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  1. Mustad Hoodlum as Assist hook

    I use them on metals that I throw off the beach for salmon and tailor. The assist hook really cuts down the amount salmon that throw the lure and I think the heavy gauge of the hoodlum helps as well. I noticed you're from Norway. The salmon I'm talking about aren't true salmon. They have a very soft mouth and are notorious for throwing lures with head shakes when they jump. lure
  2. Prawning again

    Good luck
  3. help with estuary fishing

    Lighten up on your leader to around 6 pound and if your results don't improve, look for a new spot to fish.
  4. lake Wollumboola

    Although I haven't checked it out for a while, I'd say its still closed. Its been very dry down here and we'll need a lot of rain before it opens.
  5. Daiwa reel parts

    I've bought from here before http://plaig.com.au/shop/index.php/bfishing-reel-bearingsb-fishing-reel-bearings-size-c-62_72?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI05WL75Ch2QIVh42PCh3PcAViEAAYASAAEgIDePD_BwE
  6. St.georges besin

    Gulps go well, but lately I've been liking Z-man 2-1/2 inch grubz for the bream and 5 inch jerkshadz for the flattys etc. Natural colours and motor oil have been working for me.
  7. St.georges besin

    Fishing around the ribbon weed drop offs with plastics is a sure fire method to catch the fish you mention. 50-65mm grubs on light jig heads and leaders will work well on bream along with flathead. If you want to target flatties, up your plastic size to 100 or 125mm and fish a heavier jig head around 7-10g, even heavier if the wind's up. You'll get the odd pan size reddy fishing like this but the jewfish are a lot harder to come by. You can also chase bream and whiting up on the flats using surface lures. This works best when the wind is up and casting around the edges of the weed.
  8. Multicolor braid vs 1 color braid

    I agree 100% with Cjay. Duel Hardcore X8 is top shelf braid and I have it on all my spin reels in yellow for the Estuary and the rocks. I do have it in grey on a reel I throw lures from the beach as well.
  9. Reel pouch/storage recommendations ?

    If your reels are estuary size 1000 - 2500's, another cheap alternative is a thick, cotton sock.
  10. Sad for this kayaker

    Sad storey and sympathy to his family. Capsized and knocked unconscious. That's the main reason I wear an "old style" life jacket in my kayak. Hard to pull the cord on an inflatable when you're out to it.
  11. Golden oldies

    I was with Culburra Beach Sportfishing Club but haven't been a member since I moved a little further down the coast. We used to have an annual comp against the boys and girls from St George. They were a nice mob of people.
  12. Golden oldies

    Here's a couple of mine from the early 80's. The 28kg marlin was caught when fishos were just discovering these things could be landed from the stones and the 8.5kg mack tuna was an ANSA landbased record at the time taken on 4kg line.
  13. Attaching a SP or HB

    If there's one thing I could add to all the above information, it would be to ditch the split ring connected to the tow point of hardbody lures that many of them come with. Too many sharp bits around ultralight leaders for my liking.
  14. Callala beach tips

    If you're keen on chasing prawns you'd be far better off heading over to Lake Wollumboola. As for nippers drive over to Orient Point or the sandflat just upstream of the Crookhaven ramp.
  15. Fish species?

    Looks like the back end of a garfish to me.