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  1. Parra River Mullet

    In my experience mullet basically don't eat anything that moves. Unless it's yellow eye mullet, which will take a tiny lure occasionally. For the rest, even huge ones, completely burying a tiny hook in bread or dough is all that's ever worked for me. But this was mostly in the clean water of the Swan River estuary in Perth, so maybe not applicable here. Those guys get up to 60-70cm and are a frickin' handful to land.
  2. Monday fish

    ¿Porque no los dos?
  3. Terrigal trags

  4. Brisbane Water Flatties

    I was (mostly) just joshing too. I'm a huge fan of quick and humane killing - I could go on for ages about my brand of fishing ethics, but would probably bore some and enrage others. And breach the forum rules. But the diameter of those holes suggests a cylindrical punch, not just a spike. Like a smaller scale, sharper version of an apple corer. Is that what you're using? Great idea if so, cos I'm always on the lookout for ways to maximise the chances of a quick and relatively painless death.
  5. Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Pretty sure you can catch them in any manner that doesn't involve piercing the shell. Snorkeling with a pair of welding gloves on and just picking them up was my favourite as a kiddie.
  6. Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Any pointers here? I usually fish the north side of the channel, seaward of the bridge. Either the jetties or the rockwall or the sand flats/channel further east. Yet to try in the lake itself.
  7. Brisbane Water Flatties

    Yeah, do you always take your hole saws fishing Scienceman?
  8. How cuttlefish attack

    No dramas here Omally - just sharing my philosophy of carnivore ethics - i.e. that being intelligent or beautiful shouldn't spare you from being eaten!
  9. How cuttlefish attack

    Octopus are pretty smart too. Not to mention pigs, sheep, goats. I don't reckon being dumb or ugly means you deserve to be eaten though. Getting caught and being delicious are the only criteria that matter!
  10. Lake Illawarra Crabs

    Yeah, I only moved to the area recently, so not familiar with the history, but for such a promising looking body of water it's not very productive. I've got two keepers - a bream and a flattie - from about ten shore-based attempts. Shitloads of ullet aroud at the moment, so this weekend I'm just gonna take bread with me and target them.
  11. spit bridge on live tailor part 2

    Good stuff mate. I've broken that rule once only: when I was bringing in a little chopper tailor in the Swan river in Perth, and something attacked it right near the jetty. It wasn't going to live long anyway - huge wounds to the body/tail - so I put it on a single hook and tossed it back out. Immediately scored a nice 50cm cannibal tailor.
  12. spit bridge on live tailor part 2

    Zoran's correct - anything you use for bait needs to be a legal keeper.
  13. Windang

    Agreed. The place was thick with mullet too, but I didn't have any bread and they weren't taking prawns.
  14. Windang

    I feel for ya. Fished from one of the jetties just downstream from the bridge yesterday for doughnuts. Well, worse than that really - got 2 flatties and 3 bream, all between 1 and 2cm undersized. None of them had swallowed the hook, so at least they all went back healthy.
  15. Suburban Sydney Bass

    Prospect Creek?