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  1. Free battery charging

    Three battery's, wow I read the post twice expecting to see you useing a big ellectric motor. I must admit I've always had dual battery's for safety and back up but now I just run one. This runs all my ellectronics (12 ins sounder, two radios, bait pump etc). I carry one of the small light weight jump kits which can power phones and other things too. I've used the little jumper to start several boats that hav had battery failure and even start 4x4's that hav been left at the parking area all day with lights on. My outboard mechanic also usedthese small jumper starters in his workshop to save jumping in and out of boats when he's working on the engines. Maritime also now use these over big jumper battery kits as they can simply pass them over easely alongside boats. In fact when I purchased my latest 4x4 and headed into Totally equiped 4x4 to have dual battery's fitted they advised me to save my money and just buy the jump kit, saying that I didn't need dual to run extra equipment. The extra weight of batteries in small boats does make a difference in performance when small outboards are being used. I go to the trouble of removing even my sinkers if I don't plan on using them to keep my weight to a minimum.
  2. First boat, pretty new to this.

    Another quintrex has just popped up on our local Narooma buy swap sell today, looks pretty tidy $11000. My daughter now freedives 20m +. During the last nationals comp down this way a veteran South African diver in his 60's was onboard one of the boats where the sounder showed 60m and the old fella dived down and brought gravel up from the bottom. Tomorrow I plan a scuba trip into one of our sanctuaries to film lobsters, haven't used the tanks for so long I've almost forgotten how to use the stuff.
  3. Port Stephens- snapper season approaching!

    I love snapper fishing, next school hols I plan to head north for a little catch and release.
  4. Kings on jigs

    Kings are so fickle at times, the last few days they've been hellbent on smashing jigs. Still plenty down here around Montague if anyone is heading this way but my advice would be to head north as the amount of boats and comercial operators can make what should be an enjoyable day out rather stressful. We often just take one fish as thats more than enough for us, yesterday it was race for first fish between my son as the loser had to do chores at home, I won on my second drop then he fell seasick. We sneaked into the protection of the island for a few pics of the seals before he drove home (the faster you go the less sick you feel he claims!!!)
  5. Kings on jigs

    Someone just posted on our local Facebook that they had overseas visitors who were hoping to have kingfish for the last meal in the country so I donated our kingfish. Looks like I will have to get another now
  6. First boat, pretty new to this.

    Those freedom sports aren't that expensive. There's been a few from $10000-$14000 down this way. In fact a good I recently had a very good friend selling his and another good friend wanting to buy it, $10000 and both parties were very happy. The boat has rear steps, radio, sounder and 120 hrs on the Yam 85, trailer was new and never been in the water. As for ride, yes smooth on calm water but I'm used to far softer riding glass boats ( have to be with back and neck problems ).
  7. First boat, pretty new to this.

    I haven't been in one Unfortunatly and I here quite mixed reviews on the likes of stabicraft and profile boats. I'm pretty keen to try one as the 635 profile looks pretty good to me for a tube boat and something I could see myself doing some long range island hoping from.
  8. First boat, pretty new to this.

    Ive owned many boats and as the years have moved on and our family focus has moved to include all kinds of activities including scuba, freediving and research. One of my favorate boats was a little Formula 15 which I replaced the merc 90 over to a Yam 70 4stroke. This little boat was pretty good as an all rounder and extremely cheap to run ( easy to tow too). I used this boat in estuaries to 40km offshore out from Narooma and along the north east coast. These little boats are built on the old Haines 445 hull and many people now snap these up to convert into little weapons, infact Jack Murphy from the captain magazine has just rebuilt himself one. By the way I took Jack in my Formula a few years back which he loved, check out his YouTube videos. Many of the Haines signatures would handle what you are looking for but they get a little heavy for your tow vehicle after 5.2m. I owned one of the signature 505 models with a 90 Suzuki after the Formula as I wanted a bit more room. Once again fantastic economy but at least 500 kg heavier. I now own a Zodiac 550 pro tour and have to say is the most fun I've ever had on the water in any boat. It handles conditions much bigger boats back down from, including a rescue we did last year that local charter boats wouldn't enter into. Stability simply can't be compared, not even by cats. The tubes are so buoyant you can easely load all crew on one side and barely manage to drop that side at all. The buoyancy from the 5 seperate chambers is so high that I'm legally able to carry 12 adult passengers (not that I would). Even if all 5 chambers were to get seriously punchered by a crazy mako the fibreglass self draining hull still floats ( like a skinny long boat with low sides). A 24' hull means a very soft ride even landing after becoming fully airborne ( we push ours hard). Once again I'm running this with another Yam f 70 but in this case on a hull that's only 350kg, so once again very good economy. Normally I only manage 50-70 hrs of boating due to our bar conditions but since owning the rhib we are doing 350hrs + each year and always feel very confident offshore. As for offshore I've had this boat 50km offshore locally and also head out to Lady Musgrave 76km fully loaded with extra fuel and water on island exploring trips. 300km range on the 100lt underfloor tank. We often suit up at the ramp before launch and stay out all day and never suffer from being to hot in a wetsuit, sea breezes and water on the suits dont tend to get that hot, you can always unzip or remove part of the wetsuit. We don't just target small fish from our rib but chase game species too. Any fish you hook is more of a battle against angler and fish as you don't have gunnels to lean against. Any fish fight you have to be prepared to simply stand and hold on. My kids love driving the boat and feel very confident even in bar crossings that would normally of kept us off the water. Not all ribs are equal, some ride wet ( not ours).

    Just add to this thread, if I post a heart it doesn't mean I love you, I just like what you've posted
  10. With the fishing obsessed elder sister some 350km down the coast fishing I took the oportunity to head out with my middle daughter (not a die hard fisher but more of a wildlife lover and photographer). We enjoyed about half hour of photographing seals before the rocking action and staring through a big lens started making her feel a little off colour. We decided to head away from the seals to try and locate a giant loggerhead turtle I had seen a few days before (not normally found in our area). On our way we spotted kingfish smashing through schools of bonita with hammerheads also getting in on the action. My daughter put one surface lure cast right on top of around 20 reasonable looking fish and isntantly got a solid hook-up. After luckily dodging a few seals and sharks she had a solid kingfish of around 90cm. During the fight I turned off the engine, which wouldn't start under the key turn meaning I had to result to pull cord starting. It was quite funny as I notified marine rescues straight away of our engine fail, during the radio conversation I stated we were happily drifting south from the offshore island, my conversation became distracted as the hamerheads decided to take a close look at our boat!!! We decided to pull the pin and head home in order to find the issue with the engine. Another fun little trip and one where my younger girl can tease her big sister who is bream fishing today.
  11. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    Totally agree on the Alan Hawk reviews, it's rare for him to do reviews after months of hard use on reels. I too have had issues with mid priced $300-$400 Daiwa reels, as mentioned above the only two reels needing services to the main gears happened to both be Daiwa less than 12 month old. I've also had a couple of other Daiwas fall apart which Daiwa claimed was my responsibility to check all screws on a new reel. The knob ( on the handle ) also fell off my mates dogfight on its first trip offshore. It's for those reasons I stayed clear of Daiwa for around the last 7 years, saying that I've bought two mid priced ones after my tackle stores owners advice in the last 12 months and am more than happy.
  12. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    Isn't the purpose of that is so they rarely need services. I tend to look after my reels washing them down with salta way and then giving them a light lubricant spray. I've only had to have two reels main gears serviced in the last 20years. Anyone who has fished on Narooma' s top considered game boats ( PlayStation and Nitro ) will know both boats are fitted out with high end Daiwa gear. Have you looked at the Alan Hawk reviews.
  13. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    I would head towards the Stella too without looking to to deeply. In saying that I've had little to do with the high end Daiwa. That's just my thoughts right now but if I was about to spend that sort of money I would really be researching deeper and could quite easily go either way on my choice. My local tackle dealer who I trust on his advice is saying some very good things about Daiwa and their customer service, I get the impression their focus is heading more towards customer satisfaction in a product over extreme bulk sales.
  14. Boat collars?

    Some lads just up the road from me fitted one to an old express 16-17ft . They were very impressed with the performance and seemed to be out in all kinds of weather, it certainly didn't hold it back as I regularly ran home from Montague alongside them. They may have sold it as I haven't seen it on the drive for the last couple of weeks and a bigger sportsfish is now there. im considering putting one on a little tinny so my kids have a little more stability while standing flicking lures.
  15. Solid tailor

    All released, she doesn't keep bream, in fact she doesn't even keep whiting.
  16. Solid tailor

    I don't have any info only that my daughter is out chassing bream and just sent a photo of a thumping tailor. The fact she's only using very small plastics on 4lb line will no doubt have her bouncing around with excitement ( doesn't take much to make her that way ). She's also managed to catch a flounder and gurnard on the plastics.
  17. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    I simply let them get the bait and allowing just around 1m of rod tip drop then simply let the rod load up and the hook set itself. When a king relises it's hooked it can be pretty explosive, not a time you want to be fiddling with drags or levers, more a case of hold on and hope it doesn't reach bottom. Kings are extreme fun, even undersize kings can give you an amazing fight. Drags need to be ready set and every knot and join needs to be the best you can do, they will find that weak spot. I use circles on kings as it makes releasing them without damage far easier, also you will experience a far better fight from any fish hooked in the corner of the mouth compared to one that possibly gets hooked in the gut or gills.
  18. It's like getting blood from a stone trying to get a few more pic's from my daughter, funny how when the kids want something it needs to be instant. There were a few other fish that I haven't managed to get from her such as flounder, gurnard and garfish also on hard bodies or soft plastics. Anyway here's a few more fish from the last couple of days on 4lb tackle.
  19. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    I'm not sure if Port Stevens is to big a place to know most boat fishers but a friend of mine moved there a few years back Tony Dawson, not sure what boat he now owns. Just thought if you were that prominent in town to find maybe you knew him too.
  20. Solid tailor

    Two of the last three days she out fished him, saying that she learns very quickly and he shares all his secrets with her.
  21. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    There's a few times I've really enjoyed the baitrunner function. First is straight after I cast from the shore I flick the reel over to light drag function and walk back up to my rod holder with the line playing out under enough tension that the surf doesn't drag the line along the beach. Second is when sharks, including gummies pick up the bait and swim off with it under light tension then stop or slow down to take the bait deeper into the mouth, that's when I drop into full power or what ever drag setting I have. The baitrunners don't tend to have very powerful drags but what they do have is normally enough and also very smooth. These reels also tend to be pretty good at lasting for many years.
  22. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    We found our jews further north up the beach ( mid town ) which was a short walk from where we were staying. There were small Jews from the breakwall but only about 50cm. Not sure if you're caught many jews but we followed our noses when we caught them, we could literally smell them ( part of being in such good numbers up there ). The south west should still be ok for the shore.
  23. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    It's quite a trip from down here in Narooma, the worst is getting around Sydney with a boat I find. My plan b is the shore when the wind picks up, just find a deep looking gutter and flick a big bait into it. On one trip we had two jews first and second cast 10kg and 12 kg. Second night we had a big tailor first cast followed by two more jews after cutting up the tailor as bait, lost a very big Jew in the surf when the 80lb leader broke. The river fishes well for bream and flathead too but if you don't mind the light class gear.
  24. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    I should be there but my daughter has gone to Mallacoota bream fishing with her boyfriend it's time for me to find a more reliable fishing buddy
  25. The last few bass

    Sorry for the lack of reports, it's not from lack of being out or catching but more a time thing. My daughter has seemingly become obsessed these days with all the watersports, to a point she now has sponsors squabbling over her ( both spearing and fishing ). With that in mind she now fishes almost daily, she's also at an age I don't have to tag along anymore either. The bass and bream fishing seem to be high on her list as she can fit a session in most days around school and exams. Still using her little $20 outfit she bought at Xmas for a challenge to see what she can catch on it. She's mostly using surface lures as she loves seeing the action of bream and bass take lures tha way. The bass have gone a little quiet now towards the end of the season where they head downstream to the salt for spawning, though she did catch and release 10 on Sunday. After walking into a tackle store on Monday to grab a $15 lure she walked out with around $500 of gear for free, with the condition she mentions the store and tackle with her Facebook posts ( fair deal in my opinion). I dropped her in Mallacoota yesterday where she will hopefully be working her new outfit hard for a few days. Sorry about the lack of pics but without me along it can often be hard for her to get a good shot by herself.