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  1. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    From what I understand (sigma will need to confirm) the two work together. You still want the isolator to disconnect your batteries from slowly draining if you leave your boat in the driveway for a couple of weeks between use. The VSR's I have seen are around the 50-60 dollar mark so not a bank breaker at all.
  2. Bimini fabric protection

    I will have a full length bimini for sale soon as I plan to cut mine off and replace with a bimini. lol
  3. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    My understanding was you dont need the 1 - 1+2 - 2 - OFF switch anymore with the VSR. Connect your battery to position 1. All your electronics to position 2 and the VSR does the rest. Only charges battery 2 when battery 1 is full. Isolates the two from each other so you dont accidentally drain battery 1. You might want an isolation switch for when the boat is not in use and you might want a way to jump your starter battery if for some reason it failed.
  4. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    Yeah my second battery says something like 700CCA and 120Ah so I assume its a hybrid of some sort.
  5. Second Battery Suggestions needed

    I have 2 batteries one in the middle and one down back with a simple isolator switch (1, 2, 1+2, OFF) but I was thinking of going a VSR (voltage sensitive relay). I sometimes have issues when restarting the engine my gps/fishfinder switches off. From the bit of research I have done you connect your cranking battery to the first position and your accessories battery to the second position. It isolates both batteries from each other so your cranking battery doesnt get drained using your accessories, and starting the motor doesnt disrupt your accessories. It also charges the cranking battery first and once its fully charge, then automatically switches over to the second battery and charges both batteries until the engine is switched off. No need to play around with switches anymore. Sounds perfect but from what i can gather not everyone uses this system which makes me wonder why.
  6. Motor Height

    So finally had the engine serviced and raised to the highest setting. Still looks a tad low but can't go any higher. Boat now planes at around 16-17 knots and 3900-4000rpm which is a few knots slower and a couple hundred rpm lower which is good. Getting sprays from the holes that are drilled in the upper ventilation plate. Is this going to hurt anything? Water shouldn't be able to spray up into the engine should it? This was still trimmed in as it was a bit choppy out. The sprays go away when trimmed out. videocompress-045-20171209_102000.mp4
  7. Wobbly/Ticking Camshaft Sprocket (I think)

    In case anyone else was wondering the mechanic says it's "normal injector noise".
  8. Motor Height

    Cool yeah went for a run yesterday and has the missus take the wheel at cruising speed and the plate is set underwater couldn't even see a dark shadow of where it might be underwater so it needs to come up a bit. I'll post back on how it goes after I move it. (Going OS so might be a month or two)
  9. Motor Height

    Thanks yeah thought as much. Should I go up one or two holes? Or three? Lol
  10. Might be a bit hard to tell but this sprocket wobbles a tiny bit when running. The other side does not wobble at all. It is also making a ticking noise which cannot be heard unless the cowling is taken off so I have only just noticed it. Something bad? A bearing perhaps? test.mp4
  11. Motor Height

    I know this topic has been flogged but what is everyones opinion on my motor height? Could it go a hole or two higher? The AV plate is approx 40mm below the bottom of the hull. The upper plate is about 20mm above the bottom. Still have 3 holes I can go up. Also does anyone know what brand of hydrofoil I have? Cannot find any markings or labels on it anywhere.
  12. Boat battery charger

    I would check the battery fluid levels first you might be able to save or prolong the life of a battery or two. If they are low, distilled water is what you need and then a good charging. If not new batteries may be in order. I have the same setup as you but with 2 marine batteries. My 90hp starts on either battery. Since I use it at least once a fortnight I will flick the isolator switch to 1+2 and charge the batteries while driving. Ive camped overnight with the radio and cabin led's on for a good portion of the night (and anchor light) and never had an issue starting off the one battery the next day. I also dont have a CTEK charger as, like i said, i use the boat fairly regularly so the batteries get charged. I just make sure I flick the isolator to off when im done.
  13. Yamaha 60hp 2stroke overheat at idle

    Cool, thanks for that. Might give it a try next time I go out, see if my water turns dirty if I use some vinegar.
  14. Yamaha 60hp 2stroke overheat at idle

    So how can you tell when your thermostat is fully opened?
  15. Yamaha 60hp 2stroke overheat at idle

    Interested about this theory. Does anyone know what temperature the thermostat opens at and/or opens fully at? When I googled my thermostat it just said it was a "Mercury 60'C (140'F) thermostat". Assuming that means fully open? When I flush with muffs I usually go 5-10 mins. The water coming out the telltale is warm but def not 60C. 60C is like a hot coffee. Might invest in a barrel, I hope the insides of my motor dont look anything like Flickn Mad's!!!