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  1. Dangerous goat track followed by 2 x rope descents. not recommended. An old mate of mine saw a fatality off the ropes a few years back now. Cossie
  2. The mattens or mattings (original name)
  3. Ocean rocks mate
  4. Thanks for comments raiders
  5. Well done LA Catch up blackie session soon🐟🐟🐟🐟
  6. Hi raiders quick blackie report from eastern suburbs rocks.Fished run in today. All fish caught on weed. Dropped plenty also. All part of the fun. Lots of surface action today also. Saw what looked like gars being chased virtually up to dry land by some quite large predators. Looks like a good pelagic season coming up🤞 Cossie
  7. 650CS is what you are looking for stainless backplate.
  8. Alvey blackfish reels are made in china
  9. When you are fishing a rock and there is someone next to you not fishing and just standing there, where is the need for a jacket.? i had young kids jumping in and out of the water right beside where I was fishing on the weekend. Makes no sense in some cases. if you need a jacket you shouldn't be there
  10. Rangers have been on the hunt recently i have copped a couple of reminders
  11. Fish had a hell of last run for a shallow reef. angler did well. Was using a baitrunner reel and telescopic rod approx 12 foot. Heavy braid and mono trace.paternoster rig.
  12. No pressure was placed on fellow angler. Am fully aware of his legal right to take. Just a comment, no enforcement. just was amazed at fish's beauty and so was he. Hence his hesitation in taking fish.
  13. Hi raiders Bit of a different report today. Was at local rocks in eastern suburbs on Saturday where I joined another angler early just after sunrise. I thought I would have a quick morning spin session. This guy had a couple of casts with a red crab bait set up and by about third cast he was into a very solid fish. After about a couple of minutes tussle he landed a beautiful groper which I estimate to have been between 8-10 kg. A beautiful fish that I have never seen that size caught before. He was wrapped and so was I. I asked him if he was going to keep it, which he replied that he was. Not sure if it was my business to tell him but I told him it was a great catch and it should be released. He told me he would ring his mate. He was on the phone for about five minutes while I was with fish in a shallow pool. He came back and I asked him again and he seemed unsure by now. All of a sudden a wave came and washed the fish out and back into the sea, therefore no more decision making needed. A great sight on a beautiful Sydney morning. Btw no surface fishies for me😩
  14. Nice haul boys Well done ! cossie
  15. Excellent catch mate Well done jealous😥