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  1. Not what we planned for

    I used to have wide angle lenses but just use a compact these days which only goes as wide as 24mm. I did try to get a shot with my daughters ultrawide underwater camera gear but Unfortunatly the quick release wide angle released as I hung over the side of the boat and is now in 250m of water, $ 1500 worth
  2. Taking the kids to school

    I like that quote
  3. I love being able to carry the little all in one Sony compact around all the time. On the way to drop the kids off this morning I liked the look of the light coming through the clouds so graced a shot. On the way home this afternoon we stopped at our local beach to take a look at the emus that are often along the beach feeding.
  4. Confused about which boat to buy

    Does anyone own one. The ones I've seen up in the NT all had roughed up bottoms from being pulled up on the sand etc, I was also told by one of the owners they need more power than an equivalent glass or ali boat.
  5. Members Boats.

    Thanks to phobucket my pics have gone so here's a couple again. The one fully loaded is ahead of the 76km run to Lady Musgrave last year, had to get 4 people onboard too!!!
  6. Knottable wire leader

    Yep as the othe other guys mentioned just twists, no crimps.
  7. bloody weather

    I suppose I should sort my mess out from the weekends fishing trips ready for the next, the little zodiac 4x4 of the sea likes it wild out there. As for lure flicking, I had a couple of sessions flicking very light lures under 5g a few times last week in windy condition. Using 6lb line or less I find my range is still ptretty good if you change the cast style keeping the lure low to the water. The wind on the water seemed to really get the whiting excited, especially with the wind and wave action behind the lure. My daughter pretty much fishes everyday, she never seems to take the slightest bit of notice of weather or tide etc. She now sneaks a rod and reel to school in a big cardboard tube with art written on the side so she can fish in any free periods and after school. Addiction comes to mind.
  8. Knottable wire leader

    The stuff I use on mackerel and wahoo etc is a brown single strand which is normally sold in most tackle stores. Pretty certain 64lb is the heaviest I use but in all honesty I rarely use it wire.
  9. Confused about which boat to buy

    I've yet to go in one but the few owners I've spoken with seem to love them. One local takes one to the seamounts down here 45km offshore, good going for a 4.5m boat. By the way I also take my boat that far, infact a fair amount further at times.
  10. Confused about which boat to buy

    I must admit I'm a bit of a boat addict, owned plenty of the awarded stuff such as Haines, Haines signatures, cruisecraft, fomula, quintrex etc. I have to say the most fun and by far the safest boat is the little zodiac 550 pro tour I currently have, this thing can handle bars a rough stuff like very little else. Its downsize is space, even though it's rated for 12 adults there is no room so in all honesty my favorate boat ever I wouldn't recomend. The whole inflatable tubes idea has really got some amazing advantages, such as stability and safety which is why I'm strongly considering a stabicraft next time around. Yes these boats look ugly and the tubes take up some room but the top section of the tubes have good storage under a wide gunnel which makes for an ok seat too. It's been many years since I've owned an aluminium boat but the fact stabicraft seem to hold their value quite well should mean not to big a problem if I get the urge for something else. In all honesty I get to go in all kinds of boats, many commercial and specialised boats for spearo's and find they all have their good and bad points. If you like the the look and the high sides of boats like Haines signatures I would certainly look at something along those lines.
  11. Not what we planned for

    There are plenty of marlin right the way down the coast, even across the border. This one was straight off Narooma along the 140m line, this is where the lobster traps are layed and often dolphin fish off the trap buoys which we prefer to target. This depths seems to hold good amounts of bait, in saying that there is heaps of bait from just a few km out at the moment. The plan was to just motor at speed looking for fish trap buoys for dolphin fish. I spotted one seal which looked to be rather active and not just basking at the surface. As soon as we reached the seal the sounder showed bait from 40m to 110m with what looked like big arches hanging off the side. I love the way something as simple as one seagul can give the whole game away on where fish might be, in this case it was a seal. I often think people get to hooked up on the tec side of things like temp charts and depth contours and miss something as simple as one bird hanging around a spot in a vast ocean.
  12. Not what we planned for

    Shes caught a few on that 25000 saragosa and some pretty big bluefin on a 10000 gosa. I put a few metres of mamoi diamond mono 50lb against the spool ( mamoi 50 is closer to 80lb in reality ). Then using a pr knot I have 400m of ocea braid which I'm pretty certain was also about the 80lb which fills the spool to about 3/4. Using the same mamoi with another pr I then fill the spool top, this pretty much lets her go to almost full drag or at least 12-15kg. The mono and trace turned white after running through the guides under such pressure, so will need changing before the next challenge. The hardest thing is not having a low gear to drop down to which makes getting small amounts of line back slow going when the fish goes deep.
  13. Not what we planned for

    It's a little zodiac with a 70hp Yam.
  14. Not what we planned for

    We went out of Narooma, conditions offshore were great but the bar was ugly keeping many boats land locked. Even if all five chambers were to get puckered the hull will still float without them. The boat is awsome fun but the lack of room is getting to me a little, I'm for ever searching under the seat for the next rig.
  15. Not what we planned for

    Cheers for the comments, good to see her finally worn out, blistered up hand too.