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  1. Leatherjacket as bait

    While possible not ideal most classic baits are what fish would normally eat and why you find fish around bait schools but people use cheese, bread, mincemeat and chicken to name a few things that are not normal fishfood.
  2. Middle harbour King mushy

    I use a heavier out fit when targeting kings (30lb braid 40lb leader shimano 8000 baitcaster with 8-15Kg rod) because Ive been told a decent fish can spool a light outfit also they fight dirty and will reef you if they can be it anchor rope moorings or the bottom. That said most kings I have caught were on light gear ( sedona and sienna reels 2000 to 3500 on different rods with 6lb braid just reloaded all with 12lb braid because if you hit a batch of decent bonnies or macs or even salmon and especially kings a long fight can take you away from the fish., I have even hooked a few on a hand line rigged for yakkas with a tiny piece of pillie but have never landed one in that case and the fight was very short.
  3. Balmain Blackfish

    How do you cook your blackfish and I hear bleeding is important?
  4. Fishing almanac

    Hi Raiders, I have noticed that fish can be very seasonal and I am wondering what I should target in Autumn I normally fish the harbour out of a runabout and goto pittwatter occasionally. cheers!
  5. After some Leatherjacket tips

    The ones in the video are the ones in the harbour that took all my tackle and have a bad rep. But while google HANDY HINTS AND TIPS Try rubbing a couple of drops of aniseed oil on your hands before commencing fishing, this will encourage shy fish to actively feed and is considered to be illegal in some countries due to its efficiency for attracting fish. Always fish as light as possible for leatherjacket this includes sinkers, lines and leaders. Long shank hooks will help to prevent bite offs and are much easier to remove!includes sinkers, lines and leaders. Long shank hooks will help to prevent bite offs and are much easier to remove!
  6. Middle harbour King mushy

    Can this happen to jewfish as well I had a 76cm model that was very soft when cooked
  7. 6kg braid

    I get braid in 1000 meter spools $75 for 6LB with a siding scale as the braking strain increases to $149 for 130LB its PE (spectrum or Dyneema) colour change since moving to this I have had fewer problems if you shop around there are probably better deals out there.
  8. Yo-zuri vs Yamashita

    Normally if get snagged when squiding I can pull the jig out clear the spikes of weed and get back into it, unless I just bought a new $25 dollar lure then for sure it will snag and be lost. I now buy some cheap ones and some top shelf and mix them up in my tackle box so I cant tell which is which seems to have fixed the problem. I like orange or blue and 3D prawn squid jigs. I do agree the cheap ones come apart at the seams after a few good squid have been landed.
  9. 6kg braid

    Hi mate yes sfactor available at large chain camping boating fishing stores, I had the same problem when I first switched to braid. It gets better as you use it. e.g if I cast out and leave the bail open while the lure/ bait sinks when I retrieve I use mt free hand to put pressure on untli the terminal tackle can be felt. As mentioned before try to keep pressure when retrieving. Say plastics do your hops take up slack straight away and let it sink slowly take up slack until you feel the lure then hop again monitor how your braid is spooling.
  10. After some Leatherjacket tips

    there were swarms of small leather jackets in the harbour recently like pirahna eating everything swivels, bare hooks even squid jigs so as i see one I move because they have cost me a lot of tackle.
  11. help with estuary fishing

    Time and enthusiasm is all it takes try a few different things but keep trying these are the keys
  12. Swordies bag out on crabs

    Looks Like I will have to try the lake Good Job
  13. Urgent help required

    Clean your fish in salt water and wet hands with same before however fresh fish do not smell bad and its only on your hand
  14. Lures to replace whitebait

    I got a fly that matches tried it behind a bubble float but no takers so far. Dont have a fly rod
  15. Spit Bridge Squid

    Hi mate, the area is known as squid ally, best if you can drift under the bridge trouble is the current is fast mostly arrow squid are caught there. Night time under the lights has some good reports. I past a guy the other day about 6:am with three jigs out under the northern section with a electric holding him but he was working hard actually jigging rods and changing hands. Good luck have a go and tell us how it went