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  1. Yowie You know your stuff and have the outside flatties sorted! Interesting about how far they come off the bottom to chase baits too! Do you find the outside fish tasted better than the duskies?
  2. Collected some flatty lollies (poddies) yesterday ready for an assault this morning on the area where I dropped two suspected jewies in the last fortnight. Headed out for the middle of the run out tide but all was pretty quiet until I had one bait taken on a run and damaged by something sizeable. It wasn't until the last of the run out that I decided to hit the deep water again. Dropped down my biggest poddy and the rod bent into the water and head shakes transmitted up the line. Soon enough I had a very nice flatty in the yak around 75-80 cm. I quickly dropped down another poddy while I held the flatty in the water next to the yak for a release at a nearby beach when the rod sprang into action again. I pulled up an almost identical flatty and as brought it into the yak it catapulted out of the net back into the water and cut me off! I didn't want to miss any more action so I released the big girl into the depths to join the escapee! The tide was starting to run in faster now and I had another poddy slammed but came up with just a hook. At the same time I had a Vibelicious thumper tail out and it was smacked by a nice fish close to 60 which I dispatched on the deck for dinner. The very next drift the same lure was smashed by a bigger fish in the 70s which came on board for a quick pic before release. What an hour I had with three fish over best outing yet. I'll leave it for a day but I know there are jewies around the area and I'm keen to land one soon!
  3. Got a few keeper lizards from 45-50 and released a dozen undersized models....good signs for the future!
  4. Great session and some nice fish.....flatty looks fat and the reds look tasty!
  5. Very nice fish there lads! I'm heading out tomorrow morning to catch the bottom of the tide, let's hope the action is good!
  6. Congrats on the jew and the beautiful reds!
  7. I use a my sounder and match a HB to the depth looking for drop offs on the run out tide mainly. I don't drift much unless the tide is ripping out then its a good speed to get some lure action.
  8. Fil I find that the blades are always in the zone for flatties no matter the depth. They also produce enough vibration even if I'm slow trolling. They also are easy to deweed on the run:)
  9. Great stuff Woodsy, you battled the not so great conditions and came home with a feed!
  10. Hit the Georges yesterday morning for the last hour of the run up but waiting for the run out in a couple of favourite spots. Jagged a small silver biddy and headed over to a deep water spot just as the tide turned. Had a massive hit on the livey and grabbed the rod but all went limp, then another hit and gone. I pulled it up and it was worse for wear....looked like a jew had crushed it. Headed over to the shallows and lost a couple of good flatties on blades then bagged a couple on soft vibes to take home for a feed. Just before pulling up stumps I was drifting down into slightly deeper water and had a weighty hit on a blade. This thing had some grunt and I quickly pulled in the other lines as the tide was ripping out sending the kayak into a spin. With just the rod in hand I started getting line back on the fish which was working the current to its advantage. I managed to get it up to the surface and saw its tail....pretty healthy. After a few spins of the kayak I manage to net the big girl and she catapulted out of the net but luckily I caught her before she hit the drink...quite a bit of weight. Finally in the yak I surgically removed the blade minus two hooks as it was well down the gob. I covered the fish's head with a towel and shot around to a sandy beach to get a few pics before release. Left my brag mat at home but guestimated the fish at 75-80cm and very fat. She released well and I followed her to a metre then gave her a nudge and she disappeared. Ended up with a nice flatty in the high fifties only a hundred metres from the ramp and just polished off a two course flatty meal of carpaccio followed by fillets with rice and asian greens. Last edited by flattyakker on Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:31 pm, edited 1 time in total.
  11. Sounds promising, great session and well done on the kings!
  12. Cracking session and well done on the release!
  13. Interesting session and it would have been amazing to see the ray breach!
  14. Cracking fish on a popper, well done!