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  1. SP's DO WORK!!

    That’s a nice lizard! Well done
  2. Balmoral Beach Jetty

    What a nice report. I was sure you would post a shark pix at the very end. Well a stingray is still much better than being at home. I’m keen to an adventure in that area. So let me know when you go next time and will join you as I’ve been always fishing in the south coast. cheers. fernando
  3. First Ever Kayak Outing - Narrabeen Lake

    Nice report. Enjoy your yak! Let’s have a joint session someday. cheers.
  4. Flattyfest in the Georges with release video

    Solid catch and nice pix! How do you usually collect poddies? cheers
  5. Cool, I’ve never heard about these two apps. I will take a look at them, not a big fan of the gopro app. I’m also very new to these yak adventures but looking forward to fishing at dusk. If you’re keen to a joint session, let me know. I usually go fishing in the early morning with some time flexible. Got my anchor a few days ago so now the yak combo is officially complete! cheers!
  6. Big flatty released

    What a big girl!!! Well done. which spot is the best to launch a yak in the George river? I’m not far from it but has never tried though.
  7. Great report and nice idea of posting a map link with the video! I’m keen to put a GoPro mount on my yak and record some fishing adventures. Have you ever fished in a yak in the night time? cheers
  8. San Souci

    What a nice fishing time mates. I did enjoy a lot. Next time we will catch something! Cheers
  9. Arrawarra beach mulloway

    Thanks gutamouth! Hope you catch many big guys like this one! Keep posting the pix, it's so cool to see it. cheers, fernando.
  10. Arrawarra beach mulloway

    What a great fish. Congrats! How heavy was the gear you used?
  11. My first Australian salmon

    Hi mate, i have been surf fishing and single hook with half pilchard seems to work better. However many fishos prefer ganged hooks. As bait I have used live yabbies (marine nippers) and targeted mostly whitings and flatties.
  12. Fishy night on the beaches

    Thanks mate!
  13. Yak session - yellow rock and long bay

    Great report, nice fish!
  14. Fishy night on the beaches

    What a nice shark! Well done. Which rig did you use to hook this bugger?