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  1. Shark ID please

    I believe teeth are a pretty good way to separate dusky and bronzie. Dont ask me which way it goes. I'm sure over the years ive caught plenty of duskies and just assumed they were bronzies. Until about ten years ago i dont think i even knew dusky whalers existed
  2. South Sydney artificial reef

    It does take a little while for them to build up growth and really hold fish. I started to mark bait on the shoalhaven ones around 3 months after they hit the drink. Wasn't long after that they filmed them covered in tailor and Salmon
  3. Any Ideas on this Reef critter?

    Good looking little fella but i've no idea what it is
  4. Underfloor tank

    As others have mentioned the main issue with kill tanks in the floor is draining them. Perhaps you could use a removable plastic tub in there so when you get back to the ramp you can just lift it out to take to the cleaning table
  5. Glenbawn Trip

    I try and get to Glenbawn once a year in November and i still reckon it is the best fresh water fishery in NSW. It's a shame they arent putting as many Yellowbelly in there anymore however there are still enough there to keep you interested if you know where to look. If the cod had taken it would have been even better. The old man did find a metery floating last year when he went up
  6. Interesting One "Marbled Flathead"

    Its a marbeled. Normally caught in around the reef
  7. Callala beach tips

    Callala bay ramp is one of the most poorly designed i have had the misfortune of using. It is unusable for any boat over around 5.5 m to use on anything but high tide. The jetty itself is about 4 metres away from the ramp leaving a pointless gap and making docking and retrieval difficult for the inexperienced or those fishing alone. Had they taken the ramp out another 30ft it would still be 30ft short of where it needed to be. Two people with good reversing ability will get two trailers side by side down the ramp but the person on the eastern side just wont be able to get out of their car lol All in all quite the shamozzle
  8. What Are These? "Blackspot Goatfish"

    Something tells me you were fishing quite shallow when i spot that weedy leather jacket in the back ground
  9. Fish species?

    Looks like a white bait to me
  10. Callala beach tips

    There are tailor and salmon there but because there isnt much of a break there, they arent in huge numbers. You should also get mullet there. Interestingly there seems to be an increasing amount of sharks to be had so maybe a night fish with a couple of beers on the beach could lead to a bit of fun. If nothing else the banjo, shovelnose and angle rays should keep you entertained
  11. Murray Beach boat ramp at low tide

    Plenty of bigger boats launch there bud. Just be wary of leaving anything of value in your car as i believe its quite a hot spot for cars being broken into
  12. fitzroy falls reservoir

    I stopped in there about 3 weeks ago to give the baby a bottle and read a few of the signs. Appears you arent supposed to fish it without approval from some obscure fishing club on the out skirts of sydney. Anyone know anymore about that?
  13. Fishing goal this summer

    I wouldnt be too worried about making it to the FAD mate, more important to make it home
  14. Fishing goal this summer

    Ill have a crack at my first blue marlin when the water shows up around crookhaven heads
  15. Snelling circle hooks

    Agree with Rick on this one
  16. Eagle rays

    I can understand this bloke wanting to catch them for a bit of sport. Not too many bottom dwellers make the scorching runs and jumps of eagle rays. Supposedly pretty good to eat if the meat is prepared like scallops in little discs. Haven't been able to convince myself to kill one to try though
  17. Why not circle hooks?

    Might have been successful if fished from a rigger with plenty of drop back rick. I cant see them ever being a real option for lure fishing though particularly with the variety of fish encountered trolling lures
  18. Respooling Tiagra Question

    Pretty sure the Game fishing association of australia didnt implement the rule change regarding braid
  19. Al-Ko Sensor brake

    Ok men and ladies, i recently purchased my new boat and it is fitted with an AL-KO sensor brake. I've had my Pajero rewired to sort out the compressor not getting the power it needed and the compressor on the sensor brake now works. This is a brake away system so in theory should the trailer come adrfit from the vehicle the brakes lock on. When i jack the trailer up and disconnect the fitting from the vehicle i can feel the brakes dragging however not with enough pressure to lock the wheels. The other issue is that the electric brakes themselves do not appear to be working when i press the brakes. It has just spent a day down at my local mick and joes who couldn't work it out other than to say it might need bleeding and they dont have the tool to do it. Their other idea is that perhaps the master cylinder is ceased but i have my doubts about that as per the above. Any of you gentle folks faced the same or similar issue?
  20. Almost speared!

    We dont go to full free spool once we have hold of the trace but we certainly back it off a bit just in case the trace man has to dump the leader. Just use it as a lesson for yourself and more importantly your young bloke mate. Shit happens as they say
  21. Almost speared!

    We dont go to full free spool once we have hold of the trace but we certainly back it off a bit just in case the trace man has to dump the leader.
  22. Barracuda eating quality

    Dont do it. One of those fish that some people eat and i assume those people are very very hungry. As soon as you put heat to it you will more than likely see worms come through the flesh. Snapper seem to like it though and using the head tends to keep the pickers away
  23. What happens when towing in top gear.

    I've already done one gear box in my 2005 Pajero, its not something i wish to do again so this advice is great
  24. Braidwood area trout fishing

    the shoalhaven near there holds bass, carp and certainly in years gone by ive seen what looked like trout
  25. Catch ID (Bearded Ling)

    green eel i believe of the moray family