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  1. Before and after shot....classic 😂
  2. I'll keep an eye out for date.
  3. Do you have a date for the next meet? If I know in advance I can try and swap shifts with someone and tag along.
  4. I use the SP at the bottom and the 2 drops with bait, select jig head size appropriate for the depth and current. Ditch that sinker you have on the second dropper, jig head plus bait should provide you with enough wait to get down where you want it.
  5. Better to travel a bit down to parra lake
  6. Here ya go
  7. All ledges at hill60 produce squid. The rectangular end looking ledge is the best spot but the others produce as well. Best jig is a spiked yellowtail but the lures produce just as well. If you need me to map the place I can do that for you. Port Breakwall also produces squid ocean side (bout halfway up, only squid here when swell is calm)
  8. Not really, the squid are in numbers but the pelagics didn't really fire up. Plenty of sea cabbage and grass around also if you are into blackfish.
  9. The one closest to the island, you'll know it right away as the whole ledge looks like honeycomb 😁
  10. Closer as in 5 minutes from Wollongong? 😜 Havent really targeted snapper land based but get them as by catches every so often when rock hopping for pelagics. Best place I landed them was at Hill60, Honeycomb point side.
  11. After buying the Hobie he is licking his wounds in the dog house 😂 I can imagine the conversation. "Honey I bought a Kayak" "That's nice dear, did it cost much?" "Only 3k babes" "3k!!! For a F ing plastic boat?!!!" Boom 💥
  12. How much is too much?
  13. You need to make yourself a bait tube to slide those critters head first into 😎
  14. Fresh squid caught near the old boat ramp. Paddled out, threw jigs out, pulled in 2 squids in 20 minutes, beheaded both, stripped the bodies and fished around the loader point, some nice sized fish there but tough trying to get them out from the pylons once hooked. Fun though.
  15. If you are short in numbers I can assist, but my roster doesn't give me much free time, let me know what you need and I'll help out as much as possible.