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  1. Dart any good to eat

    Yep- very tasty- just not much meat, theyve pretty much got the same diet as whiting
  2. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    I aint worried, but I will actually get a rated chain for it when my next yearly inspection is due- Ill stir the mechanic up a bit!(he is a mate)
  3. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Finally remembered to check my chain for stamping- and guess what- no stamping! I look forward to getting pulled over and booked !
  4. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    Before you chuck it in the drink simply give everything a spray with Inox and every 3-6 months repeat the excercise- buy a 5 lt bottle of Inox and a cheap spray bottle from Bunnings- actually I think you usually get a spray bottle with the 5lt Inox- most modern trailers seem to have a galvinising that is "just ok" not great. its about $100 for the 5lt Inox and i get about 3 years of sprays out of it- thats cheap.
  5. Wet Weather Tactics

    Most cuddy type boats leak anyway- unless a full hardtop and you still need decent wet weather gear to fish - bib and brace with a quality rain jacket- bib and brace is damn good for winter too- I use the Burke stuff
  6. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Good points Fab, BTW catching a marlin isnt that hard!
  7. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    The average boat buyer is not told these things when a boat is purchased even from a dealer- I was unaware of the chain stamping and have been a boat owner for 30 years- will go home and check and right now am betting that my chain - supplied by a well known trailer builder by a reputable dealer from new is not stamped- will be in cardiac ward of nearest hospital if it is! If trailer builders dont follow the regs what hope has the average boater got. Thanks for that bit of info BTW
  8. Forster

    Plenty of reef in the 30-40 m area off Black Head that holds trag, snaps and a few pearlies
  9. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    And who checked the ratings on the chain? Thats why this rule is a nonsense
  10. Just reverse the spool- no need to replace until its really worn out!, the colour fade is no biggie, ive got power pro thats 5-6 years old and gets hammered and its still fine- also had Fireline on a small Stradic 2500 thats over 8 years off age - reversed - and im only just thinking of replacing it - but that spool of line has caught dozens of boonies/salmon/dollies/rats etc, reeel mainly gets used for bait jigging these days so until I actually feel that the line is failing im not going to change it- remember that unlike Nylon, PE based lines are not rapidly degraded by UV light
  11. Just for next time if you dunk a reel DO NOT WIND THE HANDLE- this grabs water, sand and other muck and starts pushing it into the gears and starts the corrosion process. The reel needs to be completely dissassembled, degreased and dried out before rebuild. If you are not comfortable with this send it to Shimano and get a quote on the rebuild (it wont be cheap) but Shimano will do the job properly. Just on the WD 40 thing- its not an oil -WaterDispplacement 40 but it is an excellent degreaser.
  12. Why use long shanked hooks for whiting

    bait presentation- you can feed the worm up the hook and line so it looks nice and natural
  13. Screws + fixings on aluminium boat

    Duralac on everything- dont forget even having two different grades of aluminium will potentially cause dissimilar metal corrosion. Nylon sleeves on fittings can be a help too- but its bloody hard to completely overcome.
  14. avoca 02/01/2018

    there are beachworms
  15. Stradbroke Island - Worth a Throw?

    Should be plenty of spotties and school mackeral in the bay at the beacons and possibly busting up at this time of the year