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  1. Thank you. I thought the first two were some kind of Wrasse. Haven't come across a kelp fish before👍
  2. Hi raiders I went for a little rock fishing session at Boat Harbour and managed to catch a few different fish. I was just wondering if anyone knows what these are? I released them all after I took the photos, sort of like a little library of the fish I catch. Had a good time fighting these guys🎣
  3. Hi Raiders I am back in Port Stephens and can't wait to throw a line in!
  4. Mate, my parents just moved to Port Stephens and I'm going to be in the area pretty often. I'm in the same boat as you, love to fish and keen to make new friends.
  5. I will do that. I plan to get up there as often as possible.
  6. Thanks Scratchie, I'll definitely try those places out! Cannot wait to get back to the bay..😀
  7. G'day everyone I've just joined after reading quite a few topics on here, my name is Justin and I love to fish even though I'm not particularly good at it. I'm hoping to learn more about fishing and now that my parents are living at Nelson Bay, I'd really appreciate some tips from the locals as I will be visiting the bay often. I recently set up a new rig specifically for bream and my first time out at the Nelson Bay breakwall resulted in a nice little bream. I also landed a leatherjacket, they were destroying my SPs. I have researched a fair bit and I am running this setup at the moment, feel free to laugh but I'm just doing this on my own as I'm not from a mad keen fishing family. Shimano raider 1-3kg Shimano Stradic HG1000 Suffix 6lb braid Vanish 6lb fluro 1/16 jighead Gulp and Zman plastics, although I have not had any luck with zmans. Look forward to chatting with you all.