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  1. took my daughter and her boyfriend Fishing last Wednesday in the harbour tried for squid, no luck went for yakkas easy to get. Went to a calm spot put out a live yakka gave both a rod with unweighted pilly tails.. result 4 x 60cm throw back kingfish lots of fun on 4lb braid and half a dozen slimy macs. Live bait did not get touched I was fishing lures for 1 undersized flathead, bu did get a few rats chasing a 10gm halco to the boat and a decent tailor. Point is plenty of rats in the harbour. I bought the pilchards at the servo. Soz put the pics on facebook
  2. I would fish where you see them, Try lures, Live bait, and Pilchard I got 4 undersize rats today on unweighted pilchard tail, I had a live yakka out the whole session which did not get touched, had a few follow a halco twistie to the boat whithout a strike, 3 hours to full tide did the trick and we also caught a few slimie mackeral which in hindsight I should of used for bait.
  3. Hi, To state the obvious no technique will work if the fish are not there. Have you ever seen kingfish or heard of any body catching kingfish in the area? I fished a local bay (not in the hacking) for 6 months before I got a king but I had seen them following bait and lures to the boat.
  4. Plus you can always add a couple of rod lengths of heavier line if casting weight, should be able to land a good fighting Aussie salmon on 12Lb but big Rays or sharks may give you grief
  5. Hi You are not the first and will not be the last look at this thread
  6. you should be right, I used to use a keeper net in the water and keep the catch alive even that ws impractical in some locations, but your method is as good as any
  7. Leaving the the pointy end of the hook exposed will catch more fish e.g. soft plastics all baits will work the same. Some times you rig with less exposure to avoid snags with weeds etc.The advantage of circle hooks is they tend to hook in the corner of the mouth by design, making catch and release fishing easier.
  8. The things I hear most often is looking after your catch i.e quickly kill bleed and Ice the fish, most popular 'ice' being a slurry of saltwater and ice. The cleaned and or filleted fish will keep in the fridge for a few days some fish are even better after a night in the fridge (not freezer) in my opinion both Flathead and tailor are better the next day. Some fish dont freeze well at all notably tailor. But a lot freeze ok if handled well from time of capture until the freezer. Cryovacing has a very good rep but I have not tried it myself. Good luck hope you catch a bag full
  9. I got mine a year ago because I now have the time Love it and looking to upgrade
  10. Nice everything
  11. nice haul for the table
  12. thaks mate will give it a go
  13. I Fish out of a runabout so I Have a marine battery power source just out of interest what power source do you have in a yak
  14. May be worth the exercise to do some pricing and ask us if we are prepared to pay and see if the response = worth doing $30+ at the tackle store
  15. I leave it on but depending on the situation may make a difference however the boat seems to scare more than the sounder if get my drift