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  1. Never Bring A Knife to a Gunfight

    Sydney really is the most amazing estuary system. It’s huge! Urban sprawl and massive tracts of bushland side by side. So much to explore if you have the time and inclination. This spot was a product of deductive reasoning, google earth and good old fashioned shoe leather.
  2. Needed a pick me up this afternoon so decided to visit a spot that a mate had scoped out a while back and recommended unreservedly. I knew it was a serious bush walk in so decided to pack as light as possible and carry only as much as I’d be comfortable carrying back out again. So it was my light bream outfit and half a pack of salted pillies. Mental note, also bring water next time. Arrived just after 3pm and with the exception of a couple of curious bush walkers had the place to myself. Bliss. 12lb braid and leader, unweighted pillie cube onto a number 4 long shank bait holder hook and wait. As always, the first fish on the scene were baby snapper. Then came the baby bream. And then all hell broke loose. Over the next 30 minutes landed 4 bream all over 30cm and had another bigger one bust me off around an oyster encrusted pylon. It was a catch and release day for me so all went back into the drink. After 5pm things had quietened down. The baby snapper were back, along with baby tailor and a few yakkas into the bargain. By 6pm I was thinking about calling it a day, and a good day at that. And then the big boys arrived. Something picked up the pillie and took off like a bat out of hell. Managed to get it close to the jetty and saw it was a rat king. Once near the jetty the bastard took off straight under it and I was doomed. Ran around a pylon and the line parted. Holy crap! First time ever for me hooking a king. Round about now bait starting busting up about 20 metres in front of me. Threw my trusty pillie as close as I could get it. Hit! Another powerful run. Got the fish close again. This time a good size bonito. Under the damn jetty again and the inevitable. I was starting to come to the conclusion that my outfit just didn’t have the horsepower to get these buggers under control. It was starting to get dark, but undaunted I decided to stick with it until I’d exhausted my rapidly diminishing pillie supply. And you wouldn’t believe it, another big run. Another rat king. Another bust off. Well, by now it was pretty clear I’d brought a knife to a gun fight. By 7:30 the pillies were finished. Packed it up and the long hike out began. A fantastic afternoon. I’ll be returning soon with some heavier artillery for the big boys. Tight lines.
  3. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Best of luck! I've certainly had more success with plastics than with hard bodies but nothing in the 1m range! I'm liking hard bodies at the moment as they cast like a bullet and it gives me the opportunity to wade sand flat shallows on a run out tide which is a pretty relaxing and enjoyable way to fish.
  4. First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Cheers. Will definitely look at Wimbledon Ave as an alternate spot. Currently saving up for a sounder. One thing at a time though, have pretty much exhausted my fishing gear budget for the year! I hope to see you on the lake. Also keen to get into Pittwater (any launching tips) but waiting for this heatwave to pass by before I tackle it.
  5. First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Sadly true. That and a 30 minute drive to my nearest beach. ☹️
  6. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Split ring pincette arrived in the post today. Thanks all! Life is now so much easier!
  7. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Great advice. Sourced and ordered. Many thanks.
  8. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Fantastic. You've just single handedly saved my eyesight and sanity. Many thanks!
  9. First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Haha. The problem is I haven't lived in the council area for 20 years!
  10. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    The split ring is too small for regular split ring pliers. Need some sort of micro tool. Does such a thing exist?
  11. Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Changed out the trebles this morning. There's got to be an easier way! Between fat thumbs and old eyes it was quite the ordeal. Finally got the last treble replaced and felt like running around the house looking for someone to high five. No takers. 😂 Might just go to a tackle shop in future and ask them to do it. Happy to pay. Life's too short to experience that degree of frustration on a regular basis.
  12. Undertook my first serious attempt to catch flathead on hardbody lures this afternoon. Thought I spied a break in the weather and decided to hit the sand flats at the southern end of Pittwater. My weapon of choice was a 90mm Daiwa double clutch. Overall it turned out to be a productive session. Started quite slowly, mainly pulling in weed. Hard bodies do seem more prone to weed collection than SPs. Soon I was getting amongst baby snapper. No keepers but fun to hook up and know that I wasn't on a donut for the trip. My weather forecasting skills proved to be rubbish and soon the heavens opened. It seemed to bring the fish on. A big hit near my feet (dropped) followed by a 37cm and a 49cm flathead over the next 30mins. Released the little one and kept the big one for dinner. With no end in sight to the rain decided to clean the fish (happy pelicans) and head home. A good little session. Can recommend the lure. My one criticism would be that the trebles are a little on the weak side. I had read this and it proved to be true with the larger flattie bending the hooks a little. Will replace them in due course with some owner trebles I have stored away someplace. Tight lines.
  13. First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    This is it. Works pretty well.
  14. As a land based guy I’ve long watched kayak fisherman with a degree of longing bordering on unhealthy. Other family expenses and circumstances have meant this was likely to remain an unfulfilled dream for the foreseeable future. On the Central Coast visiting family about a month ago I found myself with a few hours free and on a whim went browsing in a nearby kayak shop with my wife. When I eye off new toys I can usually interpret her body language pretty accurately and on this day I wasn’t getting the “you must be joking” vibe. When the salesman introduced me to a factory second Cobra Marauder that had been knocked down to well under $1000 she turned to me and said, “you’ve always wanted one, why don’t you just buy it.” I can usually take a hint and I decided to take this one with both hands. Before the end of the afternoon we were headed back down the freeway with a 4.3m fishing kayak strapped to the roof racks. I soon discovered that owning a kayak and having the time and conditions to facilitate getting it out on the water are two entirely different things. One car, two teenage kids, busy weekends and rubbish weather all conspired to keep my kayak in the backyard awaiting the moment. Finally, last Sunday it arrived. Benign weather conditions were forecast for the morning so I strapped the kayak onto the racks late Saturday night, loaded my gear into the back and waited for the moment. I was actually a little nervous. I’d built this up in my mind over such a long time it’d be crushing if the whole experience sucked. My goal was modest for the first outing and my primary purpose for the day was really a glorified gear test. I'd never been in a kayak before in my life so everything was new to me. First test was loading and unloading the kayak solo. It's a heavy bugger so this was a key obstacle I needed to solve. I’d bought a kayak loader with a frame and wheels which attaches to roof racks and extends at the rear of the car to enable one man loading and unloading. Success. Hurdle one overcome. Test location was Middle Creek Reserve at the rear of Narrabeen lake. I arrived around 6:30am and the place was already filling up. Joggers, paddlers, walkers and other kayakers. Reminded me how much summer on the northern beaches can be a pain for fishing, not to mention getting gouged by Northern Beaches Council for parking. I really need to find myself one of those damn stickers! Anyway, got the kayak off the roof and loaded the gear. I rigged two rods. One for flicking plastics the other for trolling a larger plastic swimbait. Took me until nearly 7am to get on the water. It's a heavy kayak and took a while to find the rhythm of paddling. Already the NE breeze was puffing up. The yak didn’t cut through the water super smoothly and it was hard going at first for an old geezer like me! Sent out the trolling swimbait and headed over towards Deep Creek where there was already a tinny and another kayak fishing. Figured they might know something I didn't. No touches on the troll so started flicking a squidgee on my light outfit. A few casts and then a hit. It was a fairly soft hit. Thought maybe a small flattie or bream. As I started bringing it in the fish woke up and suddenly realised I had something decent. Got him alongside the yak for a first look. Very murky water. First guess around 50cm. Every time I had him near the net he'd take another run. Took a good 5 minutes to get him under control and get the net under him. Netted him. Too big for the net. Jeez. Made a mental note to bring my bigger net next time. Finally got the lip grips on and took him out. Now I'm thinking mid 50s. Into the keeper net he went. Kept paddling, trolling and flicking SPs for another couple of hours. The wind had really started to gust and the lake was getting packed with kayaks, SUPs, and people racing noisy little model speed boats. Decided to head in around 9:45am and call it a successful morning. Measured the fish on the beach and he came in at 57cm. A new PB for me. Also discovered it's a lot more involved than land based when you decide to call it a day. Get all the gear off the kayak and into the car, clean the fish, load the kayak, strap it down, etc. Exhausted, sweaty and borderline dehydrated, you still couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I won't get selected for any Olympic tryouts for kayaking that's for sure, but it only has to give me access to spots I couldn't get to otherwise and on that score it succeeded. Looking forward to free time over the upcoming Xmas break and to adventures farther afield. Tight lines.
  15. Northern Beaches Salmon

    Grew up on the central coast so I get around a bit to a few old land based haunts when time and family visits permit. Love it all really. In the summer Wamberal and North Entrance would be my go to beaches. Putty and Tallow can also be good. In the cooler months I'd enjoy wash fishing for drummer at Norah Head and Avoca (though usually too crowded these days) or chasing luderick around the Entrance. I'll also happily wade the sand flats at the Entrance, Saratoga, Hardys Bay, Umina and Patonga in search of flatties. If I'm feeling lucky I've known the sailing club, the Gosford railway bridge and the Punt bridge at East Gosford to produce decent fish on occasion. Makes me feel a bit nostalgic! Being a bit time poor I don't get up as much as I'd like so the northern beaches and Pittwater are my more usual locations these days.