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  1. Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Extremely painful, I had a spine through the palm of my hand while diving. I was about 2 hrs from getting to hot water which by that time my arm was in a heap of pain and unable to move. For months after even shower water hitting what looked like a healed hand seemed to trigger the pain. An abalone diver buddie of mine recently had one go through his thigh shaking and tearing a considerable tear to his leg. Once again this Is taking time to recover from.
  2. Micro jigs

    Popped out for a late afternoon early evening session. Normally we would use soft plastics but my daughter had just been given a new snapper outfit and micro jigs. Thought I would run a little test by setting up three outfits, one with plastics and one with a baited double hook rigs how we used to fish and of course the new micro jigs setup. I used two rods while my daughter used just the one micro jig outfit, jigs were 20g, water depth 62m and very little current. Let's firstly get the soft plastic out the way as this only managed one fish over the 2 hr session. First fish landed was by my daughter who had great delight in giving me heaps as I was using two rods and three hooks, she also gave me heaps about the orange $5 pants I was wearing ( wanker pants, as she named them ). Bait was freshly caught squid ( heads ) and due to my daughter pulling the hook on her next two fish I slipped ahead with two snapper. The banter cooled down and experiments in jigging and twitching soon had the micro jig hooked into around 7 species of fish but still no snapper on her board. Not sure why but after around 7 or 8 fish on the bait ( all small rubbish apart from the two snapper) the bait rod simply shut down. Even trying some different actions with the bait I simply couldn't coax another bite for the second hour. The micro jig seemed to really come into its own in the last hour as the sun started to set, maybe the luminous stripes were the key or just perhaps my daughter had worked out a jig technique which the fish couldn't resist. All up the micro jig splayed my catch in both species and quality fish.
  3. Come meet BIGNEIL

    Would love to meet a few of the guys from here, unfortunately it's to big a trip with way to many cameras and road works along the way. Have a great time fellas
  4. Season for targeted species

    All my best jew fishing was from Sydney beaches through winter.
  5. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Eat it and keep the head for bait.
  6. surf fishing in winter

    I tend to wrap my kids pretty well in secondhand or old season snow suits from St Vinies etc but for myself it's just old tracksuit pants and any old jacket or coat I can get my hands on. It's funny I remember a time before kids when both my wife and myself bought ourselves decent gear from boating stores and camping stores around Sydney, now the kids get all the good stuff. Also check out motorcycle pants as they are often well made, warm and waterproof, though they can get a bit to warm.
  7. Berleying....for squid?

    I've had them attack the baits we are catching in the burley trail quite often. Maybe it's more to do with the frantic behaviour of the bait fish in the burley that attracts them rather than the burley itself.
  8. New boat

    I had a 20hp Honda with power trim. The hull shape easely planes with quite small engines, fuel economy was ridiculous giving around 7km per litre.
  9. New boat

    Can't speak for the dart but I had a 3.85 explorer which I loved. Stability and room on such a small boat was fantastic, even with a family of 5 onboard. The trophy model is very simular but better, one recently popped up locally at a very good price but Unfortunatly I do t have a spare $9000.
  10. Tough weekend

    There were plenty but we only took four so we can hopefully get a few fresh ones each time rather than hit those very small bommies to hard.
  11. Tough weekend

    Snapper were simply not to be found in our area over the weekend. The regular snapper marks were loaded with toads, these little piranha type buggers destroyed every plastic but even micro jigs couldn't locate a red. We had plenty of fun searching the headlands for the odd salmon on 6lb line. The shallow reefs had no end of sergeant bakers and other reef species but the good thing was that there were plenty of good sized squid. Jumped in for a few lobsters to top up the dinner variety.
  12. Port Stephens 20/5/2018

    Reds were almost non existent down here on the south coast over the weekend, both charters and rec boats had a dismal catch. We dived Saturday and saw just one very small snapper in a location we normally see plenty. Sunday we fished hard over all the usual snapper areas and though we caught fish none were snapper.
  13. Is my motor to low when planning

    For high performance it looks to low, I personally have my outboard on its highest transom setting which has the bottom plate about 40-50mm above the bottom of my hull. In having it that height it is far lighter on steering, more senative to correct trim and most importantly better on fuel and faster. It all depends on what you hope to achieve from the boat, check this site
  14. 4th Weipa house boat trip

    Awsome trip. Do you take the small boats or hire them, also those locations you mention are they long distances. I've been looking at taking my little rib up that way and this has made me even more keen.
  15. Only One Red

    Great fish, now you will become completely addicted to plastics, such a fun way to fish.