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  1. Ok men and ladies, i recently purchased my new boat and it is fitted with an AL-KO sensor brake. I've had my Pajero rewired to sort out the compressor not getting the power it needed and the compressor on the sensor brake now works. This is a brake away system so in theory should the trailer come adrfit from the vehicle the brakes lock on. When i jack the trailer up and disconnect the fitting from the vehicle i can feel the brakes dragging however not with enough pressure to lock the wheels. The other issue is that the electric brakes themselves do not appear to be working when i press the brakes. It has just spent a day down at my local mick and joes who couldn't work it out other than to say it might need bleeding and they dont have the tool to do it. Their other idea is that perhaps the master cylinder is ceased but i have my doubts about that as per the above. Any of you gentle folks faced the same or similar issue?
  2. We dont go to full free spool once we have hold of the trace but we certainly back it off a bit just in case the trace man has to dump the leader. Just use it as a lesson for yourself and more importantly your young bloke mate. Shit happens as they say
  3. We dont go to full free spool once we have hold of the trace but we certainly back it off a bit just in case the trace man has to dump the leader.
  4. Dont do it. One of those fish that some people eat and i assume those people are very very hungry. As soon as you put heat to it you will more than likely see worms come through the flesh. Snapper seem to like it though and using the head tends to keep the pickers away
  5. I've already done one gear box in my 2005 Pajero, its not something i wish to do again so this advice is great
  6. the shoalhaven near there holds bass, carp and certainly in years gone by ive seen what looked like trout
  7. green eel i believe of the moray family
  8. Looking like a missed season for most on the bluefin im afraid. On the upside it might mean an early marlin season
  9. Ignore me, im nowhere near right
  10. Dusky Morwong i believe. If im right it would have pulled like a freight train
  11. I'm fairly new to it to friend but i'll pass on what i know. I was fortunate enough to get into contact with Jim Rizutto prior to his passing last week . I purchased both of Jim's lure making books which are quite good for beginners and explain a hell of a lot. Reading Jim's books really gave me the confidence that i will be able to produce lures that will catch fish. See if you can track them down. I'm not sure if Jim's family will keep his website running or not. As far as the inserts go it is important to remember that the more weight you add to the lure the less action it will have. It is a real balancing act in getting the lures to swim the way you want them to. Make some without lead, some with x amount so on and so forth. Run the lures and see which of them swim the way you want them to. As you are probably aware the moulding silicone is ridiculously expensive so you want to make sure the lures swim before you start moulding them. At the moment i am moulding inserts using resin. Some i have attached holographic tape to others i have started colouring with cheap nail polish and i am really happy with those results. Last night i ordered a small polishing lathe off ebay which was as cheap as chips to assist with finishing lures and also give me the opportunity to turn some of my own shapes. You may get some joy by contacting yozuri direct to get details as to the thickness of their skirts but of course because of the nature of the manufacture process of these skirts it can be quite variable. Most importantly when fitting your skirts is to ensure they dont bulge beyond the head. Better to have a step down if you know what i mean. Thanks to Peter Pakula for providing that info
  12. Those dollies in the water are awesome. Sounds like they were suffering lock jaw as they tend to do from time to time
  13. There are still Marlin to be had at Bermi. The tuna run is still to come i think though i fear the big yellowfin runs of years gone by are well and truly over
  14. Seems to be the odd fish south of Bermi but they are few and far between. Longliners have got a couple of decent ones in the mix. I believe there were a heap of boats fishing down there on the weekend but i only saw reports of two fish by the rec guys
  15. I nearly always use big pink and white curl tail grubs on my top dropper and bait on the second one. If you rig it as per the picture you're going to end up with a tangled mess and not much more