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  1. Wollongong Snapper

    Nice catch and I am glad you enjoyed your fresh fish, that’s the best part of fishing besides the day out
  2. LJ at 50 mtrs

    They were available from chart suppliers in the 90,s but I have not seen them available in the last 4 or 5 years. I have them for the north and south of Sydney but my copies are getting a bit battered. They are accurate as advised as I have used them for diving and found them reliable. The grey area is listed as grey sand 5 to20 % mud and 20 to 30% shell. I can copy A4 sections and email you some if you pm me with a request.
  3. No Kings, but heaps of little dollies

    They look like Warehou (583 Sea Fishes of Southern Australia), also referred to as snotty, which agrees with your slimy description. Rated 3 our of 4 for eating quality
  4. Easter Sunday funday

    It is a Frigate Mackeral also known as a Frigate Tuna or Leadinall, reference 595 Sea Fishes of Southern Australia.
  5. Out from Sydney Easter Sunday

    I find the movies excellent eating. first make sure you bleed them, then kill them quickly, don’t bother scaling or cleaning them, just fillet and skin them and cut the rib cage and any red flesh away, and of cause keep them in an ice slurry until you are ready to process them. I never clean or scale any of my fish, just take the fillet off the flathead and the scales don’t worry you. I think bleeding the fish and keeping them in an ice slurry makes a big difference.
  6. Out from Sydney Easter Sunday

    Good I will contact you, I have dived many of those wrecks and can tell you the names and locations of each, but have not tried fishing around them so will appreciate fishing locations. I can give you very good gps for flathead grounds but they do not fire until August September when spawning begins. The grounds are gravel grounds between reefs so you have to watch your gps and sounder but the results are very good and we often bag out very quickly, but they are not as good during summer.
  7. We were suprised after a late start (5.15am from Home) to find Tunks Park still had parking spots and no one on the ramp. Tried the usual troll around Dobryod and Washaway Beach for Zero and then headed to try a troll around North Head. Nothing on the troll around North Head but a bit of confused sea made it uncomfortable. When we got around off Manly the seas got pretty flat so we fished off Dee Why wide first at 50m then out to 60m which produced a few nice fish and lots of Spikeys and Seargent Bakers which went back. Ther current was a bit fierce and when the wind started to pick up as well we couldnt hold bottom even with the sea anchor so we had an early return. The snapper only just made the 30cm but the mowie and flathead were a good size ( the esky lid is 38cm wide).
  8. Middle harbour King mushy

    In years past I experienced this so often with kings that I always kept the fillets seperate and test cooked a small piece of each. It is disappointing to sit down to a nice fish meal and find mush served up. As you know it is infection of the fish with the Kudoa parasite and many species can be infected including mahi mahi. Some blame lack of icing but even bled and iced down fish suffer.
  9. Sunday king with my daughter

    Good catch and your little girl looks well pleased
  10. The ramp at Tunks on Saturday was pretty busy and only roadway parking left at daybreak. Trolled around Dobroyd and Washaway for 3 nice Tailor in quick succession but then lost contact. Tried the troll around North Headbut no takers there. Headed out through sloppy seas to DY wide and started the drift at the hard stuff drop off where the snapper hit every drop but unfortunately they were all about 25cm, so stuck to the gravel patches. The seas smoothed out a bit and we kept a few small spikeys and then managed 5 larger bluespots and marbled flathead. Got a medium sized cuttle which may mate likes for Kingfish bait. Coming back through the harbour noticed the charters pulling Kings so anchored and used the cuttle for bait we got 6 between 65cm and 73cm but lost a few to the reefy bottom as they were hard to stop. A few months ago most seemed to be around 62cm but they must have grown as they were a good size and only 1 less than legal; went back. They liked the fresh cuttlefish. Picked these out of the ice for a quick photo.
  11. Broken Bay - spur of the moment

    I was out on Sat. morning out from Sydney and it was certainly bumpy and sloppy, my mare and i had trouble moving about. Your lady must be a good sailor. Glad you found the flathead. Were the smaller ones spikey flathead ( Long Spined Flathead) which are sexually mature at a very small size and only grow to 34cm maximum, as they have no legal length they can be kept and are excellent eating but need to be over about 20cm to be worthwhile. If you know your flathead they are easy to distinguish as they have a very long lower spike and the tail has a different marking. They also make good baits for the bluespots and marbled flathead. If you keep them I think they still count to the species limit of 10 flathead each.
  12. DY Wide this morning

    Got an early start and was pleased to see the harbour flat as a tack and so expected to find the same outside. Tried a troll along Washaway beacj and the rocks a bit further and then around North Head, but no takers. As we got out further it got rougher and rougher until we got to the grounds off DY when we decided it was too rough and we would head for home after 1 drop. But it got a bit better and eventually calmed right down, although it was too rough to anchor or fish light in closer. The flathead were gone and and hard to find but we picked up some tea befroer heading home early. This was my share of the catch, the small flathead are spikeys which do not grow much above 30cm (max 34cm) and have no legal size but are good eating. Not a good day but it was a bit lumpy outside and would probably been better inside.
  13. Sunshine after rainy days

    Nice flathead and great photos
  14. Fishing to the south of Sydney

    North it’s much the same depth but you need to fish between the reefs. Watch your sounder and get to know where the spots are between the reefs or else you will lose a or of gear. The gravel patches are where the fish are and the reefs funnel the food in. The gps and sounders make it much easier to get good catches.
  15. Fishing to the south of Sydney

    I am glad the post was helpful, I think the reef structure in the north stops the trawlers cleaning the flathead out. I suppose the pros must make a living, my Dad was a pro fisherman with traps out of Terrigal many years ago.