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  1. Any Ideas,

    I cant think of anything else it could be- do you have a live shot?
  2. Warranty n Reel Care

    Every reel i own gets the following treatment and most of gear gets used and abused - left exposed to spray and wind at the front of my center console. I dont own any cheap and nasty gear but have plenty of gear that is 15 plus years old (TLD's , Stradics, Torium) and the gearing/drags are still as good as new. The reels are left with the drags done up at "strike" while in the boat, when i get home i rinse them with the hose on a "shower" setting, wash them with a soapy sponge and then wash down again. I put them away after shaking off excess water and the next day back all the drags off and give a light spray with Tackleguard . I dont service my reels unless their is a problem , and to be honest cant be bothered doing it myself these days so send them to Shimano for any problems and that would be at the rate of 1 reel per year out of about 20 reels. My bail rollers all roll, my drags are smooth and my gears dont grind- reels are much better than they were when I started and simply dont need a huge amount of service- as long as they have all the salt cleaned off them and feel smooth there is no need to stuff around.
  3. LBG setup

    That reel will be ok for longtails/kings , small tuna - line capacity not up to scratch for marlin off the rocks, especially knowing what is sometimes hooked at the tubes-with the warm water thats hanging around- i reckon their should be a few longtail still around on the north coast but im long out of that scene so dont have a grapevine these days.
  4. LBG setup

    Tubes is still open- good luck with a landbased tuna in winter these days- last one was caught in about 1989! Look seriously your best hope for tuna off the rocks is the north coast in autumn, and thats a different scene to the Jervis Bay fishery. Longer rod- 8-9 ft, probably better off spinning than livebaiting as livies can be really hard to get other than at Tomaree and Charlotte- lighter gear , I mainly fished 10kg up there as the fish are mainly Longtails and mack tuna- biggest issue is getting sharked
  5. Just had bearings replaced by Shimano and a general service including internal seal replacment done on a Stradic 8000 that is about 14 years old- the entire job cost $70 including postage-the cost of new bearings will be $10-15 with original parts- ceramic bearings will not have any dramatic effect- Jack Erskine was changing the spool bearings on baitcasters and overheads a few years ago for casting performance to ceramic ones- I had a chat to him about it at the time and they were really only of benefit to high end baitcasters where they had extremely fine tolerances - the tolerances in a Stradic would be "sloppy" enough that you wouldnt notice any difference. As a general comment- a nice mid range reel like a Stradic is well enough made (certainly comared to the gear that i started with) that you dont really need to fiddle with anything to improve them, they are relatively water and idiot proof which means that service should really consist of a good clean and thats about it- unless something (like a bearing or a seal) wears out. I understand as a young bloke you want to play round with your gear and get a better understanding of it all but todays gear is FAR better than anything i started with 40 years ago. Just hose, wash with a mild detergent, hose again and dry and spray with a bit of Tackleguard and put it away.
  6. Disposing of acetone

    If they came with grease put grease back in them- there are bearing oils that go in baitcaster/overheads that can improve casting performance- but the grease is there for a reason- oil will throw out of the bearings as they spin and you will be left with no corrosion protection.
  7. Disposing of acetone

    baitcaster or eggbeater?
  8. Disposing of acetone

    If youve used nail polish remover rather than pure acetone it sometimes contains other things to give it a bit of viscosity and to make it "feel" better on the skin- this will leave a residue. Acetone is very slightly corrosive to copper as well and is also hygroscopic which means that it absorbs water from the air- the film could also be a bit of the seals of the bearings getting eaten away- acetone will attack a lot of rubbers pretty agressively- could be that-why did you do this anyway?
  9. Small boat locations near Brisbane

    Good luck!
  10. Rod for Saragosa 20000

    ive got a Daiwa saltist hyper in pe2-4 which i love, the heavier rods look good too, dont like Daiwa reels much but their rods are good
  11. Small boat locations near Brisbane

    Jumpinpin- head down to Steiglitz /Jacobs Well and chuck the tinnie in down there-countless miles of mangroves,channels and gutters- good time of year for flatties . Brissie River worth a hit too-jew , flatties, threadies but its a commercial port so you need to be careful.
  12. TwinPower SW 5000

    Hey bud , read my reply to your questions on the Stradic 4000-you can land a 50 kg fish on 6 kg line if your gear is up to scratch- BUT reels are not winches- stop worrying about max drag pressure etc etc- a 1 M king weighs about 8-12 kgs depending on condition etc, same with a jewie- the drag is meant to release line under pressure- not be locked up, as to your original question the Twinpower is a fine reel but you will get better bang for your buck with the Saragosas- as for size- are you mainly land based or shore based- what method of fishing are you using?bait/lures/trolling- how about you tell us a bit more about your situation and we can give you some more specific help- how big are you?how much experience do you have etc etc

    Gees used to catch millions of tailor on them, a few bonnies and frigates as well- havent chucked one in years but im sure they still work- not a bad trout lure either.
  14. All rounder boat

    Its doable , just keep your eye out- get on a couple of !@#$book buy and sell sites and keep watching them
  15. 4000 Stradic CI4+ - Owners

    The Stradic Ci series are essentially light tackle reels with smooth gearing drags etc designed to be light weight. I have a 2500 which is loaded with 6lb Fireline (which actually breaks at around 20lb)- earlier this year at Coffs I hooked a small black marlin while jigging for bait and fought that fish for over 30 minutes under pretty heavy drag before it wore through the leader- highest drag pressure I put on was about 3kgs and after the fight the drag washers were smoothed out a fair bit and need replacement as the drag is a bit lumpy- now as for 11kg of drag- I will make the point that i dont really know anyone who can fish more than about 9kgs of drag for more than about 10 minutes without a harness- its a lot more pressure than you realise- this includes a mate of mine who is an ex NRL player and is still as fit as a fiddle . Forget max drag pressure - its a marketing wank . I set my heavy kingfish rod at 10kgs of drag when downrigging and when we hook up i drive away hard from the structure until we are in clear water and then back the drag off a few turns so we dont pull the hook- thats on 80lb braid and 100lb leader- most of the times you cant even pull the rod out of the holder antil ive slowed the boat down and got some angle on the fish.- the reel for that is 20000 Stella which is actually designed as a heavy tackle reel- the Ci 4 is not.-But its a very nice reel and can fight big fish with smooth rodwork and fighting technique-its not designed to be locked up and used as a winch.