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  1. Big bass

    Ah nice , heaps far from me aha
  2. Big bass

    What a monster awesome, which lake was your daughter fishing at?
  3. Broughton Mill Creek Bass

    This is awesome , love it !
  4. Jig heads !

    I have had no luck :(((( what’s everyone’s go to lures for flathead and what size jigheads/hook
  5. Jig heads !

    Do you store the lures back I go the packages they come in after you’ve cleaned them or leave seperate from the new ones ? Are z man your go to lures as well?
  6. Brisbane Water Flatties

    What size jigheads mate ?
  7. Can soft plastics be re used??

    Yeah think illl do that just leave them on the jig give it a rinse and only keep the same lures together in their own original packaging
  8. Can soft plastics be re used??

    Okay cool so just rinse them then put them back in original packaging and we’re all good for next session, I seen on a video they put some sort of scent on them maybe 50-80 casts
  9. Hey raiders, just wondering if soft plastics can be re used if they haven’t been striked or haven’t caught any fish. Was going to rinse them off in fresh water and then put them back in the bags for next session ?
  10. Jig heads !

    Does everyone re use there soft plastics if they haven’t been striked or caught a fish ?
  11. Jig heads !

    Alright awesome , thanks mate !
  12. Jig heads !

    Yeah that’s what I’ll do I’ll keep them in the original bag and then throw them in a sealy bag just for that extra protection as for the metal lures and hard bodies I’ll rinse them off with fresh water before storing again & the jig heads will be attached to the soft plastic which will be in the bags, so I think everything should be sorted now !
  13. Jig heads !

    I’m gonna just put them back in the packet and keep all my soft plastics in the packet from now on and only my metal and hard bodies in the container along with the jig heads
  14. Jig heads !

    Ahh damn, so they’ll get ruined if they are in same box as other soft plastics even if they aren’t touching each other ? @xerotao
  15. Jig heads !

    Okay cool, it’s a Plano tacklebox i dont know if that’s some type of material ? How about other plastics opened in tackle boxes