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  1. Engine up or Engine down.

    When I've Island hopped and camped in QLD I leave the engine down. I figure if I'm not travelling far around the islands trimming up and down and starting is just taking more out of my single battery. Before you all think I'm bonkers with a single I do carry one of those small high powered jump starters that I can assure you cranks over the boat. It's even been used on several 4x4's and far big outboards than mine.
  2. quick Nymboida session

    Good looking fish, must admit I thought Nymboida was somewhere in Africa so was quite surprised to see a cod!!!!
  3. Whitsunday Tips?

    I took my little formula 15 up there and Unfortunatly had very windy weather the whole trip so had to shelter the lee side of the islands. There were lots of good sized fish simply at the boat ramp you could virtually hand feed. If hiring just a small tiny I wouldn't be heading out to far, there's a reef very close that the charters often use, details of fishing areas can be found in the Fish Finder magazine which is worth buying for locations around all of Aus. If you can't get hold of one I can pm you some better details.

    I use multi colour braid on most outfits but always use clear leaders.
  5. Broughton reds

    Love chasing reds
  6. Merimbula trip

    Head into the local tackle store, the guys in there are very helpful. It's fishing well for pretty much everything down there at the momoent from whiting to kingfish from the rocks and wharf to big sharks on the beach.
  7. Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    They have been in my area (Narooma) for the past few weeks as well as further south of Bermagui. They are on the fad down here as well as most trap buoys. Ive been seeing some 20kg+ models on Facebook from the Sydney area, my guess would be they should be as thick up there as down here so try any fads and trap buoys. Even the inshore trap up your way has been producing, only trouble is other boats are hitting it hard. This isn't a bad thing as many boat owners fight to keep close to the marker but the biggest dollies are often roaming away from all those smaller fish. The ones we've been getting have fallen to small dark coloured skirts, where last year we caught most on shallow white redhead xraps.
  8. More dinosaurs

    Went out searching for snakes again, found a nice little red belly and a couple of lace monitors that were feeding on a wallaby.
  9. Leave the chain attached

    A bad start for this poor boater on the ramp today. Took off the straps and undid the shackle then watched his pride and joy slide down the ramp. At least he kept his tires dry.
  10. Big bass

    Cool and stormy today so not sure what expect from the bass scene. I'm certainly no bass fisherman so leave them to my daughter who has just become addicted to hunting them down. She's chassing them using her cheap kids rod which her and her buddy have set themselves fish challenges on. Today she was determined to stick with surface lures even after her pal was 9 fish ahead of her. She told me she was just being polite and letting him have a head start . A few fish in the mid 40's had them pretty excited but when my daughter pulled this chunky 51cm fish ( or should I say it pulled her and her kayak ) she was over the moon. I honestly don't remember her ever being so excited over any tuna or marlin etc. Three bananas were taken on today's yak trip. What is it with these bass fishers that get so high on catching them
  11. Big bass

    Not a lake, Tuross river.

    That simply wouldn't help as more people drown in bath tubs, I also came home 2hrs after my wife made dinner last night to find the gas cooker on with no flame. It's a fact we are all doomed, it's amazing how our population keeps increasing seeing just how stupid we are. As a note if you head to the maritime Facebook and take note which celebrity heads their page and also note who's name is on many of the kayak PDFs, someone should do quite well out of this as well as the govermeant in fines.

    Not impressed by the new regs that state all watercraft now needing life jackets even enclosed waters. I can head out and surf over shallow bommies or close to rock walls and even in river bars in seas of any size without any form of buoyancy. Head home pull the surf yak onto the lake to flick lures in 20cm of water or just use the yak to get to deep enough water to swim away from the oysters and I have to wear a lifejacket. Jump off the yak with a summer NE breeze blowing across with a jacket on and there's no way I would be able to keep up with it. Where's the common sense gone these days, if your a poor swimmer or heading into possibly dangerouse waters then yes wear one. Maritime are becoming just another revenue making governmeant body taking away more freedom from us. Over this holiday a young friend of mine who plays by all the rules was pulled over and checked for his manual inflating jacket was in date, the date was fine but the spare jacket onboard had corrosion around the has cylinder. Even though he fishes alone and that jacket was a spare he was still issued a $300 fine. My one daughter does around 6km of open water triathlon swim training most days but now for her own safety has to wear a jacket when she does this ( which by the way was being filmed for a new kids tv show ) my kids would rather leave the yaks at home and swim around the lake rather than wear 30mm of foam around them in 40'c heat. Just to add nearly 5000 people died from drowning in bathtubs in 2014, now there's a place I would start making people wear life jackets.
  14. Lures??

    My daughter has only been using surface lures which have been doing very well on the bass. I'm sure she will soon start to explore the bellow the surface lures soon once she gets over the sugapenn addiction.
  15. south west rocks

    Wow, hit the jackpot on that day.
  16. Lesson Learnt - Terrigal Fad

    Good for getting out there, it's funny how they can go quiet for a while but then suddenly turn the on switch instantly again. Even when they don't seem to want to feed they often can't resist a very light rigged white plastic ( at least for us on light gear). My daughter was out yesterday chassing them around fish trap buoys with her $20 outfit, best one went 90cm. I spoke with some Sydney tourists and recomended they headed to another area where I had seen big dollies along trap buoys in 140m of water , this paid off as they got among some very good fish well over the 1m. Its going to be a cracking year for them as they grow like crazy and they seem to be everywhere. Just asking, what size is your boat and how far to the fad up there ? Also are there fish traps in the area.
  17. Was out and about with with two of my kids doing a little photography ( while the eldest boat tart headed offshore ). Target species for the day was to of been snakes and lace monitors, didn't do so well finding snakes but we did manage to find 5 lace monitors. My kids probably got better shots than me as I tried to stay back to let them get in close. We were lucky enough to be following one when it picked up the scent of a dead seagul, which it tore apart and ate pretty quick.
  18. Silly fishing

    My daughter was out today getting dolphin fish on the silly stick, biggest went 80cm. Yesterday she managed an awsome 51cm bass on it. Ive also bought one to target kings.
  19. Silly fishing

    The kids silly cheap rod challenge is gaining momentum with the challenge upping in weight class over the last couple of days. I have to say these little rods at around $10 are simply amazing and such fun ( I want one ). The 8lb braid is a little heavy on the bream but more than enough on the gummies.
  20. Silly fishing

    Just found a few more shots on my compact.
  21. What do you like about fishraider?

    I'm only on here for the free chocolate we all get sent each week
  22. Big bass

    Yes that's correct south coast, they are releasing between 25 -40 bass most trips as well as a few nice perch. Its not just our local area but all the river systems that seem to be fishing very well for them.
  23. Fishing for big cuttlefish

    The cuttle fish that live in our area are a good size, I weighed one that I accidentally hooked on a livebait intended for kingfish that went just over 13 kg, then released it.
  24. whats the best burley i can purchase?

    From the rocks shore or shore? bottom feeders or surface ? Personaly I rarely burley as it brings to many species I don't want such as rays, sharks, leatherjackets, sweep etc. when I have burleyed though it's normally either pilchard or fish frames from my previous trips.
  25. Silly fishing

    I've caught them in WA around Exmouth, they pull well for their size.