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  1. Daiwa Generation Black advice needed

    Hi Raiders. Reviving this post as I need some help deciding on a rod to cast light lures 3g-8g. Will match to my 2500 stradic. It's between: - Pinster II 642LFS (193cm, 1-10g, 2-5kg) - Itchy Twitchy 6102LFS (208cm, 1-5g, 1.5-3kg) - Scratchy 702LFS (213cm, 1-5g, 1.5-3kg) Does anyone have experience with these rods? I like the sound of the Pinster but concerned it won't get enough distance on the casts so that's why I'm considering the others... But will they be able to handle the 7g-8g lures? Thanks for your adv,ice! Ledge
  2. Sydney Kings - They’re back

    What do you do with the salmon? We caught 5 monsters around 70cm last weekend. Kept one to see if I could make it edible by using my new sous vide technique (fail). Even the cat wouldn’t eat it.
  3. First king on plastics!

    Agreed. Thanks Derek. I'm land based and have landed lots of rats but never managed to subdue a hoodlum during its first run. Opening the bail arm is an interesting technique. I've heard of that before but have never had the guts to actually try it when I'm on a good fish. Will hopefully get the chance to try your tips this weekend!
  4. First king on plastics!

    Mate, congratulations, that's awesome. What's the secret to the fight? The few times I've hooked a decent king on light gear, it's just taken off in a straight line and hasn't stopped until it's found its way to structure and busted me off. Is it just luck of where it runs or is there something that can be done to stop the run or steer it away from structure?
  5. Leader material

    Hi Krispy, Thanks for your input! I wonder if the fish would have hit the other guy's line if he was using 12lb mono... and whether it would have rejected yours if you were using 40lb fluoro. Based on what some of the other experienced fishos have said in this discussion, it seems line diameter plays a bigger part than material (at least, when comparing fluoro and mono). But as you say, best to use what you feel most comfortable using.
  6. 1770 Lady Musgrave

    Shame about the weather but such a great adventure! A trip like this has been on my bucket list for some time... hardest part is finding the mates and the resources to make it happen! Hope your kids know how lucky they are!!
  7. Leader material

    Thanks for an informative post JonD. It sounds like you've done the research. And you certainly seem to get the results! Seems you've found mono leaders to get as many or more bites than fluoro. You're telling me what I was hoping to hear, as I much prefer the performance of mono leaders in every other aspect. So you use Momoi standard mono line as leader material? Not even Momoi leader? In terms of knot strength and abrasion resistance I've found the Jarvis Walker Hercules mono leader from Kmart to be a standout. So if you reckon different mono lines look the same underwater, I might just stick with that!
  8. Leader material

    I'll be interested to know the outcome of your test. Keep me in the loop!
  9. Leader material

    Thanks for the replies, all. I'm more interested in whether fish are more likely to bite using fluoro than mono, as I already feel that mono leader material performs better than fluoro in other areas.
  10. Leader material

    Hey Raiders. I'd like to hear your experience with how many bites you get using different leader materials. When I first got into fishing, I switched to fluoro after about a year of fishing with mono, and ended up getting a lot more fish. But that could also be due to the fact I was no longer a newbie. Getting more fish was good, but I also noticed that with fluoro the line was breaking more easily and it didn't tie as well. I know the companies claim that fluoro is tougher, but I find that it breaks more easily than quality mono and that tailor and other toothies bite through it more easily. And I've tried 4-5 different brands. So, I'd like to know if you Raiders have found that you get more bites using fluoro? Or do you think that mono gets just as many bites? Cos I'd prefer to use mono if it won't cost me bites. Thanks team. Ledge.
  11. Solo session Terrigal

    Ah yep. Cheers. Have a few knights already. Nice double hookup lol
  12. Solo session Terrigal

    Good read. Do you mind sharing what lure you were using when you hooked the king? I'm keen to add a few new ones to my tackle box!
  13. What kind of fish is that? Hard to see in the pic but it looks like a cobia from George's River?! I must be seeing things
  14. Sydney LBG with lures

    Thanks Luke, some good insights. I never though of burleying for kings but I guess if you're keeping baitfish in the area then it can only be a good thing.
  15. Sydney LBG with lures

    Thanks mate, I have a few of the new XXXrap 14s so will give them a go as well. Out of curiosity, how would you rig up a dead frigate?