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  1. Balmain Blackfish

    Funny how those loops end up in a solid knot. never quite worked that out. cheers
  2. Fishing at Magic Point

    Remember this book LA?
  3. Fishing at Magic Point

    Magic point is accessible from continuing along base of cliffs. There was a plank at bight of large gutter when I used to fish it no need for ropes cossie
  4. Fishing at Magic Point

    Magic or mistral point. i am assuming Maroubra?
  5. Fishing Spots in Minnamurra/Bombo/Kiama

    Bombo rocks near the quarry big Bonnies if they are there. Pillies under a float will do the job look for old rod holders. You will need long rods and heavy gear to haul them out. park at cliff drive and walk out to headland.Watch the swell! cheers
  6. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    Hi mate Centrepin is an old Boaden NIgg-r reel. 4" inch diameter. i believe only a few old timers may remember them. From the 1950's. Cheers
  7. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    First and last time with this one Royce! Had to get a photo with it. First pig of the day was fun with the Sportex and pin mate. Cossie
  8. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    Had to post a couple of times due to file size of photos. Short session down the coast a week ago. Pigs were also on the bite. Cossie
  9. Blessed with drummer, cursed with luderick

    Drummer on blackie gear always a challenge,but good fun when you get smoked or are able to wash a good one out. cossie
  10. Fishing to the south of Sydney

    Dangerous goat track followed by 2 x rope descents. not recommended. An old mate of mine saw a fatality off the ropes a few years back now. Cossie
  11. Fishing to the south of Sydney

    The mattens or mattings (original name)
  12. Blackie session

    Ocean rocks mate
  13. Blackie session

    Thanks for comments raiders
  14. Well done LA Catch up blackie session soon🐟🐟🐟🐟