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  1. Looks like there are a few other OH fans out there. @kingfishbig im looking at getting one of those reels you've got, an akios shuttle 666 or penn squall 15 with 20lb braid. Ive got a 4-8oz breakaway HDXt rod on the way from the states. The weight isnt just for fighting sharks, i find sometimes it is handy to plunk out a big sinker so you don't get washed down the beach when a bit of swell is running.
  2. Point taken re. fishing being close in, I have gotten my few jewys within 20m of the shorebreak. There are some situations though when distance is needed such as casting out beyond rocky ground to sand or needing to get past the outer bank on low tide. Can always cast short with a long rod if needed. And no I'm not looking to cast big whole baits, live or dead, that's what the slide set up is for. Wing out a 350gm grapnel sinker and slide them out instead. Not too bad throwing a whole yakka plus sinker though. I'm not necessarily saying which approach is right or wrong, better or worse, everything has it's place and virtues. It just really surprises me that OH surf casting gear is so popular elsewhere in the world and is largely unheard of and not possible to buy domestically in Aus Cheers
  3. Gday raiders, Im getting in to overhead (conventional) reels and rods for surf fishing. Ive got a super heavy (9-14oz cast weight) ulua rod and penn squall 60 reel for slide baiting and have a 4-8oz rod on order for throwing bait. Thing i cant understand is these types of setups are virtually unheard of in Australia. No tackle shops stock braked OH reels for distance casting, same goes for rods to match. All the surf gear here is spin gear with max cast weights around 140gm (3-4oz) or so. Only exception might be a few daiwa rods. Elsewhere (US, UK, South Africa) OH reels and rods are the standard for surf fishing. In Australia tackle shops cant even bring the gear in by special order, ive asked quite a few times, its like it is channel blocked or something... What is going on here? I dont get it. We have a huge amount of coastline for good surf fishing, plenty of big beasties just off the sand and yet we are the only country in the world that seems to rely on relatively lightweight spin gear.
  4. ^^ gives a pretty good run down
  5. Passageweather. Based off GFS. BOM derived off GFS.... GFS updates every 3 or 4 hrs, BOM only once a day.
  6. Pretty sure it was a flatty! Either that or I ate stargazer fish and chips...
  7. Nice one mate sounds good. Will keep an eye on the weather and keep you posted.
  8. Anyone keen for a paddle out from Long Reef boat ramp? Im keen to head to some of the close reefs/wrecks on the north side of longy, might be a bit safer not doing it solo! If anyone is keen let me know, i can do weekend mornings early and sometimes during the week. Best pick a day with no wind to start with and a building nor easter to make the paddle back easier. Cheers, Sam
  9. Might have, it's a bit of a mystery. Maybe should go see a doctor!!
  10. Yep been spiked plenty of times by various fishes including flatties.
  11. Gday Raiders, Had a good day out yesterday with a nice handful of flatties on sp's from the kayak. Something a bit weird happened though - as I was handling one of the bigger ones i got a solid electric shock. Not a little sharp zap like static electricity but a deeper thump that ran up my arm. I was standing shin deep in water (so was well and truly earthed) and was grabbing the fish off the ruler on the deck of the kayak with wet gloved hand around its belly... bit of firm pressure to lift it then whack!! No batteries or power on the kayak so cross that off the list of causes. Any ideas what was going on here? I know there are some rays and species that generate a shock but didnt think flatties were amongst them!
  12. If you fish there - dont forget that half of Sydney's sewerage is flowing under your feet through the NSOOS Syphon. Pretty amazing structure, someone definitely put some thought in to the way that was made.
  13. Pool at nth curly then round the corner. Take care though it is an exposed rock ledge.
  14. Cheers Jon, great info. I live around a km from that place as of recently so am getting a bit of time in there. I used to fish a few beaches down near another lagoon entrance where I got my 3 this year..... I find the tides and runout in that place you mention are hard to pick, top of the tide water can still be pouring in and keeps going in for a few hours after tide change. Sounds like your setup is similar to mine with snelled yakka and rod in gear in a holder. I never touch the thing even if it gets a tap, I figure if whatever bites is big enough to pull the sinker out of the sand its hooked, if it cant pull the sinker out of the sand and its hooked well you've got a livey! 24kg is something else, thats the stuff dreams are made of...
  15. Anyone have any thoughts on the tides4fishing website? They generate peak days and times based on solunar theory..... always plenty more to it than that though with atmospheric pressure, waves, wind, wife, kids, work etc all to consider! Jon D if you have any more jewy secrets let me know - most of my time is spent targeting these guys off the northern beaches in Sydney after the sun goes down. Got 3 this year so far but have put in plenty of time for them.