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  1. Gold Coast Seaway

    Great video check out the kingfish with the red and white popper in it's mouth(1.47sec) thank you for sharing
  2. Keeping crabs fresh for Christmas Day

    number 1 for sure Commerial guys will keep to 7 days planing on the some thing merry Christmas Day PS KEEP ON LOTS OF ICE IT ONLY 3 DAYS
  3. Question about kincumber Tides

    Try this one https://tides.willyweather.com.au/nsw/central-coast/ettalong-beach.html
  4. terrigal bonnies\frigates

    Went down at 10.00 on yesterday got a few small bonnies and 2 frigates and in the heaven yesterday afternoon they were catching a few but should get better when the water cleans up
  5. Regular crew member wanted