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  1. surf fishing in winter

    No its on the right just north of Quinns Lane but in the same area at South Nowra. I'll pm you the name of the place.
  2. surf fishing in winter

    I live down the coast and got mine in a local kayak shop, kayakers use them to stay dry in winter too. Mine never came with a bib, just a velcro adjustable, stretchy waist band.
  3. surf fishing in winter

    I wear the ones with the sock. The wetsuit boots keep all the sand out. You need a pair of boots 1 size larger than your normal shoes to allow for the gortex. I wear a pair of thick socks under the kokotats and stay warm and dry.
  4. surf fishing in winter

    Google kokotat dry pants and have a look at them. They're a light, gortex wader and are sealed around your waist so if you get knocked over in the shore break they won't fill with water like a more traditional wader, plus they're comfortable to walk long distances in. I've been using them for a couple of years and haven't found anything better. I wear a pair of hard soled wetsuit boots over the feet and a pair of tracky dacks underneath keep you warm as toast.
  5. Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    My bad, didn't see you were talking about a FJ. Later models have them.
  6. Bearings replacement for Stradic 1000FJ

    Check your parts diagram. If your Stradic has a spool bush, located on the spool shaft, you can change that to a bearing quite easily. It virtually upgrades your Stradic to the same spec as a Sustain. I've used this mob's bearings before and they're good value for money. If you can manage, measure it and order an extra line roller bearing. They tend to wear out faster than the rest.
  7. Disposing of acetone

    I think you'll find its just a very thin, diluted residue from the oil and grease that came off the parts. I normally clean my reel parts in petrol and get the same. If you're pedantic about it you can resoak them in some fresh acetone. Personally I don't bother, just give them a wipe over with a lint free cloth.
  8. Bail arm snapping over on spinning reel

    A mate of mine was having exactly the same problem with a Stradic 6000. It turned out that a spring had popped the click pin out of its housing which was jamming, preventing the bail arm from opening fully and causing it to snap shut during a cast. Have a look at the exploded diagram for your reel and you should see the part I'm referring to. It was a simple fix.
  9. Stradic Ci4+ - Dropped in sand and water

    Personally I would take recurve's advice and take it to someone to have it fully stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt. If there is that much sand under the rotor its most likely elsewhere, plus salt crystals can destroy bearings and other moving parts. If you're not confident to do a total strip down yourself don't risk ruining such a good reel. Sounds like your spool clicker is the culprit. If you cant move it and see it spring back with your finger, its either corrosion or the return spring causing the problem. If you're keen on taking off the rotor you're going to need a 0.9mm hex key. Take the spool off the reel and on the shaft where spool sits you can see the tiny hex screw on the left side. Remove this and the spool support parts along with the black drag clicker. Undo that nut sitting directly on the rotor and the rotor should slide straight off. Use your exploded parts diagram as a reference and pay particular attention to the sequence the parts come off. Lay them out in order to help knowing how they go back on and even take photos as you go to help. Hope this helps and good luck with it.
  10. Sussex inlet

    There's 3 fairly simple ways to access the beach. If you let me know exactly where you're staying, I can let you know the easiest one. Feel free to PM me if you wish.
  11. Sussex inlet

    I lived down there on the JB side for a while in the late 80's and fished the area a lot. The current does run pretty hard both ways, but that was when the fish bit. Fishing the slack water during the tide changes was pretty much a waste of time I found, whether fishing lures or bait. Now is a good time for bream and there are still a few flattys getting around. If you're planning on fishing from a kayak, I'd be looking at some kind of anchor system. While you're there don't pass up a fish over on Bherwerre Beach for salmon and tailor.
  12. Japanese tackle websites

    I've bought from Plat, Digitaka, Hedgehog Studio and Rakuten before and their service has been outstanding. They do things a little different over there. You normally place an order, then they'll email you later with the shipping cost and wait for your approval before sending. Note, Digitaka usually offers free shipping to Australia. Shimreels is another good site, though not Japanese and runs through ebay. Some of the Rakuten dealers may email you in Japanese. I find Bing Translate the best for converting to English.
  13. st georges basin nippers

    You'd be best off driving over to Moonah Creek, between Vincentia and Huskisson and pumping the flats on the east side of the bridge. Note, 50m west of the bridge is a sanctuary zone. Its only a 10 minute drive from Sanctuary Point.
  14. Penn Quality Control

    A few reel manufacturers are heading down this path. The idea being that a bush is less likely to fail than a bearing if regular maintenance isn't kept up. That being said, if it was my reel, I'd be replacing it with a bearing right from the start.
  15. New into Lure Fishing.

    For 99% of soft plastics I tie direct to the hook with a blood or uni knot. The only times I wouldn't is if plastic had some type of action that would benefit from a loop knot. On my metals I attach a small, appropriate size swivel to the front split ring and tie to that with a blood or uni. Almost all hardbodies will benefit from a loop knot or some kind of snap. Poppers would be the only exception of this I can think of.