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  1. Fishing license question

    Thank you. I thought so but just wanted to make sure noldty
  2. Fishing license question

    Hi all, i am going for a fish tonight with some friends who never have fished. I just want to know if era fill out a license for them both on my phone online will the receipt I get be alright in case we get checked? regards noldty
  3. Sydney Harbour 3rd February

    Isn't it a Cobia?? Noldty
  4. It was 72cm. I'm hopefully heading out this weekend so hopefully there are some around Noldty
  5. Hey mate, i hooked two kings and landed one a few weeks ago in double bay on live squid. I have been again to the same spot twice since and nothing. I really think that you have to be in the right place at the right time with the right bait. Noldty
  6. Drought over

    great fish. It's always fun getting good fish from the surf. Noldty
  7. Oufished by the old fella at Balmoral

    Great bream. I'm in the same boat with my dad. I rig everything up and he just watches haha. He says it is to make up from when I was little haha
  8. Double Bay 22/01/17

    The harbour kings that I have hooked have been a good size and some of the fish that I have seen swimming around have looked good. The one I lost might have been a little bigger but it's hard to tell. Noldty
  9. kingfish

    Some great fish there. Good stuff noldty
  10. Double Bay 22/01/17

    Hey mate, i don't use to heavy gear. I had a 12ft rod rated at 6-9kg with a 4000 reel spooled with 15lb braid main line. I run that down to my trace which is 30lb fluorocarbon leader joined together with a double uni knot. I snell two hooks at the end. Noldty
  11. Double Bay 22/01/17

    Hey All, managed to get out for a fish on Sunday and decided to go down to double bay for the morning. I arrived around 5:30 and quickly rigged up my rods. I had two rods one with a squid jig and one set up to throw the squid out of I could catch one. One hour passes and nothing at all. I was about to give up on the squid and throw some surface lures around and some plastics. Thankfully I have it a little bit more time and I finally caught a squid. I quickly rigged the squid up and threw it out. While the squid was out I continued to fish for squid. Half an hour passed by and I caught five more squid. That would be enough for the morning so stopped there. I went over to check the squid. I wound it in and found that my hooks were gone. A nice clean bite through the trace. I'm guessing it was a tailor. I rigged up and threw out another squid. This squid was in the water for about 10 minutes when I heard my drag make a little sound. I went over and sat in front of the rod and then all of a sudden the line took off and the drag was sreaming. I lifted the rod up and straight away I could feel the power of the fish and he was going straight for the boat morings. I tightened the drag and gavehine everything. I everntually turned him and was getting him in close. He took a few more runs but eventually I got him to the wharf. I grabbed my net and was about to net him and he took one more run under the wharf and bing the line snapped. I was not happy. So I still a few squid left so I quickly rigged up and threw out another squid. A little bit of time went by and not much more action was happening. I was throwing sum plastics around next thing you know the squid rods goes off again. I run over and again I hook the fish and the fish runs straight for the morings. Once again I managed to turn the fish and slowly work his way to the wharf. Once again I got the fish to the wharf. This time I left the fishes head out of the water and but the net behind the fish and netted him. I wish I could of weighed him because he was really thick across the back. After the photo I placed him back in the water and he took off. I went threw the other squid but they were all picked off over time. When I had no more squid left I packed up and went home happy with my effort for the morning. Noldty
  12. Double Bay 20/11/16

    I forgot to add the photo
  13. Double Bay 20/11/16

    Hey, This is my first report. Been along time reader and have learnt a lot from reading various reports over the last year. This morning decided to head head down to double bay and see if I could catch a kingfish. It has been a few years since I last caught myself a kingfish. Last summer I lost a few under various wharfs I fished around the harbour so I was keen to start this summer off on the right foot. I packed my bag and went down to the wharf. My plan was to not buy any bait and try to catch some squid and if that did not work throw some plastics and surface lures around. I arrived around 5:30 in the morning and conditions looked amazing. I rigged up a squid jig quickly to see if there were any squid around. Second cast I got a great bait size squid. So I quickly rigged up the rod I brought for the kingfish. I was using a 7ft 6-10kg rod with a 4000 reel spooled with 15lb main line and tied 20lb fluorocarbon leader with double uni knot. I decided to use a single hook since the squid was not to big. So I quickly threw the squid out and went back to see if I could manage any other squid. I quickly got two more squid and then they seemed to disappear. I took the squid jig off and threw around a surface lure. Over the next hour not much happened and I changed the lures I was using and nothing was touching the squid. It was about 6:30 when my rod with the squid started to scream. I went over to hook the fish and nothing. The hook came back empty. Feeling a little disappointed but still having two squid I thought if I quickly get another one out there who never know the fish might still be out there. I decided to change my approach and re rigged and put two hooks on. I threw the squid out and it must of been in the water 10min and the line was screaming again. I ran over and hooked the fish and straight away I could feel the weight and the rod a nice bend in it. It a good strong run and I was everntually able to get some pressure on it and turn the fishes head. It took a few more runs and each one was just as strong. I soon had it near the wharf and saw the king fish coming up. It was heading up to the surface and it took a run down towards the bottom of the wharf. I quickly put my hand on the spool and was not going to give it anything and luckily I was able to turn the fish again and once again I had the fish on the surface. It tried to run again but it did not get to far. Thank goodness there was someone else fishing on the wharf and the grabbed my net and was able to net it for me. It measured 66cm and I was over the moon. Finally landing a kingfish. After that there was not much happening. I put out the other squid and threw around some plastics but nothing. I decided to call it about 8:30 and headed home Noldty