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  1. Fishing Patonga Creek in the yak tomorrow morning. Launch 6:30 to paddle up with the tide to the top section of the creek. Anybody wanting to come along in their yak is welcome.
  2. Dart any good to eat

    Hi Arron I reckon they're pretty good. Not much meat on them but they taste nice. Definitely worth keeping some next time.
  3. Big shark Botany Bay

    Great story and video, you'll be telling people about that one forever. I don't know what kind of shark it is, but 'spinner' shark certainly suits it. I didn't think mako though, hard to tell but it's head doesn't look pointy enough. I'll go with whaler.
  4. Brisbane Water Bream Plan B

    Nice one Tyrone. I can totally relate to your attitude towards bream. I've come around in recent times too. The surface strikes are awesome and they can be a real challenge around structure.
  5. Harrington breakwall/beach

    There are a couple of access points to the beach along Crowdy Head road. The first one's not far after leaving Harrington but they're easy to spot so you won't miss it. We've gotten jews off the beach there before but no big ones. Might be worth doing a bit of spinning/livebaiting from the rock wall at Crowdy Head too. Should be some pelagics about.
  6. Patonga Creek tomorrow morning

    Had an action packed session actually. Plenty of bream, EP's and flatties in the creek at the moment. Biggest problem was pulling the bream and EP's away from the oyster racks. I landed a few but lost plenty more.
  7. Get up to Port Stephens ASAP if you can.

    I don't know if there's any truth to this but I heard that because they're such voracious feeders they have eaten all the other fish in the ocean, and then they ate each other and now there's just one really big kingy.
  8. Our plan to take 2 boats out to Broughton Island was cancelled last week due to the forecast, so we stayed at a mate's house at lemontree passage instead. I've done the trip to Broughton a few times but have never really fished in the bay so this trip was a bit exploratory. We found the fishing in the bay to be very tough. My fallback species is flathead because you're always guaranteed a flathead around my local waters. We didn't get a single flathead... Pumped nippers and got plenty of undersize whiting on Friday arvo whilst drifting likely looking areas and casting plastics for the flatties up around lemontree. Saturday morning was our window to fish inshore and we didn't venture far from the heads. I got this nice 62cm snapper on a plastic and we caught a heap of bonito, couta and some other ugly things. Got blown off the water yesterday morning before coming home. We also managed a couple of good blue swimmers and an average muddy in the pots over the course of the weekend. This is the only pic because it was the only fish worth taking a photo of!
  9. Using PVC Pipe #2: Rod T-holder

    Cool. I wonder if a bit of pool noodle foam or something like that might finish the job off nicely. Those ends might dig in a bit.
  10. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Looks like you've picked a much better weekend than I did, weather wise. Hope you get a few. We definitely made the right call to cancel our trip out there. Too risky in my 5m open tinny. I'll just have to try again later in the season.
  11. Port Stephens on the weekend

    Thanks guys, it was good exploring a new waterway, now that my friend has moved to the area I think there might be a few more trips in the future. Procro, sorry I’m not the man to ask this question- never fished land based up there apart from bream off the Nelson bay breakwall
  12. Brisbane Water Flatties

    I've got one just like it in my tackle box, works a treat. I now know it's called an ikijime - I've always called it a fish shiv
  13. Brisbane water 19 December

    Smart move Luke - get a fish in before it gets super busy around here. Welcome to the area btw.
  14. Keen to hear from anybody who has added a bow mount trolling motor to an old Quintrex Fish Finder. Just got one and I’m thinking I’ll have to cut the bow rail. Not very keen on the idea so befor I get the angle grinder out I’m hoping someone may have mounted theirs with the bow rail in tact.
  15. There was no need with my setup. It’s all accessible via hatches. I made some mods a few years ago and also put in a different console to the original. Here are a couple of pics by way of explanation. (No idea why they're uploading upside down. They look fine on my screen.) Boat is a 5m Fish Finder by the way
  16. Thanks Frank, no I didn't cover it. Oops! Oh well, I can't see any visual signs of damage. The paint's pretty rough anyway and I'm thinking about going to bare alloy for the gunnels so it probably won't matter. Thanks a lot for the offer, I'll keep that in mind if I decide I want a rail again later. Installation went smoothly and I've got everything hooked up and ready to go. Unfortunately didn't get a chance for a water test, hopefully one afternoon this week. Being a 24V motor I was worried about all the extra weight with batteries. I've mounted them as far back as I could. They're below floor level under the console. Easy access for charging there and completely out of the way. Will be interesting to see if they make much difference to the way she sits in the water. 56kg of batteries plus the motor which must weigh about 12kg+ I reckon so there's a fair bit of new weight in her.
  17. Thanks for your concern guys but it definitely had to go. I trialled and tested every which way before I decided to cut the rail off, and no scenario was going to work perfectly. This option has meant I don’t have to make any compromises and I’ll have the ability to run it a bit shallower when I’m in the racks or flats. Now that it’s done I think it looks cool too
  18. Hi Luke Yeah I was thinking of doing something along those lines. Might just take it off for now and see if I miss having a rail or not. Grinder's coming out this arvo so I can get back on the water asap. I think we live in the same area? I'm in Umina Beach. Keep an eye out on Brisbane Water for a white quintrex with patchy paintwork on the bow and come say g'day some time. Cheers
  19. Hi Frank, the transom is already loaded up, I think the bow is the best place for it. Yes it is awesome isn’t it! Loads of character. It does make a good spot to hold onto occasionally but that’s pretty much the only benefit... After sleeping on this I think removing it is the way to go. It will make fishing up there a bit better too I think. It does get in the way sometimes and I’ll be able to land fish up there
  20. Kingfish in Brisbane Water

    Near the rip bridge
  21. Kingfish in Brisbane Water

    I've seen them in there once last year. A school of rats hanging off a moored boat. I hooked up but got dusted on the mooring and then couldn't get another bite.
  22. flathead and much more around Woy Woy

    Great vid, made me thirsty. I might have to get out there and see if I can find these kings. I've seen them in there and even hooked them but never 6kg ones!
  23. Chasing Electrolysis

    Hi guys I've got a bit of a dilemma with my old quintrex hull. It's a mid 80's model fishfinder centre console. About 3 years ago I gave it a full makeover and did the majority of the work myself. One job that I didn't take on was painting it. I did all the prep work myself and spent many hours sanding to get it ready for the painter. I left the original paint on but there were patches of bare metal all over the place including some larger sections where I built a frame for a cast deck in the bow. He was going to clean it with prepsol, etch prime and paint. It became evident not long after getting the boat home that the 'professional' that I paid to do the job did a dodgy job. There were bits of masking tape that he had left on the hull and painted over. As time went by I also found that he did not even etch prime the bare patches despite telling me that's what he would do. I don't know if he cleaned it up properly either and my guess is probably not judging by the rest of his job. 3 years on and there are now patches of bubbling/cracking paint all over the place and I'm not sure what to do. Do I: Just leave it and keep fishing until it starts to fall apart? Rub back the ugly bits and do a touch up job, knowing that I will probably be doing this over and over as new spots arise? Just sell it and buy another boat? Pull the whole thing apart and get a real professional to do it properly this time? My worry is that the damage has been done to the aluminium now and no amount of proper cleaning and priming before painting will give any certainty that I won't be facing this exact same problem in a couple of years. What would you do?
  24. Chasing Electrolysis

    Thanks Ron, on a positive note that shouldn't be very difficult since most of the paint is falling off there already