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  1. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Correct- inspections required every 12months no matter the age
  2. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Thats a fair call Fab , still reckon 2yrs old trailers should be exempted
  3. boat trailer inspection NSW what is looked at?

    Simple- there are so many poorly maintained , crappy , rusted out boat trailers that the RMS wants them all inspected - I do think they could exempt ones less than 3 years old though.
  4. Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    Dollies can be like that- generally a good tactic is to start the day with lures and when the fish wise up (which they will with boat traffic etc) then switch to your livies- I reckon when a boat turns up with livies and starts fishing them first it will shut the lure bite down, just use yakkas next time- catching live squid to catch a couple of barely legal rat dollies is a bit too much effort for my mind!
  5. Dolphin Fish Mahi Mahi

    Good luck with that request! i will make the following observation though- last Sat there were about 15 boats on the Nth Syd FAD- catching undersize dollies, 3 km's away at the waverider there were 2 boats catching undersize dollies, and later there were no boats catching undersize dollies - So all I can suggest is go for a drive and have a look- its amazing how some folk stick to a spot like the nearly useless Nth Syd FAD when 2 km away there is a better spot with much less traffic- anyway thats the only spot im giving up for free!
  6. Sydney Inshore Marlin

    Get two 6 inch cupfaced type lures- Pakula cockroach on one line, zipper on the other- set the cockroach about 15 m behind the transom, set the zipper about 20 M back, drive round and round in circles at 6-7 knots until you get a bite- choose areas holding bait- Longie, the Peak, The whale- should still be fish their this weekend- Im at work and tied up with swim meets this weekend but may get out Sunday- fish should still be around-OR- catch slimies, bridle rig and drive round the same areas at idle- they are just a fish like any other (only bigger, faster and more fun)
  7. Sydney Inshore Marlin

    Nice little bite going on off Sydney yesterday we went 2-1-1 with a small striped for my mate Henk- his first and missed a small black. Bite was in 30-40 m of water inside the close FAD off Nth head and up to Longie- bait was really starting to thicken up when the change came through and belted the hell out of us.Seemed to be plenty of action North and South of us too all along the 20 fathom line . First beak for 2018- more to come laterIMG_0934.MOV
  8. Operating dual battery

    Ok I run 2 Lowrance head units , a radio , live bait pump , 2 bilges etc . Battery one used on the way out , battery 2 is used on the way home - so half the day on one, half on the other
  9. Sydney Saturday

    There is the odd larger sized black in close at the moment- mate got a 80-90kg fish on Sat in the same depth we were fishing but off Barranjoey- but give it a crack - you can only get wiped out!!
  10. Sydney Inshore Marlin

    For livebait for marlin we use 100lb leader , lures I usually use 150lb for my smaller lures, 200-250lb for the bigger ones, we were only fishing lures on Saturday
  11. Big Seas Next Week?

    no probs
  12. Big Seas Next Week?

    Can I ask a question- why do you rely on a site like WW? They simply suck their information from either the BOM or worse overseas weather forecasts- the BOM hasnt put out wave forecasts that far in advance so how would WW know whats going on?Dont trust those sites
  13. Tuna/mackerel/trevally hybrid. "Scad"

    Also known as madfish
  14. Why cannot find any bait fish and squid?

    Berley - start mushing up a small amount of bread and feed it into the water in small amounts- watch what comes up- give it 30 minutes- if no go -move
  15. Bonito at Sydney yet?

    Went for a five minute troll on Chrissie Eve and got 3 which was enough for sashimi and frames for crab bait (staying on a house boat) just off Broken BAy- so yes they are here
  16. Fingermark in Port Hacking

    Def a Moses Perch-pulled this out of the Hawkesbury on Boxing Day (released of course)
  17. YFT from stones

    plenty of longtails about to roll down the coast- go north- Brett- drive south PM me if you want a bit of info
  18. Mid north coast

    Nothing wrong with Coffs- no bar , islands, heaps of options for spannies-Port Stephens wouldnt really be a go to if you have your heart on Spannies- go north
  19. YFT from stones

    Havent been to many yellowfin caught off the rocks Sydney south in the last 20 years, reckon that little fruit tree is long dead. I havent fished LBG for about 8 years now but the little snippets I do hear tell me this- still good runs of Longtails Port Stephens - north, occasionally as far south as Sydney later in the season (March/April), you still hear of the odd one caught at places like Avoca but the pillie tossers getting busted up is a good indication they are around. J Bay is the home of the summer marlin run these days, the occasional rat yellowfin does get picked up on the north coast as well. I used to spin most of my longtails on the north coast with 25lb nylon on an overhead on a 9ft rod- a couple of my fav spots had limited backswing space so i had a cut down FSU 4120 for ever and a day and then a custom made Calstar which hardly got used before I packed in the landbased stuff. Otherwise as Rick said a 10 ft stick is a good option- 50 lb braid is not needed on your average longtail- the first run is a doozy usually and then they will arc back and forth along the rocks in close. Freespool to get them to change direction if they look like cutting you off- I preferred nylon- trying to stop their first run would be a great way to pull hooks or bust off anyway.
  20. Bass fishing lures

    love spinnerbaits- can chuck them deep into snags and slowly retrieve them out, surface lures for dusk fishing
  21. 510 Brooker with 60hp?

    Guessing thats minimum power for that Hull- go as close to max as you can
  22. Anyone tried the FADs yet?

    Got out yesterday for the first time in 4 months, hit Longie, the 12 and a spot south of the harbour before I found the kings. Longie was quiet when I was there but a mate said it fired up later in the morning, the 12 had a couple of fish early according to a bloke thier but I did 3 drifts for zilch and then went back inshore and lost count of the rats- couldnt pull a fish bigger than 60- even on big livies- bit of fun though. at the 12 the temp was about 21.3 max , current was about 1 knot from the North - so its coming -there is a warm patch north around Port Stephens- I heard of one striped marlin caught while I was out and later in the day a really good Blue was caught by one of the Botany Bay boats- looking good .
  23. Pittwater Hawksbury Charters

    yep, there, Barranjoey all good squid spots
  24. Help reading the water, temp colour and direction

    Swell direction might affect some inshore spots putting wash into some areas which fish like to feed in but otherwise not something I really worry about except if heading wide and I might be concerned about swell vs current for safety reasons, wind is more a factor of safety. Generally the East Aust current is starting to fire up at this time of the year bring warm water and the associated species down with it, generally it needs a couple of days of strong southerlys to push the main stream in close to the coast (I know that sounds counter intuitive but its true)- days and days of North Easters cause cold upwellings to form in close but these are the source of nutrients which kick the food chain off. Ok when looking at spots you will generally find most predatory fish will be at the upcurrent end of structure , when current hits structure it causes eddies and upwellings to occur and the predators find it easier to feed in these places. As for your sounder get the best you can afford and learn to drive it in manual- what are you running?