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  1. Thanks for the great advice, I got a lot more and greater detail than I expected. I am thinking of doing a no stress, day time run to get an idea of fuel burn and time required to get their and back and if there is no boats out their, maybe a few pratice drifts. Is it worth trolling any lures on the way back in? Thanks.
  2. Hi Raiders, With the news that the fads have been deployed around Sydney and I now have a boat capable of getting me to and from their in one piece, I'm after some general advice about fishing techniques for mahi mahi and more importantly, some tips about etiquette when fishing the fad. Thanks. Winston.
  3. Great work and great report. Two of my favorite things, catching and pizza.
  4. Hi Shannon, You can get squid at Apple tree bay. Cheers.
  5. I did this, it worked well for me.
  6. No problem, I've tried it a few times with mixed results. Some tangles are worse than others.
  7. Good find. Thanks, She's been an awesome boat.
  8. I've got my boat on gumtree atm. I put in the add that low ball offers will be ignored. So far it's worked.
  9. Hi Taps, We pulled our boat in at about 4.30-5ish on Sunday and it was on the wharf. There was a boat tied off next to it and I assumed that it belonged to it. Spewing i didnt pick it up now. Sorry.
  10. The key to catching beach worms is pinching them really slowly. Where most people get it wrong is striking at them quickly. If you slowly pinch them, they won't even know that you have touched them till it's too late. If you can find an hour on low tide, bag limit is 20 whole or pieces, take them home and put them in a jar of metho straight in the freezer. They will last for years.
  11. Great report. Narrabeen beach is an excellent worming beach. Its a lot of fun pulling beach worms out of the sand there too, most people on the beach don't even know they exist.
  12. To help you get excited, here is a Wahoo my brother caught of Wooli a couple of years back.
  13. I hooked a travalley buy the parasite once. I thought it pulled the hook as I tried to lift it into the boat only to find the parrisite still on the hook. Thought I could dispatch it by hitting it against the boat only for it to explode into a million babies that took off as soon as they hit the water.
  14. I often go weightless and floatless but I find the floats keep the kids interested for a little bit longer.