dumputer and nearly ready to crack a beer..haha...fishin gear will get a goin over later..at least its cool and we got a bit of rain..rick
  4. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    bloody rellos..............lol...........rick
  5. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    I sleep in boat..have phobia of it drifting away during night...and I don't get wet before daylight getn back into it..lol...rick
  6. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    you can see rellos anytime baz but you cant always go to broughton...bahahaha
  7. bloody weather

    when you can see them they can see you and become hard to catch...rick
  8. Big shark Botany Bay

    good work smasher now all raiders can view...rick
  9. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    no worries .im at gorokan but im moving back up to summerland pt over next two weeks...rick
  10. bloody weather

    yeah il have to chuck mine in one arvo as I put new impellor housing in on sat and was too bummed by wind and had lazy attack to try it..all good on hose so should be fine...rick
  11. Mustad Hoodlum as Assist hook

    I have started using them tied onto hook on large SPs for flatties as im sick of losing big girls after five minutes shakin their heads..they are good on lures but are throwaways as chemical sharpened hooks and saltwater don't mix well...the points start rusting off fairly quickly...rick
  12. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    what area are you tk....send pm if shy...rick
  13. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    mates went to broughton fri/sat no good...wind against current fri arvo/current runnin uphill 8knots sat morn then got too rough.....my normal area was unfishable jeff...hope it settles..next weekend looks bombed so hopefully the one after will be kind to us...rick
  14. Broughton Island 9/3/18

    hi tk my comp weekends are switchin to the second wknd of month so I will be tryin to hit the island if weather permits..keep in touch and we might finally be able to have a raider wknd with others..where on coast are you..rick
  15. Patonga Creek tomorrow morning

    I made a small anchor and rope and had a line attached to rear handle of yak for spots like that..if wind or current will hold in right direction I anchor up with nose facing where I want to throw...saves trying to do the one handed retarded paddling effort...hahaha...rick
  16. Knottable wire leader

    what are you using it for luke..may help with advice...I personally wouldn't use shiny stainless for fishing..maybe lure making..but other than that I stick to mason brown single strand..spotties 27lb...Spanish you can go as heavy as you want...there is also some supple knottable wire available/Kevlar based....or black coated wire you knot twist then melt together..any others ???
  17. Golden oldies

    I still have one myself baz....not much in modern designs beats them....classics...rick
  18. Golden oldies

    Lookin thru some old fotos for a laugh port stephens 1987 stardrag senator 50lb line home made bent butt js980 72kg
  19. Confused about which boat to buy

    I doubt you will find a 5.5glass or alloy new for 40k.....glass in that size ride better than alloy..look around for good used for 40k you should be able to find a decent buy....there are many good brands...haines/cruisecraft/seafarer/etc etc etc...my mate has 5.5 stessl with 130hpyammy but prefers to fish out of my 4.8 vsea with 90yammy....less banging and better ride...there are lots of options inc polycraft.....rick
  20. Leatherjacket as bait

    due to their skin being so hard to cut and the fact that the skin peels off the flesh easily I doubt they would be useful as you wont get a hook thru the skin..fish wont eat the skin..and the skinless pieces would be picked off too easily..only my opinion but I wouldn't use them...rick
  21. Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy

    see if you can find an ft4126..great luderick rods...rick
  22. Not what we planned for

    big stripe jon nice work on the threadline...rick
  23. After some Leatherjacket tips

    Alistair mcglashan had vids on youtube of trollcam footage showing leatherjackets demolishing slow trolled slimies...rick
  24. Bonnies Save The Day Again

    geez baz your makin me want to move back up the bay...theres always something to catch and something to look at..lifes hard..you lucky bugger..keep the reports comin..its my comp weekend and I havnt launched the boat cause of the wind..typical..oh well theres always next weekend....rick
  25. Couple of ID requests

    Correct on both good onya for throwin em back tash just cause they are no good for anything is no reason to kill them .rick