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  1. 12 lb line

    Thank guys I am using a plan 6 inch side caster and would like to cast unweighted Pilchard and Beakies
  2. 12 lb line

    Good day guys Do you think 12 lb line is to light for fishing the surf for the run of the mill fish Not jews
  3. Chris

    THANK guys I do like the maxima line but I was thinking a more softer line for the side caster To stop a bit of the line flog on the blank or go with 12 lb line or Do you think I would get to many snap off when casting Blank is LB 138- SS /SC Fast taper may be 40 year old now CHRIS
  4. Chris

    Good day guys I have a nice 12 foot 3 ounce casting rod. one piece , Len Butterworth Set up for 6 inch side caster , I would like to cast unweighted beakies and pilchers for tailors and salmon off the beach Will you please recommend a good line for the side caster and the braking strain Thanks Chris
  5. Surf Reel

    You are dead right young man
  6. Beach Fishing mate

    Yer tag I will have to do some thing a bout that profile soon sorry
  7. Beach Fishing mate

    G day Tag ThankS for the reply just got back from cairns Thanks for the offer mate I was looking for man around my age That may live closer to me
  8. Beach Fishing mate

    Thank Bud been doing it for a long time
  9. Beach Fishing mate

    Good day GUYS I live on the central cost and fish the beach's from Budgewoi to Hargraves beach I like too chase the Jews I will turn 70 soon and do not like being on the beach on my own and would appreciate a mate or 2 . I can fish most days and nights Thank s Chris