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  1. We were out there for a couple of hours this arvo. Did similar thing to you, had no luck trolling and managed a few bluespot. Heaps of whales around
  2. Hey kingie pursuer. Well to be fair we actually hooked another Marlin and a mahi but they both spat the hook within four seconds
  3. Cheers. It was a great day. Five hours of waiting for 45 mins of mayhem
  4. Nah it was off port Stephens.
  5. The release is by far the best part of catching a marlin. Seeing them swim away healthy is a great feeling.
  6. Hey guys, no it's not up on youtube but that's weird that you guys can't see it? I even got my mate that doesn't have Instagram to check if the link worked. Anyway sorry about the inconvenience. I might upload it to yt tomorrow and paste the link here. Regards, Aeger
  7. Thanks very much. The vid is only short but he loved it!!
  8. Cheers Mate
  9. Hi everyone, Finally got around to making a little video of my dads first Marlin he caught a couple of years ago. Just thought I'd post it and hopefully get some good vibes out there for everyone going out for Marlin soon. Cheers, Aeger (FYI you don't need Instagram to view the vid).
  10. Hahaha thanks! Thanks, it was very sloppy out there
  11. Cheers G. hopefully we have more luck next time we go out together. Hard to get any worse than last time we went together!!
  12. Thats exactly what was for dinner tonight!!
  13. Thanks very much. Agreed its very important to be safe on the water
  14. Hi all, Went out this morning in hopes of going to the Fad to see if we could get a Mahi. We knew the forecast wasn't great but it was seriously rough. Even the charter boats were turning around. We decided to have a quick troll before going in and picked up three bonito. Sorry I've only got two dodgy photos cause of the slop. Regards, Aeger
  15. Awesome fish!!! Would love to get one myself one day!