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  1. Not a bad s session. Too bad about the weather. I’m hoping I have your luck when I go next Fufu
  2. Yeah a few of the other fishermen called it quits early too. Thinking of trying south maroubra next Fufu
  3. Nice work! Fufu
  4. Hi Raiders Not much of a report. Came home with nothing after spending a few hours fishing Narrabeen Beach with no luck as then the wind picked up. Continued fishing the lake with no luck and called it quits about 9.30pm as we got hit by with gale force winds Hopefully there’s something good to report. How’d everyone else go? Fufu
  5. Try fishing the flats next to St.George sailing club with live nippers and prawns for whiting and bream. You can also try the groynes around dolls point, careful though. They can be slippery Fufu
  6. Will do Cheers Fufu
  7. Would you have to go to the chemist then to get the right mix for you? Fufu
  8. Thanks guys I think I'll end up going with ET pills and avomine See how I go with that Fufu
  9. I have tried travel calm. No luck. Although I can't remember they were the natural ones I have thought about the bracelets but I have my doubts Although I'm at the stage where I'll try anything lol Fufu
  10. Much appreciated Fufu
  11. Hi Raiders Just after some tips if anyone can help me with sea sickness? I never used to get sea sick back when I was younger but now I get sick almost every time I go out on a boat Ive tried kwell tablets with no success. I've also tried eating light the night before with good sleep. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. E.g another brand etc. A friend did mention going to a doctor and getting them to make a up a pill specific to your body? Again, any help would be greatly appreciated Fufu
  12. Well neither translates into anything good lol Fufu
  13. Great catch there! Fufu
  14. I'm guessing it's some sort of swear word lol Fufu