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  1. North it’s much the same depth but you need to fish between the reefs. Watch your sounder and get to know where the spots are between the reefs or else you will lose a or of gear. The gravel patches are where the fish are and the reefs funnel the food in. The gps and sounders make it much easier to get good catches.
  2. I am glad the post was helpful, I think the reef structure in the north stops the trawlers cleaning the flathead out. I suppose the pros must make a living, my Dad was a pro fisherman with traps out of Terrigal many years ago.
  3. Nice report and good photos, keep at it I am sure you will find the right location for your style of fishing.
  4. We decided to try the south of the heads instead of our usual Dee Dwy wide and Long Reef trips as we were tyired of pulling in those big flathead and the usual catch. The sun was coming up as we rounded Dobroyd Point. The sea appeared nice and flat. Tried trolling aound Washaway Beach and the cliffs, but no takers. Then headed south and trolled around near the gap for 1 good Bonito but went back over and got no more. The sea was very confused and choppy. Heade towards Wedding Cake Island to check reports of surface fish but stopped at a school of fish chopping the surface. They ignored even the minute plastic lure which the salmon have been taking, but I think they were very small fish any how. Then tried a flathead drift which sometimes produces reasonable flathead but the spikeys were thick and I was catching them 2 or 3 at a time, but they were a very small size. I did manage a Gunard which was a good size, but I do not know how if it will be good eating. By this time the cop was getting very hard to put up with.The south side always seems to have a confused sea I think due to the bounce back from the cliffs, so we headed back to the harbour but it was very quite there. I think we will stick to the North side in future.
  5. Take one dose of preferred tablet, quells, travel calm, or whatever the chemist or doctor recommends the night before, then another dose at the recommended hour or so before the trip as the evening dose has a long term effect for seasickness and does not cause as much side effect as a double dose . Some of my friends who had severe seasickness use this method, but of course check with the chemist or doctor that this is OK.
  6. Yes , spikeys are good bait, I used some today and caught a couple of fish on them but the mullet pieces seemed very good today and the reds seemed to like them but most of them were undersized. The pilchards don't last long when the spikeys are around.
  7. With an excellent weather forecast for a change my son and I left Tunks about daybreak to try for a few flathead off Dee Why. We were suprised to find the ramp fairly busy for a weekday but there was still plenty of parking. The forecast was accurate although a confused swell made thing a bit rocky. The current was from the north and fairly strong and the drifts were pretty quick but the fish were iting reasonably well, although the small spikeys were a nuisanc. Most of the fish were caught on pilchards, or small pieces of mullet. Some of the flathead were a good size but the reds were only a couple of cm over legal. we kept a couple of spikeys that were a reasonable size, and added 5 marbled and 7 bluespot flathead before quitting about 11am as the northerly wind picked up. It was a nice way to spend my 80th birthday.
  8. We caught the flathead in about 52m, look for gravel and sand between the reefs. The small reds were a nuisance as once hooked it takes awhile to crank them up and return the and this cuts down fishing time. Make sure you use a sinker heavy enough to hold bottom and a sea anchor is essential in the wind.
  9. It is easily identified by the very long lower spine on the side of the head. This reply comes from Sea Fishes of Southern Australia by Hutchins And Swainson. There is also a colour difference, the spikey is a reddish brown. This is a good reference for all fish around Sydney. the tail fin is different for all the different species of flathead and a fisherman needs to know which is which as there are various legal sizes and none for some. The spikey only grows to 34 cms and are spawning well before. The bag limit of 10 of all flathead species applies.
  10. Plan A was to get some live bait and try for Kingfish off Long Reef. The yellowtail were a bit shy but the bream were hungry and we caugth several on the tiniest scraps of pilchard. One was a keeper at 29cm as we were not sure of dinner at that stage. With 5 bite size live baits in the tank we headed to Long Reef to join a pro leadlining, 2 sports charters downrigging and numerous kayaks and other boats. We drifted out with lightly weighed livies and got a couple of u/s kings very quickly. Had to bring them in very quickly to save them from a seal who was keen to snatch them. As we did not see any legal kings come in and the seal seemed hungry we gave Long Reef away and headed to our old favourite Dee Why Wide. At first a brisk NW made it hard to keep the bottom, but it eased and we got a few fish. There are 7 Blue spots, 1 marbled, 2 spikeys (no legal size for these kept them for bait but they are good eating) and the bream that took the live bait scrap. The fires looked big from the boat.
  11. Looks like you had a nice day, thanks for the post.
  12. Nice fishing.
  13. Nice catch, you were lucky to avoid the bite offs whatever they are as they were bad off Broken Bay at the weekend.
  14. If you are at French,s Forest I would not bother to go to the Hawkesbury but launch at Roseville and fish that area within 1 km of the ramp, I am sure you will catch more fish in the time taken to go to the Hawkesbury. The Harbour generally fishes better than the Hawkesbury in my opinion now that there is no commercial fishing in the Harbour. I did mention that we caught the fish close to the ramp at Brooklyn, but that is not too consistent as there is a lot of commercial fishing in the area.
  15. Got an early start and with a forecast of easing wind we were optomistic of a good catch. On the way out the sky looked good but there was a bit of westerly which got stronger ther further out we went. Tried a couple of marks out wide which previously had produced good catches but only found pickers and 1 tailor in 60m, and then we both lost all our gear bitten off about 1/2 way down. Then tried a closer in mark but no action and pretty rough. Then tried off Patonga but that was quiet as well. On the way back to the ramp we tried a spot off Dangar which I fish when in the river. I managed a 39cm flathead and my mate landed a 59 cm monster. I know some would release the big ones but we go fishing for a a feed, stick to the bag limits, and do not waste any fish we catch. All fish that we do not want to eat are carefully released.