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  1. Looks great without the rails . What do you need them for anyway. Goid decision i reckon
  2. Thinking of gettong one myself would you recomend this motor ?Cheers
  3. Im taking the tinny for a fish at Macksville later this week. After flatties or bream / jacks . Has anyone fished here lately and want to help with some spots o should concentratr on .
  4. Super cumfy. I used to have these on my renegade 460. I ended up buying a plastic padded seatand swivel base from motackle on coffs harbour. (worlds largest fishing store 2 mins from my place ). Have carpeted the bench seats to cut down on glare and provide non slip. New lowrance hook 7 installed. All ready to go now.😎.hows yours coming along ?
  5. Great idea. I will be doing the same to my new Busta . I beleive acetone is good to clean the alloy before glueing.?
  6. Great idea !! Looks solid as !
  7. Great idea !!
  8. Hi raiders Need to put a swivel seat on the Busta 420. Can anyone recomend a particular type or brand. Something that will screw straight down onto the bench . Dont really like the ones that has the steel frame that clamps onto the bench. Thanks Mateys
  9. Hi raiders Just finished watching Reel Action on the box.. I was a kingie bonanza at swansea channel on the incoming tide. So im gunna have to travel down with the new boat and get a piece of this action. Can any one recomend a nice camping spot nearby as well as any info on catching these beasts. Also where to go if their not firing .
  10. No no no . Coffs is crap . No fish and dangerous beaches. Awful boat ramps and unfriendly locals. Best to go somewhere else.😉
  11. Yeah ! Would love to see Any pics ?
  12. I like your artistic flair however nav lights have to display at certain angles. Best to check out the legal requirements. Love tinny pimping though.👍
  13. Get a new one . All under warranty, and most new motors are brilliant these days. I would pay a couple of hundred more and get electric start for sure. I have just ordered a quintrex busta 4.2 with a yam 40 fourstroke. Rampages are from the same factory ( telwater) and are a great boat but the millenium hull on the Busta is awesome .this will be my 3 rd boat from this factory. Never had any probs. Plate sided boats havr to be thicker than a pressed side due to the design . Eg. Look at anglapro topsides at 3 mm vs Busta at 1.6. Anglapro is 70 kg heavier yet not necessarily stronger. Motor has to push more weight then .
  14. Try the co-op wharf on sunrise or after dark . There are some serious bream and trevors in there. Dont use sinkers. As theyre cunning bastards.
  15. Thanks 🖒