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  1. Jervis Bay Bonnies, Mack Tuna and Kingies

    Good on you for picking up other peoples crap and well done on the fish
  2. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    my reels get no more than a rinse, wash with sudsy water and a re-rinse- good thing about Stella's , Saragosa's et al is that they are (ab)use and forget , I havent even looked at the line roller on my 6 year old 4000 other than to check it is still rolling (it does) , its caught well over 200 kings , crap loads of tuna, mackeral, dollies, bonito and a few jew- its tough as nails and comes out every trip and sits in front of my boat console where it cops spray, bangs, bumps and everything else- great reel
  3. Stella 8000SW vs Saltiga 5000

    Interesting that you say that Jon , my local tackle store has had nothing but problems with D and that matches my own experience, but i know guys who swear by the D brand too! My experiences have been reels sitting at D for 2 months before they are even looked at and Shimano getting reels back to me inside 10 days- i know service is not the only issue but if there is a problem with reel worth a grand or so- i want it looked at in a timely matter. For the record I have 2 Stella's-a 4000 which gets flogged and doesnt miss a beat and is the outfit that everyone who steps on my boat loves to grab, the other is a 20000 which I hardly use , too be honest I would probably just go with Saragosa's these days(got a 5000 and a 10000- both get flogged) and they seem unbreakable and damn good value for money- my two cents
  4. Baitrunner Vs Other reels

    What Jon said- except i dont use circles but usually hook most of my kings on full drag- I catch most of mine downrigging or slow trolling livies, occassionally I get a knock out from the rigger and will drop back until the fish re takes the bait- but i usually hit them as soon as they are rapidly pulling the line out of my fingers. Fiddling with the drag is a great way to blow fish. I used to own quite a few baitrunners but only have one left which i use for blackfish fishing (or did anyway I havent fished for blackies in at least 5 years)- the drags are a bit iffie, the other use a found to be good for them was fishing live poddie mullet for flathead (another form of fishing i havent done in at least 15 years), otherwise they arent worth it I reckon.
  5. Northen beaches pelagics from the rocks

    Drummer- everywhere on the Nthn Beaches, take a drive with a street directory and basically pick a wash, other than the Ovens which has been mentioned ad nauseum above try, Bluefish, Harbord, Curlie, North Whale , Avalon Hole in the wall , Sth Palm and Barranjoey- all place ive caught pigs Pelagics- Baranjoey, Nth Whale, Nth Curlie, Nth Head and Bluefish Good luck
  6. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    What Captain Spanner said- if you dont have a functioning VHF - dont bother going wider- 27meg is not up to scratch- the blackspot issue is very true,I normally dont log on going out the harbour until im clear of north head- MR Sydney is up at Terry Hills so under the cliffs you are in a blackspot.
  7. sydney harbour fad / 12mile

    Sort the radio out- 12 mile is getting marginal for mobile range if you get into trouble. At this stage the weekend looks pretty crap- strong northerlies Sat and a sthly change Sunday. The close FAD off nth head is about 4 miles from Nth Head and is in a fairly useless position, the 12 mile- well ,its 12 miles from the heads, the Sydney East FAD is closer to Botany but is just south of the Peak which is about 7nm from Sth HEad, there is also the waverider which is in 100m of water off Dee Why- 3 blokes offshore in a 4.5 M boat is going to be a tight squeeze
  8. Boat Cover

    PM Sent
  9. Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    Scratchie- use your mackeral scraps and go crabbing- heaps up there! You can actually hire a freezer from a mob in Coffs and get them to deliver it to your cabin IMG_0962.MOV
  10. Botany fad

    Yep, what Bruce said- be on the FAD at sunup, and dont waste your time on the close FAd at all
  11. Rigging your own gang hooks for Tailor?

    Standard Mustad 4202's are fine for off the beach, if you are chasing more serious fish Mustad 7766 Tarpons are the way to go, the 4202's are a bit soft, my young bloke landed a 22 kg Spanish Mackeral on a set of 4202's and they were very nearly destroyed in the fight , it was an unlucky fish to say the least!

  13. wooli advice

    They They are dredging it regularily but the issue at that ramp was caused by the design, the "pond" they dug out means the entrance will not silt up as often and it stops the swell reflecting directly onto the ramp- its heaps better than it used to be
  14. wooli advice

    Ramp is heaps better than its ever been since they did the mods to it a year or so back. On our first arvo we were in the left over swell from the recent Qld cyclone and there were some big sets rolling through, we went out just after high tide (and it was the dark of the moon so big tides) and had no probs, came back in right on the bottom of the tide , waited for a lull and shot through no probs-probabaly 3 -4 feet of water under us. The surge at the ramp is nowhere as bad as it used to be and its only one wave to cross. Going out is a bit trickier than coming in because you cant see around the rock wall, but either way its easier than any bar crossing.

    plenty of herring , not the best area for yakka's (in fact I cant ever remember catching one there)- herring are a better bait up there anyway- most of the channel markers have them in the back eddies. The way I catch them is get in close to the channel marker and the hering will come out under the shadow of your boat, then use a bait jig with the tiniest hooks you can find , very little lead and let it "slide" under the boat, the herring will load up on the jig very quickly
  16. wooli advice

    Was up at Coffs a couple of weeks ago, wahoo, spotties, spannies, kings , yellowfin , way too many mack tuna- hooked a small black on a bait jig at the Wide Bait ground on 6lb braid and had an interesting half an hour with him until the inevitable happened. Just a point of caution on the marine park zoning, the downloadable map is not printable in any sort of useful size (I really wonder if the MPA wants us to fish in the right places ?) so make sure your chartplotter is up to date- its a great fishing area . Be careful at Wooli it is a b!@#$^&d of a bar
  17. Easter Sunday funday

    Good time of the year for them and the occasional exotic, Frigates will turn up Cowan Creek on high tides if their is no rain and clear water- seen them in 2 feet of water past the marina at Bobbin Head on a couple of occasions
  18. Easter Sunday funday

    Frigate, went out of the harbour yesterday and we struggled to get bait too- lots of jackets on the arti lost 3 sets of bait jigs to the little so and so's. Went up to Longie with 6 yakka's in the tank and converted them to 5 kings (and i blew the 6th)All rats and they all went back as I still have a freezer full of wahoo and spottie macks from a trip north 2 weeks ago. It was reallly quiet yesterday , there was only one other boat on Longie.
  19. Fishing Charter

    Going out with a good charter operator is a way to fast track your learning, but the key is to get involved, and keep your eyes and ears open. I wouldnt generally imagine you will get much out of a "cattle boat" type of operation but a few of the really good sportsfishing charters out of Sydney are worth it. You can sit back on any boat and learn nothing , or you can ask questions , take mental notes and go from there.
  20. Poor mans downrigger issues

    Yeah- stop using them, decent king will snap 'em, plus they are offset so the bait will track or spin when trolled. Use hooks like Mustad hoodlums, Gama Live baits (not the offset's) a non offset hook is one where the tip lines up with the shank and eye. You can rig offsets in pairs to stop spin but it gets tricky , simple is best in 99% of circumstances
  21. Poor mans downrigger issues

    Ok, dont let the sinker run up the line, run 3-4 m of leader on your braid and tie off to a swivel, put the sinker on , then another swivel and run another 50cm -1m to your hook. The hook needs to be non offset type, the sinker is best if its a barrell or bean- no twist, no tangles Good luck
  22. LIvebaiting

    Schooling up for the spawning run
  23. Roseville Boat Ramp

    Its a long way up the system for consistant pelagics-under the right conditions you might pick the odd king or bonito up- this time of the year would be most likely best bet. I caught an amalco jack (high fin amberjack ) off a bust up coming back in from offshore one afternoon a few years ago- and I certainly see plenty of bait early mornings when i leave the ramp- but as a consistant pelagic spot - nah
  24. Singles for surface lures?

    Let us know how you go, whiting are messy feeders on surface lures and id still be inclined to go with the very sticky little trebles from Owner etc, ive found that changing the lure when they wise up to something with a more subtle action eg an Ecogear stickbait thing (forgotten the model no) keeps the bite going, good luck
  25. Singles for surface lures?

    getting back to your original question, missed strikes is part of all surface lure fishing, havent tried assist hooks but staying with very fine ultra sharp small trebles is the way to go IMHO, most of the fun is in the bite anyway- check your hooks and replace them if they are blunt- chem hooks dont resharpen real well (mostly)