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  1. Foreshore drive boat ramp

    It happens all the time at Foreshore/low tide, handbrake can only lock the 2 rear wheels and particularly on rear drive cars, front wheels are free to turn because they're not connected to anything. So the only thing holding many cars in place is the rear wheels. When they get on the slippery stuff, the car will slide straight in unless you can engage the front brakes (which will still have grip further up the ramp), as old mate has done in this situation.
  2. Foreshore drive boat ramp

    Foreshore drive is a bit different to a normal ramp, the facility is on land leased by the Port Authority (was previously govt but then privatised), so the council doesn't maintain it. So I think you will have to direct your complaint to the port authority. It's a famously slippery ramp, always bring something to chock the rear wheels.
  3. Members Boats.

    ^^ That's actually a Mercury 115 in the first photo. Nice rigs those Islanders, I know a bloke with a 580C and he loves it. Similar in a few respects to a Savage 585C which is what I have.