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  1. Wow people fish a whole lifetime and don't catch that many Jewfish, nice work.
  2. Nice
  3. Your always very informative Yowie and you must save a lot of money on the grocery bills, seeing the amount Flathead you catch you must be eating them every night of the week lol.
  4. That's the best by-catch I've ever seen
  5. Nice catch mate and thanks for the tips on how to catch the gar.
  6. Looked like a nice day on the water mate well done
  7. Nice fish mate
  8. Wow what a catch, it's going to take you more time to clean them then it did to catch them.
  9. That's a nice fish mate well done
  10. Wow looks like you guys had a good trip out there with a few nice fish as well
  11. It's always the way mate, the week days are good then come the weekend and it turns to shit, but at least you caught a few good fish.
  12. Thanks mate
  13. Nice fish mate