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  1. Yep it works well, I actually freeze salt water- just pour some salt into the bottles and freeze them up. I reckon a few of those and them 1 bag of servo ice made into a slurry with seawater . The temp i get is so cold I can barely keep my hand in for a few seconds
  2. The Tiagra 50WLRS is better suited to 37kg due to its fast drag curve, swap it for a 50w or a 30W LRSA for 24kg- you can use backing if you wish -dacron or with the change in gamefishing rules braid. Using a topshot systenm is a good one using splices to dacron - then you can just change the top 250 m every season or after a a few fish. If using braid as a backing I think the more serious gamefishos are using loop to loop conection- but I dont use braid backing so im not sure
  3. Also if you have a look down the back of my boat I have a PVC pipe mounted as a tool/knife holder, I also have another at the front on the right hand side of the photo, they are both capped and have holes drilled in the cap to let water out. All my pliers , etc are easily reached on both sides of the boat.
  4. If you have a look here i have the traditional plastic pipes for storage at the front of my console but also mounted some horizontal holders above either side pocket , one side is used for gaff/tagpole and the other i keep a couple of light rods in. What you cant see on the sides is-Left side has two split pvc pipes to hold the rod tips and the Right side has the gaff/tag poles held in by two pvc pips right at the back of and above the side pocket
  5. I thought this was a Tawny Frogmouth, had this one at work a couple of years ago, sorry about sideways photo. Anyway owls are damn cool birds
  6. BOM- everything else is derivative
  7. A good rule of thumb is Number of rods while trolling =number of crew plus one. Mixed spreads can be a bit tricky to set up , without 'riggers what I would recommend you try is your biggest minnow in close short to the prop wash, your next minnow about 20 meters back and a skirt straight down the guts a long way back, if you can elevate the middle rod (in a rocket launcher or bait board) then you should get minimal tangles.The ability to do sharp turns when you have a full spread in the water is a good one, if I am marlin fishing with crew then I will typically 4 skirts max- i dont see the need for a crap load of lines in the water, If i am solo then 2 lures only. Sometimes if i think there are tuna or wahoo in the area then i will switch out my long corner skirt for a big laser pro or bibless minnow. Simple is usually best . As for J Bay its a good spot but like anywhere it can have quiet days- just be careful not to fish in the sanctuary zones or a bit later in the year near the Tubes when all the LBG guys are there. Murrays Beach area is squid central , downrigging them for big kings at this time of the year around the cliffs usually goes well.
  8. Drop the possesion limit to 10=bag limit, gets rid of confusion plus 10 is plenty. As i said before the trial ban of witches hats in Port Stephens is an interesting one so results of that would be good to see. I know that Qld dont allow witches hats anymore and on my last trip to Moreton Bay back in April the "sandies " were still as prolific as ever (and thats with no bag limit in QLd BUT with a ban on taking females). I dont leave my crab traps unattended due to "farming" problems in the past, Mind you no point in changing rules and regs when there arent enough Fisheries Officers out their enforcing the ones we've already got!
  9. Used to pull some cracking whiting around gunamatta- they wouldnt eat anything other than live bloodworms which we used to be able to buy from the Bait Bars near Tom Uglies Bridge, havent fished round their in years but cant imagine its different now. Servo bait is usually garbage
  10. Use some common sense here folks, the entire estimated rec take of blue swimmers in NSW at last estimation was 27 tonnes vs about 190T of commercial take- 160 odd tonne of which all came from Wallis Lake- and this figure varies very little from year to year. They reach legal size inside 12 months- they are simply not under any threat from either commercial or rec fishing. When we bag our fellow fishos for taking a LEGAL feed using LEGAL methods we simply give ammo to the greens and scuba divers who want to stop us doing what we love- so dont do it! Making claims that a few pots will wipe out a population is nonsense and should be called out as such. Getting back to methods- it is my understanding that there were some concerns about by catch- especially sea turtles in witches hat type traps and thats why restrictions were brought in to Port Stephens- it would be interesting to see the outcome of this.Mud crabs are also very fast growing but I havent had the chance to look up any data about them in NSW-most commercial fishing effort is in the north of Australia but there is still a reasonable commercial catch in NSW under the general estuary rules- rec fishing data is scarce though.
  11. Yeah right, cheers Rick- I thought up on the ref they carried ciguatera -algae grazers - but the ones at SOolitairies ate everything we put in the water
  12. Battle of the Fusiliers? cool looking fish ive only seen them off the Solitaries , anyone ever eaten one?
  13. The rock fishing spots are in the Noosa National park , Woods Bay is at the mouth of the river- also be aware rocks are different up there , they are granite so cleats are useless, use rubber soled shoes with good grip
  14. The rocks are not a bad spot, long walk though, have a look at Fairy Pools and out to Hells Gate, usually some kings around, trevally of all sorts of species including GT's (tend to be small) , occasional macks and tuna (macks usually but I have seen the odd pod of longtails there ). Really nice place to fish - pelagics really current dependant- I fished it quite a bit back in the 90's when I lived in Brissie but I cant say I ever had the place wired. Never tried for Jewies but it does have a good rep for them off Fairy Pools. The river around Woods Bay can be a lot of fun for small trevors and micro queenies but the bite usually switches off by 30 minutes after sunup and in summer thats really early in Qld. Oh and be aware - heaps of snakes on the walk out to the National Park early morning before the tourist start making noise.