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  1. Fuel lines

    Thanks Rick.
  2. Fuel lines

    Hi Raiders Im going to move my 25 lt fuel tank forward so it sits just aft of the front thwart . (Shes a bit stern heavy at slow speeds.) Can anyone see a problem with having to extend the fuel line by 2 metres more.?? Cheers all.
  3. Members Boats.

    Nice.! A serious boat indeed.👍
  4. New boat trailer rust protection prevention

    Alloy ' Alloy ' Alloy .its the future and the answer .
  5. Lowrance hook 7

    Thanks everyone. Have gone to manual settings and all went well today. I also realised that i had downscan frequency set on 455 khz not 800 khz although not sure if that would cause my problem. Bonus today was catching 8 nice bream . Nup. Really shallow readings. I just read somewhere that i should take it off the auto sensitivity setting so will try that next time im out.
  6. Suitable trailer for boat.

    Go alloy if you can. Brst move i ever made.
  7. Lowrance hook 7

    Nup. Really shallow readings. I just read somewhere that i should take it off the auto sensitivity setting so will try that next time im out.
  8. Lowrance hook 7

    I have a lowrance elite 7 hook with chirp that works pretty well although lately it has been losing the depth reading at speed, which doesnt worry me too much , however when i slow down it gives me ridiculous readings which does worry me. As well , when this happens i dont get the sonar picture back. Any ideas ? Cheers Brian.
  9. Knife sharpeners

    Bought a Nirey 198 electric sharpener the other day after many attempts with stones . So simple to use and gives a brilliant edge. Cost was $200 from the kitchen shop. Do yourself a favor. These units are great and worth the bucks.😁
  10. Looks great without the rails . What do you need them for anyway. Goid decision i reckon
  11. motorguide xi5 gps

    Thinking of gettong one myself would you recomend this motor ?Cheers
  12. Macksville .mid north coast

    Im taking the tinny for a fish at Macksville later this week. After flatties or bream / jacks . Has anyone fished here lately and want to help with some spots o should concentratr on .
  13. Swivel seat

    Super cumfy. I used to have these on my renegade 460. I ended up buying a plastic padded seatand swivel base from motackle on coffs harbour. (worlds largest fishing store 2 mins from my place ). Have carpeted the bench seats to cut down on glare and provide non slip. New lowrance hook 7 installed. All ready to go now.😎.hows yours coming along ?
  14. Carpeted Aluminium Bench Seats

    Great idea. I will be doing the same to my new Busta . I beleive acetone is good to clean the alloy before glueing.?
  15. Swivel seat

    Great idea !! Looks solid as !