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  1. Rice has worked the few times I've seen it done. Might be a placebo but the result was good!
  2. Jewies

    Read the jewfish thread mate plenty of info there. You can get jew off the beach at narra but haven't heard of that many recently. The spot is a victim of it's own popularity - there can be pretty much no space from the lake entrance down to the pines when conditions are looking OK (and weather is warm). Loads of fishos and lights on the water do nothing to help the cause with jewies IMHO.
  3. Shark ID please

    Id say 100% bronzy or dusky. Go close up on its head in pic 2. No chance its a white or mako, not a bull...
  4. Snapper point heartbreak

    Yep one dodgy bit of gear a 20 cent swivel could have cost you the fish! Get some ball bearing swivels if you're going for big kings. Braid + kings + rock fishing can be tough as well, even with 50lb mono can still get busted off
  5. Jewfish - Advice please

    I always fish for them off the beach rather than rivers but always leave the reel in gear with a pretty solid drag setting and rod in a holder. Have nabbed a few jewies this way but might have missed more by not allowing a run and then striking - who knows? Maybe I'm too lazy to hold the rod all the time! Generally have 2 rods out so am always working between them re-baiting and re-rigging after bronzie bite offs etc. and holding one doesn't work.
  6. Dont try to turn the phone on and put it in a air proof container full of uncooked white rice for a week. It works.
  7. Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Either pick a spot with less wave energy where you wont get your gear washed around so much, or stay mobile and walk along the beach in the direction the waves/current is taking you.
  8. Wet Weather Tactics

    Wetsuits are pretty handy - either bottom half or the lot. Helps float you a little better if you go in as well!
  9. All thermoplastics degrade in the sun, polythelyne (PE) included. Unless you have carbon black added they will all degrade over time. Dont think the amount of time the average fisho's line spends in the sun would be much of a factor though... might be different for commercial/long liners etc. but a few hrs a week of exposure shoudnt do too much harm.
  10. Comon courtasy

    Just playing devils advocate and not condoning what they did, but maybe you did something inadvertently early in the day thay got them offside?
  11. Shoregun vs MC

    Both shore jigging rods... not many people are in to shore jigging, it is still on the fringe especially in Aus. Palms gear is meant to be pretty good they are one of the market leaders in that scene.
  12. Norah Head Landbased

    Cheers rick. Swell should taper right off in to the weekend but will keep an eye on it.
  13. Norah Head Landbased

    G'Day Raiders, Heading to Norah Head staying in the caravan park this weekend, anyone got any local intel on where to fish? I'll be land based and spinning lures off the rocks (maybe put some liveys out) and going for a session off the beach for jew and the other usual suspects at night. Looking for spots within walking distance of the van park so the entrance could be a bit of a stretch. "Jewfish Point" looks appealing but what's in a name hey? Can you get squid around the boat ramp? Any info would be much appreciated. Feel free to PM if you want to keep it quiet. Cheers Sam
  14. Narra beach

    Can always take both and see how you go. Pillies are reliable but if you get on to a patch of fish metals can get plenty of hookups quickly.
  15. Big Seas Next Week?

    Yep will pick up straight from the south on Sunday then swing to south east. SE swell will generally cause more grief around inshore headlands, beaches etc. as straight S swells March straight past.