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  1. @Aardvarking Cheers mate!
  2. Hi all, Just a quick report... This is My first ever bass I caught and first time ever catching anything on a lure
  3. Hi guys. Im going to start using lures for fishing instead of bait fishing & see how I go as I don’t get much luck with bait & wanted to try something new. I just need some tips on what braid and mono to run as well as what reel and rod to buy. I’ll mainly be only chasing flathead & bream as well as bass. I want one rod setup only for lures that can catch all 3. Im thinking , 2-4kg spin rod with a 2500-3000 reel. With 6lb braid & 10lb mono. (Mainly soft plastics, and the light plastic bass ones) And for heavy lures like metal ones just use my current rod I use for bait fishing with 15lb braid? Unsure of this setup
  4. I'll have to double check the weather and tides on the weekend. Supposed to be nice weather light winds in the morning. Also I have been notified about an air show down there hopefully it isn't to packed at windang lake.
  5. Yeah two people from now on otherwise it's to hard and can get dangerous! Also I don't have a license and the legal size engine for my tinnie is 8hp max!!! Once I get confident with reversing and putting the boat in and retrieving I'll upgrade but I get to worried as it is with a small boat haha.
  6. Last time I launched at burkeley fished the main island hid behind the island from wind, it picked up real hard and there Wass that much wind making small waves in the lake and scared the shit out of me with 3 of us in a 3.2m tinnie and a 8hp sccary 10 minutes getting back !!!
  7. HEy guys I'm from Sydney, Macarthur region. I sometimes don't like driving an hour to go fishing saltwater so I wouldn't mind going to go catch fresh water fish take a photo and then release ! I just don't know where to go I have a kayak tinnie or will go off the shore any tips on bait/lures and areas to go nearby ? Cheers kaneo
  8. Hey guys! Has anyone been up to windang lake for a fish the past few days? I plan on taking the tinnie up for the first time. Launch at the caravan side park boat ramp, head in towards the bottom of the lake just as it opens up and have a fish there just not sure how shallow it gets before the drop off I always see boats down there. Might go try my luck down there and hopefully get a few fish on instead of sitting there without any action! Cheers, Kaneo!
  9. Okay cool, I'll give that a go and see what happens. Thanks mate
  10. Sometimes within the next week or two I'll fill up a bin of water and turn it on and see what happens and while the engine is off won't go into reverse
  11. Doesn't end up in the far left part of that white section
  12. So rev the throttle?
  13. Thanks guys for making me not think the worse! Cheers kaneo
  14. I'm hoping it's just something simple and not costly