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  1. Having Fresh bait

    I did exactly that a few years ago,my results were poor. now I often use salted Pilchards on 3 ganged hoods(great for flathead and tailor) i also get chicken thighs and remove the soft part and cut the remaining into bait size and add some garlic salt and freeze it,I have since caught my best bream on this bait and it’s very cheap. another cheap option buy some mullet at the local fish shop,fillet them and salt it with sea salt, put in fridge for a few days then remove the water the salt has drawn out and freeze the fillet. there is some good cheap options that will catch fish,just some preparation will get better results.
  2. Penn prevail surf rods

    That’s cool,I remember one of the guys in store told me that the online stock levels are not accurate, thanks again I will call the store tomorrow and go and take a look
  3. Penn prevail surf rods

    All good mate thanks very much for your assistance
  4. Penn prevail surf rods

    Yeah I saw the website for that store but they only have stock interstate or ACT branches cheers
  5. Penn prevail surf rods

    I’m in regents park,that would be awesome if you can checkI’m looking for the 14’6ft rod, Thanks again i will follow any other comments on here also
  6. Penn prevail surf rods

    Hi there Im planning to buy a good quality surf rod and the penn prevail rods look good but can’t find a retailer so I can take a look so will have to order online, does anyone here use this gear and what’s your opinion of it. thanks in advance
  7. First experience with braid

    I use braid then sinker then leader to hook,yes I tie the braid to swivel,I will try your method next time your help is appreciated thanks
  8. First experience with braid

    I understand what your saying,I think it tangles when casting the leader wraps the mainline,so your idea with a sinker on the leader helps keep them apart,I will give it a go next time I'm out, cheers
  9. First experience with braid

    Hi there i recently started using braid and often use a simple setup with a running sinker and long fluorocarbon leader, I found that my leader often gets tangled with my mainline,I'm not sure why this happens and wondering if anyone had this problem and may know a simple solution.i have spinning reel with 10lbs braid and 8lbs leader. any help is appreciated
  10. Carbotec rods

    It's definitely Carbotec,not carbontec or rovex,I am familiar with that brand .
  11. Carbotec rods

    I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about Carbotec rods, i picked up a second hand 7ft rod and have never heard of this brand. Cheers
  12. Alvey reel/rod?

    Thanks Jewdreamer, I will take your advice and take my rod to the store to find a suitable Alvey,i think this will save me alot of money in the long term, i really enjoy beach fishing and i am keen to learn as much as i can. cheers Much appreciated
  13. Alvey reel/rod?

    Hi there I have a 11ft fibreglass surf rod that has quite a low mount for the reel and I was thinking it would work better with a small alvey rather than a spinning reel, im was wondering what the suitable measurement from reel mount to the first guide to be ok for alvey casting (my rod is 115cm mount-guide) it has a nice soft medium action for surf casting. i was doing some evening beach fishing and my sand spike fell over and drowned my Okuma spinning reel and the bearings have sand in them,I found a tackle store that can have it repaired but it's not cheap,hence why I think it's a good idea to get into Alvey reels also what model Avey(not expensive) has a functional drag for light/medium surf fishing. any assistance is appreciated
  14. Narrabeen beach

    I'm thinking to hit narrabeen beach over the weekend for a afternoon evening fishing,does it get really busy with fishermen there,I chasing bream,tailor,salmon. i have never fished there and any advice is much appreciated thanks
  15. st georges basin/ jervis bay

    Thanks Mr Mullit, i will be staying very close to moona moona creek so will give it a go thanks for the advice