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  1. Jindabyne Trout trip

  2. Hmm... Dinner, or Bait?

    Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush eat it catch some more for bait. Out of all the live squid Ive used to target a certain species only 1 worked most have been picked to pieces, Mind you only been fishing out of a boat for 2 years.
  3. Luderick on the double handed fly rod

    Love a plan coming together
  4. weedbeds

    Last summer I was off the inland side of palm beach for the first time its acres of weed about 2-3 meters deep so I put out a sugar pen and caught a pike also got a bonnie close to the edge and had have strikes on poppers. Its a bit hit and miss.
  5. Sydney Kings

    well done looks like seaforth
  6. Rat Patroll

    Got this rat trolling Balmoral today was a surprise as I was chasing Taylor.
  7. All rounder boat

    Hi, I have a seaway 430 with 40HP suzie 4 stroke 50 Ltr underfloor tank plumbed bait tank bought it new and Im looking to upgrade is some sort of swap possible? I am a bit fussy but willing to tow the boat up to you for a days fishing and check yours out I have wed thurs and friday off except for next week I work thursday
  8. Tips for fishing for bait eg yakka

    As above and when I used a subiki I used a star sinker on the bottom the taught line seems to make them hook themselves (no give) but I bait all three hooks normally. They cant resist it. I have had good results with a handline small splitshot and long shank hook.
  9. Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    Hi I never heard of using bait traps for yakkas but you could keep them alive in a keepers net with the right size aperture.
  10. Bycatch spinning for tailor

    Nice by catch what area are you in be fore I grab my halco and tear off down the beach
  11. Sidearm casting

    How low is the jetty and how close are you? Straight back over the shoulder and bullet straight release will get you in there but if you are under structure side cast can work how deep do you need to go
  12. Winter fishing tactics

    Winter is not here yet got this of the beach on soft plastic also got a flatie which are on the chew now usually fish out of a boat but friday was such a nice day p.s Dee Why beach
  13. Setting drag

    As said before I set the drag by feel some of the smaller egg beaters reels have a 14lb drag max anyway so my tackle shop told me. your other question set the drag to your weakest link weather that be the main line or leader.
  14. Estuary Perch

    Where is this can I take my 4.3 runabout there?
  15. Supermarket (frozen) squid and octopus?

    I would say depends on your aim i.e as fragmiester said the pros swear by live squid but they do have a to fill a half day fishing time slot. But if you just want to catch a fish servo prawns will do. If I want to kill an hour or so doing what I love I would flick some lures its amazing what can happen.